Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols are tools that act as a guide for us to explore our own strengths and find our individuality. They are obtained by only those who are at the second or master stage of Reiki and are effective only when we truly meditate on them.
Reiki originated in Japan and was founded by Dr. Usui. Reiki symbols are Japanese forms derived from Sanskrit literature and are majorly influenced by this language. There are five major symbols that enhance the energy flow, but the first four are used in healing. These symbols do not have any magical powers in them, they are only used to create an energy flow to the conscience, which helps the mind in healing the body. Let's take a look at the first four symbols, their meanings and their uses.

Symbols, Meanings and Their Uses

Reiki is all about regulating the flow of energy around our bodies and using it to heal our own illnesses or by giving it to someone who needs that energy for their health problems. Discussed below are some symbols and meanings, and their uses. So read on...

Cho Ku Rei or The Power Symbol
The literal meaning of this word is 'to fix miraculously'. This symbol stands for the power of our intellect and it means to control power by either increasing or decreasing it. It helps you draw energy from your surroundings and focus it on doing something you want or turn it into healing energy required by your body. This reiki energy healing therapy protects you from further harm. The symbol has a coiled structure which means flexible energy flow that can be controlled. It is used to increase the power or build up the energy required to heal a certain disease or ailment. This built up energy is gathered and stored in the healers body and used whenever needed.

Sei Hei Ki or The Harmony Symbol
This word means 'one's natural disposition, propensity and mental habit'. This is a very strong symbol and stands for purification or the ability to keep peace. The Sei Hei Ki is also called 'the mental-emotional symbol' and maintains mental and emotional balance of our body. It controls the balance between the right and the left brain, further enhancing our memory. This symbol is considered to be an emotional support when you face difficulties. It is used to build courage and gain confidence to destroy any disease or illness that the body confronts. It fights poisons like addictions and negative energies.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or The Distance Symbol
This symbol is considered timeless and is effective over long distances or to work for the past, present and future. It is also called the 'Pagoda' as it has a tower like appearance. It can be used to heal any person from any place in time. The energy from long distances can be used to heal someone from your time or energy from the present can be focused on healing a person in the past or future. It is used in spiritual connection for healing and used commonly by Reiki practitioners working with past life issues.

Dai Ko Myo or The Master Symbol
This symbol stands for enlightenment and represents the whole of Reiki. It is considered to be the heart of Reiki, around which the entire energy is concentrated. It is the most powerful symbol in Reiki and used to heal the soul of a person. It is believed to cure major diseases as they are removed from the conscience of the ailing person. This symbol is used to eradicate pain and distress from the root, by healing the mind and heart. This shows that Reiki is for everyone and is a therapy of love.

Tam-a-Ra-Sha or The Balance Symbol
This symbol denotes balance and it balances the energy of the body by unblocking energy that cause health problems and hence are used in the healing process. It can reduce pain from a certain part of the body by placing Reiki stones or the practitioners hand on the affected part. It is mainly used to turn the energy of the disease in to the energy of comfort and relief.

Symbol for Prosperity
When Reiki influences the energy around us and helps us focus on the things we want in life, then success and prosperity follows. The Midas Star is considered as the symbol for prosperity, as it centers all the positive energy around you and focuses your attention to the one thing you want the most, leading to abundance in life.

Symbols and Jewelry

The symbols incorporated in jewelry are known to benefit the wearer. When we believe in a positive energy to change our lives, we want it to be around us all the time. When we wear these symbols in the form of jewelry, we get motivated to fight the negative energy around us. The symbols can be worn in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, anklets, nose rings, pendants, etc.

Reiki is primarily used, around the world, as an alternative therapeutic treatment, but can also be used to solve problems in other sphere's of one's life. Reiki only helps those who help themselves and so the only way to gain happiness in life is to believe in yourself.
By Aparna Jadhav
Published: 1/20/2010
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