Religion to Make Life Blossom with Nectar and Fragrance

Article is on religion and its existence in human world.
It is from the ancient civilization that religion has metamorphosed in one form or another. It has contributed enormously in enriching the human life and evolved human beings to a greater extent. The popular religions to which human being adopted, and discovered its different facets are - Hinduism, Islamism, Christianism, and Judaism - to name a few. Here, the common umbilical cord that unites all the religion is brotherhood, compassion, better understanding, and evolving the spirit to higher level of human consciousness. A truly religious person vibrates in different frequency and creates the harmonious environment. Religion has got great social impact on individual life, a community as whole, and surfaces on nation as a distinct identity.

It is all through the religion, the advancement in the human life has occurred. If you remove the religion, the very human existence will also disappear. There will be no fruitful outcome and you cannot even distinguish the man from the rest of animals. It is one and only religion that distinguishes man from animals. A religious man lives a pious life, which is not only beneficial for human's own existence, but also to the other animal species, natural environment, and all other flora and fauna existing on the surface of earth. You can say that religion creates a perfect ecological balance, which is enormously fruitful to all the entities. The earth needs perfect ecological balance, which is very delicate and needs a lot of care and scientific approach for its sustenance. Here, religion is a perfect attribute to maintain its healthy sustenance. But, in the present world it is very disheartening to see that religion is creating lots of problem and further to add, the very survival of human and other living species is in jeopardy. This is all because of few people who don't understand the religion at all. Their shortsightedness has made the whole humanity to suffer. The people have become fanatic and consider that the religion to which they are born is superior and everything else is just rubbish. This attitude has created plethora of problems and even the topmost body of governance is not able to amicably sort it out.

Here, it is important to note that any forceful activity will not change the ground reality. The people at large have to understand the importance of every religion and the message it conveys. This only requires patience and deep research on the subject. And, once you understand the common cord running through all the religion, the life on earth will become total paradise and blossom with all the nectar and fragrance. It is a very simple phenomenon, which is primarily based to uplift the human spirit. Here, the more you respect the humanity as whole, the more you serve to your religion. This causes the transformation of the human being with positive outlook, and whatever task you undertake in this state of mind, you are surely going to get fruitful results. Now, I hope you have understood the deep core meaning of religion and the role it plays in transforming the human being at higher level of consciousness.
Published: 1/20/2015
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