Remember Me - Chapter 11, Part 2

The Second Part of Chapter 11. Please read and comment.
Massar's POV

Rahaf was crying nonstop, she was repeating, "You thought, I'll get mad at you. Don't you know how much you mean to me, you're my closest friend ever?"

Ten minutes later, Latifa opened her eyes, Rahaf and I came close to her. Rahaf hugged her, repeating the sentence, "How could you do that to me? You know that I worry easily."

Latifa drew a large smile and thought she lost her friend. She tried to open her mouth to explain her the story behind her lie, but she heard Rahaf saying, "I know, you are trying to protect me, I know, don't worry! Now just have some rest, ok."

Latifa felt so comfortable, but her eyes closed again.

I was shocked, couldn't get what was happening to her.

I asked Rahaf but he answered, "Later, ok?"

"I've never seen her like this before. Even when she first came to Marrakesh, so couldn't ask her much."

I got out to call Ghassan, he seemed so happy. He was so worried about his sister, she was the younger and only sister he has. He hugged her, she was surprised just if she didn't expect him to worry that much. Then she got it, she obviously would have done the same.

What I didn't get was - Why was Ghassan staring at Rahaf for so long with a puzzled expression?


Ghassan's POV

The day after, my sister came back home. I took her to her room. Thank God, the building had an elevator or it would have been so hard to get to the second floor. Maybe my sister had never used the elevator, because she was afraid and didn't feel safe while doing so, but now she had no better choice.

After she settled on the bed, I wanted to leave her alone, so that she can rest a while, but she asked me to stay instead.

"Ghassan, Please stay for some time. I want to talk to you about something," she said.
"What's wrong? Is your leg hurt?"
"No, I'm ok! But want to ask you to stay away from Rahaf."
"Don't worry, I will not hurt her anyway. I just want her best, so don't worry, she's special, and deserve someone better than me."
"You're right! But I can't believe you're saying so, You're not like that!"
"No really, I won't come to your friend. She is a good innocent girl. I'm not worthy and I know that. Lucky is the guy who will get her love!"
"Hey! Stop the train of thoughts for a sec. By any chance, aren't you fell in love with her?"

I kept silent.

"OMG! You're in love with her. You are IN LOVE with Rahaf!! I can't believe you're in love with the pretty girl from Tiznit whom you used to mock about!!"
"Don't know, I just think, she's good and doesn't deserve to be played the way, I usually do to others. I guess I like her, but not love."

"If she got a boyfriend, will you be happy for her if you found out that he's a good person!?"
"Of course, I'll be happy since she is."
"Why do you like her? What's special about her?"
"She's obviously pretty, charming, innocent, and the best thing is that talking to her, made me feel something I've never felt before."

"Love!... Dear... Love is what you felt."
"What can I do now? She hates me so much."
"She doesn't, I'm sure about that. She's just mad at you. I'm your sister and her best friend, you don't have to worry."

"Oh... Really?"
"I'll have your back, but you have to keep some limits and respect."
"I'll do whatever you want, no matter what it takes!"
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Published: 3/7/2014
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