How to Relieve Stress Naturally

Wow, it sounds like an advertisement. "Relieve stress naturally... just read the article and feel the burden lift off your shoulders. Results guaranteed!!" Well, it isn't so. However, reading the article will surely help you to do the things that will relieve you of the stress, without any external help. Read on!
Many people end up being victimized by stress. It is not really their fault, our lifestyle, and the general hyper competitive mindset of people these days makes us all to get "used to" stressful situations. Nonetheless, stress still affects most. To get rid of it, many people chose to smoke, or drink alcohol. Many go a step further and take help of marijuana or cocaine. They say it is "occasional". While these products are very harmful for our bodies, the fact still remains that they give us the illusion of calmness. Many also go in for antidepressants or tranquilizers. Well, is there no way to relieve stress without these products? Well, for the perceptive ones, there are many. Let's learn how to relieve stress naturally and quickly.

How to Lighten Stress Naturally

Using Exercise
Do you know that sweating it out is a great way for relieving stress naturally? Well, yes it can. Studies have proved that people who work out and exercise on a regular basis, have lesser tendency to succumb to stress. In fact, many people prefer to just go out for a run, or cycle around when they feel particularly stressed. The chemicals released in the body during a workout, are responsible for feeling happy and content. This acts as a great counter to the stress. More so, if you work our regularly, you look great, one less reason to stress about!

Indulging in Hobbies
A certain activity stresses you out because you don't really love it. That is completely normal, not everyone can have a job doing exactly what they love, can they? (not every one is as lucky as I!) Hence, it is important that you make it a point to take time out to do things that you love and your special hobbies. Like if you love pottery, take time out at least once a week to go for pottery classes. I have a friend, she is an actor, and she loves accounting. She, actually, took up a weekend internship with a accountancy firm. But whatever floats her boat, right?

Taking Time Out
Many people get so involved in the competitive rut of their lives, that they are left with absolutely no time for themselves and their thoughts. This can add to the stress to quite an extent. So, it is very important to take time out for yourself in solitude. Many would disagree saying that "Aww, we hate time alone, doing nothing". Well, then take time out to spend with friends. Nonetheless, keep at least 15 minutes in the day for yourself. Sort out all your thoughts. You can even put together the days agenda at that point of time. But these 25 minutes by yourself will really help you to calm down. You can try some positive thinking exercises, to keep you away from thinking about work or other stressful things.

By Romancing
Do you know why people in older times were more peaceful and happy? Because they spent time in expressing their emotions to the ones they love. Romance is now a thing of the past. No one as time to buy a bouquet of roses or write a love letter with "reasons why I love you" for someone special. Well, If you are married or in a relationship, take time out at least once a week for your partner and yourself, and have a romantic dinner together. If you are single, then spend time reading romance novels. Buy yourself a bouquet of roses, or write your best friend a "friend letter". I did it for my best friend. I wrote her a letter telling her all the good things she brings to my life. Now that she is married and away, we have made it a practice to write friend letters to each other every month. Sounds juvenile, but really helps at making you forget your stresses.

Go to the Spa
Massages and Jacuzzis are so relaxing, which I hardly need to tell you is one of the great ways to relieve stress, in the natural way. Think about it. If you have had a particularly stressing week at work, get up and spend the weekend at a spa resort. Take your BFFs along and make a plan out of it. Pamper your senses and come out looking gorgeous. Now, if you think I have a gender bias, let me remind you that even men can gain much from a weekend long spa treatment. Let's face it, confidence gets a good boost when none of your muscles are cramped. More so, these spa treatments can really make you forget about the stresses of life!

Have Sex
No, I am no pervert! But it is a proven fact that the physical activity and the hormonal action that takes place during sex, and more so during an orgasm, is the best stress reliever in the book. Trust me, a good home run in the sack every two three days is a great way to keep your skin glowing, your weight in check, your intelligence brimming and your stress void. For those who are single and not in a relationship, you can definitely try to take matters in your own hands (if you get my drift). Although, if you are a promised celibate, then you can try the prior methods instead, they work too!

So, I hope my Six Stress Busters to reduce stress naturally seem easy and absolutely natural for you to follow. Another key thing to remember is, "never hold a grudge"! The longer you hold a grudge, the more stressed it will make you. Just let go, and carry on. It is your life, don't let your stress run it for you. This is where I sign off! All the best!
By Rashida Khilawala
Published: 12/21/2009
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