Red Sangria

One of the popular drinks in Spain and Portugal, red sangria is a wine punch made of red wine and fruit slices. Read on to know more about this wine punch.
Sangria is a wine punch, which is very popular in Spain. 'Sangria' is a Spanish word that means bloody and in this case, denotes the deep red color of the drink. This blood-red color is derived from one of the basic ingredients of this beverage, i.e. red wine. However, there are numerous variations, with different ingredients, but, the basic ingredients include wine and fruit slices. Apart from red sangria, which is made of red wine, another popular type is white sangria or sangria blanco, in which white wine is used instead of the red one.

Red Sangria Ingredients

As mentioned above, red wine is the basic ingredient of red sangria. Usually, red wine from Rioja in Spain is preferred to other wines, but, Tempranillo or Grenache varieties are equally popular. Even some types of French and Italian red wines are found to be good for making red sangria. It can be light, dry, acidic, unoaked or fruit forward red wine. The next important ingredient is fruit slices. Usually, citrus fruits like orange and lemon are most commonly used in this wine punch. Other fruits like apple, peach, melon, grapes, mango, papaya and pineapple, are also used. Some people add fruit juices instead of chopped or sliced ones. Apart from red wine and fruit slices, red sangria ingredients include sweeteners like honey, sugar, fruit nectar, simple syrups and fruit juices and a small amount of other spirits like brandy or cognac. The above ingredients, besides enhancing the taste, will also increase your red wine sangria calories. Some people add ice cubes, carbonated soda and mineral water. The ingredients (except the basic ones) may change from one recipe to another and there are numerous such recipes.

Red Sangria Recipe

As mentioned above, there are numerous red sangria recipes, which may differ in ingredients. However, red wine and fruits, which are the basic ingredients, can be found in almost all recipes. The following is one of the simple recipe, which can be followed to prepare the drink, which amounts to six servings. Preparing this recipe is very easy, as only ten to fifteen minutes is required for the preparation. But, you have to refrigerate it for around two hours, so that the flavors blend well.

  • Dry red wine - 750 ml
  • Orange juice - 1 cup
  • Rum - 1½ cups
  • White sugar - ½ cup
  • Lemon, orange and lime - 1 each
How to Make

Preparing red wine sangria is very easy. Start with slicing the orange, lime and lemon into thin round slices. Take a large glass pitcher and place the slices in it. Now, add chilled rum and sugar into the pitcher and refrigerate it for at least two hours. Take out the pitcher, just before serving the drink. Once you take it out, add chilled wine and orange juice and mix well. Your red sangria punch is ready to serve. You may use a wooden spoon to crush the fruit slices, before serving the chilled drink.

You can try to add different ingredients and come up with unique flavors of red sangria. As ice cubes and fruit slices can thin down the sangria, you may use frozen fruit slices or chilled fruit juice.
By Sonia Nair
Published: 3/12/2010
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