Relationship Questions and Answers

Relationship questions and answers will help find the answers to a few questions about your relationship. Read on for more...
To be in love is the most simplest thing to do. But to calculate its worth is the most difficult thing to do. They say love is blind. But to what extent is my question. Even though we are in relationships, sometimes we overlook its flaws till the time they have scarred us for lives. Hence, it's important to know a few things about your partner before you get into a relationship with them. Whether it's relationship questions to ask a guy, relationship questions to ask a girl, relationship questions for couples or relationship questions to ask before marriage, asking and getting answers will help you know your future better.

Question and Answers About Relationships

How do I know it's true love?

This is a frequently asked, thought over and many times discarded question. The time taken to know, 'he is meant for me' or 'she is meant for me', varies individually. Nonetheless, at some point of time, each one of us has to know. The amount of quality time that you guys have spent together will reveal the answer to this question. By quality time, I mean, the time spent in knowing each other, growing up with each other and discovering each other. You true love, will be the person who loves you as much as he/she loves himself/herself. Not more, nor less. Someone, who does not alter you and lets you be who you are unadulterated and loves you unconditionally.

I know he likes me. But, he is not ready to get in a relationship yet. What do I do?

Woman, be patient. As an honest relationship advice, it is never a question of 'reciprocation of love'. You love a person irrespective of receiving the love back. If you love him, just love him. He will be yours, if it's meant to be. Don't waste time brooding over, 'when will he be mine'. Love every bit of him till the time he is with you. Make the foundation of whatever you have right now concrete, so that he will never leave your side.

I like two girls. Whom do I choose?

I say, neither. This one out of the relationship questions and answers is the most simplest one to answer. The fact that there are two girls, means that neither of them is keeping you happy or satisfied in any way. Hence, let them go. Not only are you cheating on them, but you are cheating yourself too. There is someone for you. Wait till that time you find her. Meanwhile the clutter in your head will also get clear.

He was cheating on me. I forgave him. How do I know he won't do it again?

Congratulations! Very few have the power and the ability to forgive. The fact that you've forgiven him, means two things. First, you love and you do trust him. So trust him with all your heart and let him know that your trust is all that he has. If it's shaken again, trust me, he'll be in a mess dealing with a woman!

I am in love with a man who is 10 years older to me. My family is against it. I am in a fix and I don't know what to do.

I guess they were saying the truth, when they said, love knows no bounds! I sincerely hope that your love, loves you too. Next thing, you family does not like him. So what? Face it, someday, each one of us has to leave our families to make new families. It's your time. Do it or forget it.

My girl is moving away in a couple of days for two years and I can't get myself to tell her that I am insecure.

Moving away is the biggest fear of any couple. So I completely understand your question. Nonetheless, communication is the key to all the problems in the world. If you fail to communicate, then, god bless you, dear reader. Tell her your fears, explain her the thought and the logic behind it all. Talk things out, explanations and solutions will follow and your fears will disappear in thin air. Been there, done that, just take my word for it!

I cannot tell my husband about my problems, because I feel he has too many tensions for himself already. It's smothering me.

He has tensions and so do you. The whole point of relationship questions and answers is to know your spouse better through sharing and caring. Since both of you are together, it definitely means for better or for worse. As you are jointly responsible for each other, it's your duty and your right to share your load with him. This will help you guys to bond stronger and deal with the troubles better. Two heads are always better than one, isn't it?

Should I tell my fiancé I kissed someone?

You've asked me this question, so it clearly shows that the guilt is killing you. Your gut wants to tell him the truth, the fear of losing him is holding you back. As he is your fiancé, you are on the lines of getting married. A marriage is a fresh start to a new life. Make it with a clean slate. Some may tell you to bury this incident and never broach it. Eventually, it's your honesty towards yourself that will help you make the decision.

These are a few relationship questions and answers that are commonly the basis of a relationship. No matter what problems you have, a relationship is what you make out of it. Sometimes we all need fresh perspective on things. Every time you think you've hit a rough patch, it's your cue to use the power of perception. Don't get stuck up on mere words like marriage, cheating, infidelity, girlfriend, boyfriend and so on. A relationship is beyond those mortal words. A relationship is your journey to find your soulmate by exploring yourself.
By Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: 10/1/2011
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