Remember Me - Chapter 1

How could this happen to me?
Rahaf's POV

My first day at the faculty as a medical student was the worst. Well, to describe it in other way, I couldn't understand what the professor explained. I thought of quiting and going back home. 'Trust in me now,' I said to myself. If I did, it would be the crazy and stupid thing I ever done in my life.

Well, everyday I came back home and started crying. I even called my mom and told her, "Mama... I wanna come home ... let me come."

But wisdom of my mum was the reason why I stayed there. She used to tell me always, "Honey, it is not supposed to be easy... because it is hard, medicine is great. If it weren't hard, you would find thousand and millions of doctors everywhere."

She was good, she could simply convince me to stay back. I had no friends and alone in Marrakech. My family lived in Tiznit and even there are girls from Tiznit here, I actually knew their names, but I didn't remember their faces. I spend all my life with my family, how could I live without them. I hate my life, I hate myself.

'Why I was that stupid Marrakech... Oh come on!' That what I used to repeat.


All day, after coming back from the faculty, I opened my laptop and started the music to play "untitled" by simple plan (I open my eyes, I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light, I can't remember how, I can't remember why... I wanna start this over again... How could this happen to me? I've made my mistakes). I became famous in the building by the nickname, "How could this happen to me."

One day, a neighbor of mine in the building knocked on my door and said, "Hello... My name is Massar. I heard you are like me, a student in first year, in medicine faculty."

"Oh finally, I found someone like. I felt like living in the middle of desert," I said she laughed.

"My name is Rahaf and nice to meet you," I added.

"Me too... But please stop playing this pessimist song," she said.

"Well, it actually describes how I feel," I said. "I can't get used to the system of study, I am actually desperate," I added.

"Well... That's obvious," she said in a mocking tone.

"Well it is hard for all," she replied.
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Published: 2/18/2014
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