Red Rose In A Vase

This poem is about lost love.
The red rose rotting in a vase,
Reminds me of the love you stole,
As the days go by, I stare at the rose,
And I watch it's petals fall.

With each falling petal a tear escapes,
Taking with it, a piece of my heart,
I'm finding it so hared to breathe,
In the misery you have left.

Drowning in a sea of sorrow,
Trying to break the surface for air,
Life is now a constant struggle,
My life means nothing anymore.

My body aches all over with pain,
The pain that loneliness gives,
This torturous, physical pain,
Will stay with me as long as I live.

But that won't be long, I fear,
For your loss is killing me for sure,
And as I watch the last petal drop,
I don't want to live anymore.

The rose has wilted, withered away,
To decay in the bottom of the bowl,
Leaving dry crisp leaves of nothingness,
A death knell to my soul.

My soul yearns for deliverance,
To be reborn, reunited in love,
I long for someone to take your place,
And replace the red rose in the vase.

Published: 6/10/2010
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