Refusing to Fall

Have you ever felt as if you just keep falling? As in, your life is spinning in circles, out of control, and there is nothing you can do? Nothing you can say? Nothing that will keep you from that sudden end?
I am falling
Deeper and Deeper

Farther into the abis
Farther from anything I've ever known

I am trying to grab on
Grab a root of the past

Grab onto you
If I could

I'd cling on tight
Never let go

Yet you always push me back
Do you want to fall?

Would you rather fall than live here with me?
Am I that horrid of a monster?

Everything I said I'd Never be?
Save me, save us, save what could never be

Can it be we were destined to fall?
Can this really never work out?

Are we really done trying?

I cannot give up
I cannot break loose
I cannot stop playing because of a little bruise

We will make it
There shall be no storming on our parade
After all these years
I refuse to fall.
Published: 10/10/2011
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