Relationship Poems

Expressing your emotions is what keeps a relationship going. Whether it's a mother-daughter relationship, girlfriend-boyfriend, bonds between a sister and brother or son and father, here are some eloquent and poignant poems that explore the tales of human relations.
Yesterday I Kissed You
A wee tribute to a lady much-loved bay many... For you Ma!
In Defense Of Me... A Child... Your Child
How difficult it is to be a child... How challenging our job as parents... The only bond can be that of love...
For my Daughter Jessica Joy
This is a short poem dedicated to my daughter Jessica Joy.
The Six Stages
The six stages of a relationship in a new and unusual form.
We've Loved You for Seventeen Years
A poem for my brother. We've grown apart in recent years and I can't bear the gap. This poem is a testament to those feelings.
Our Eyes
They tell a story of past lovers and an idea of futuristic relationships.
We Need Empathy
A short plea to stay together.
I Shall Not Despair
I will not let go.
My Pride, My Lost
When love stares right at your face, spend a moment and consider it, lest you lose a precious pearl.
A Cup of Mead
Poem about a long married couple who had both had enough of their marriage!
At Night I Cry Myself To Sleep
A mother and daughter struggle, and daughter refuses to make amends...
Jack of All Trades, Master of None
I'm talking about a Gemini man whom I am dating currently. It feels that Geminis are never still. They constantly want to do something, occur with a new idea and go on and on and on. I’ve recently learned how to stay in with this...
I'm Sorry I Failed
It's always against our will to fail when it comes to the people in our lives... especially those dear to our hearts.
We Cannot Live Another Lie
It stood the tests of time and now its still standing.
Nothing Compared To You
You want me to find 'the one' for me. You never know it was you.
You Want Her...
Hope you will enjoy it.
Woke Up One Distant Morning
A stag do to remember...
Bittersweet Withdrawal
He was sweet, he was nurturing, he was everything, yet that was not enough...
Catch ME When I Fall
''Yes, it's great to have someone adore you, but it's more important to find the things in yourself that makes you special and adorable.'' Let me know what you think.
The Love Medicine
Just an inspiration for those who lost their dear ones.
Understand My Heart
A poem describing the feelings of being lied to by a loved one.
My journey to find my soulmate. Part 1.
Describing You
This poem is dedicated to my loving husband! I love you Joe!
Wishes of a Happy Ending
What comes after "Your Nothing"... Regrets.
I wrote this for Michael after we met in 1977 and fell in love, but had to separate. We did get married in 1979 and had a beautiful daughter.
Is it Love or Nightmare?
One-sided love is always dangerous. It is a path that leads to mystery. So tell me, is it love or nightmare?
What Do We Have?
About long term couples
The Morning After You
Prose poetry describing the morning after a romantic interlude.
Hello... To You
Prose poetry - beginning of a relationship.
Endless Doubts
After a fight...
Decision made...
I Hate It When I Love You
Sometimes friendship doesn't seem to be what you expected it to be.
My Dear Annoyed Man
It's a poem of a girl whose boy gets annoyed when she doesn't keep in touch with him because she was struggling with the clock.
Sky of Light
For my very dear friend and my ex-lover, I still love you.
Promise of a Woman
Poem about a woman, relationship, self-esteem, and self-respect...
Dear Brother
Distance is painful when you are parting with someone you love, but sometimes distance can make you get closer than before. Dedicated to my Brother.
Looking On
Have you ever been heartbroken and wanted to let it all out? Have a read and see what this poem is about!
Memories of Him
He's always on my mind.
Insanity is a Lonely Trip, Care to Join Me?
I'm trying a new style of poetry this time around my peers. I pray you help me in my endeavors. Please point out my strengths and weaknesses. Thank you.
As I Fell Into You
Sometimes love doesn't go as deep as we'd like it to.
Six Wives of Henry VIII
A little bit of history.
Silly Words...
Hey guys, another poem from me - I hope you all like it! I missed you all!
Your Choice
Sometimes prying turns up the wrong answers.
Come Home
Life and love.
I Wish Things Were Different
A poem about relationships...
My Children's Father
The man I perceive as my soulmate for too many reason to name!
You Can Be Happy
All I want is you to feel truly happy...
Simple Little Miracles
Don't look back, I'll catch up to you and find us.
Nothing's Everything
The nothings are everything at the end of the day.
The Knot Will See Me Gone
The despair of being cheated.
Please Don't Forget Me
A girl's perspective in which a close guy is telling her he's found someone. She's scared of this statement.
Perfect Relationship
Pretended throughout a whole relationship.
Arranged Marriages
It's time folks to know some things, before you get into a life imprisonment (:P). But you seriously need to read this if you are in for 'arranged marriages'.
Feelings and History
For a friend of mine, about an ex of his. Written with dialect. You have been forewarned.
Lost You
It's about someone who seemed so smart, so amazing... but she fell prey to something and she can't seem to get herself out. How can she? When she doesn't even see it? I'm mad at her and well... she doesn't see that. Thanks...
Try Again
We will try again..But I won't forget the pain from the first time..
Written March 15th 2011. Its unfortunate to watch your love fade right before you...
What They Have to Say!
I wrote this when my life was falling apart for the millionth time. I would tell u how, but it's complicated, so please just read this and comment on what u think.
Take Care...
Expressions of a mother.
The Storm
This poem is about the severity of an argument as seen from the aftermath. We can all say things we don't mean, but they make us think of life's true worth. And we ourselves are left to face the outcome.
Unknown Feelings
I need help on what supposed to be and what not.
My Brother Before
R.I.P Bubby Jordan, he was my best friend, more like my brother, he was also my cousin, but I didn't know that until the day he died. He was so young, he never even got to graduate the 8th grade and move to high school with us, but...
We Could Never Be
This is about what I think about me & my (male) bf's relationship.
The Lord Giveth and Taketh
Poem about relationships/ personal insecurities.
Love Him Like A brother
About how I love my Best Friend, Aka My big bro <33333.
To Whom My Heart Belongs To
I want to improve my writing, so I would like if you would comment. Thank you.
You're Imaginary
You're never there. Do you get where I'm coming from?
Listen to My Heart
A lovely poem about a sweet and pure relationship.
Relationship is done, When your mind wanders back, what do you find? I find lies. I find forgotten promises. Now is better, then is done.
Your Brown Eyes
Lies aren't good for a relationship...
As Time Passes
A poem about a relationship which come and gone.
Been There, Done That!
Someone who has finally come to terms that the past relationships have failed, but have found a way over it. Enjoy :)
This was my first song I wrote. It is about a person who thinks they have the perfect relationship but then they see something that makes them think otherwise. Enjoy :)
Fear and Deceit
Confusion within a mind set and relationship.
Forever But Never
It's about a person who is sorry for the downfall of their relationship. Enjoy! :)
Another Minute Lived
With the past weighting down my mind, a new relationship begins alongside a hopeful new beginning.
Women can never just turn their back on people they love, it's not that easy. This is me looking in on such a relationship. Comment and enjoy.
I'm Sorry
Had a relationship go sour in the past, and once she was gone, I signed up for, and shipped out to USMC bootcamp.. Never did meet back up with her...heh..good...
Like a Flash
Dramatic ending of a relationship
For all the people who are in a relationship at the moment or who are still longing for their ex. When you can't live without someone it shows.
My Wife
This is a silly poem I wrote it with my friend :P:P
Breaking Up
This one is about a person who really wants to leave someone but can't because their partner has their heart and so it is hard for them to end the relationship.
The bottom part of this poem really does describe relationships. At one point they'll always hurt you. It's how you get over those times that makes them worthwhile.
Army Kids (chapters 4, 5, and 6)
Derek and Kelly Jo's relationship changes
Stuck And Confused
This is a true story about my life...
Leaving To Begin
When the love and the relationship fail.
Sheer Loser
This poem conveys something about cheating in a relationship.
Song of The Shattered Soul
I tried to portray a poet, a writer or even a musician what it's like when they're conceptualizing and idea and how those memories rush back to the good and bad times and how sometimes music gets involved as an underlying character...
How I Wish Things Was Like The Good Old Day's
Good old days long and gone...
Burning Bridges
How greed can tear some of the closest relationship or ideas we once had...
Let's Talk About It (When You Realize You've Lost The Love In The Relationship)
This is a look at an unstable relationship through the eyes of one of the characters in the relationship (the stanzas you see moved to the right are the characters inner thoughts and feelings)
Believe It Or Not??!!
All about life's relation with death...
Shattered dream........
God, heavenly thrown his blessings...
Because of you........
Because of you, I feel more alive...