Remember Me - Chapter 11

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Massar's POV

I came to Rahaf’s place to tell her about what happened to Latifa.

"Latifa is in the hospital. She lost consciousness after she fell from stairs while she was trying to follow you…"
"What!? Are you kidding me! Is it to make me feel guilty right?"
"No, I’m serious. I just came back from the hospital!"
"What? Why didn’t you tell me before?"

Rahaf put on a Jellaba/Djellaba and ran fast to the hospital. Well, it wasn’t that far since we were living next to the medical faculty and the universal hospital was just next to it.

We got to the emergency zone, where we were told that she was taken to a room, so we ran toward the room.

Rahaf was about to pass out when she saw Latifa lying there on a bed. Thank God, she had only broken her right tibia - the right leg bone - the doctor told us not to worry. She just lost her conscious had nothing to do with her falling down incident, it was because she was in a bad mood and psychologically tired.

I only discovered at that moment, Ghassan, is Latifa's brother, not her ex, tried to hug Rahaf. But she stepped back, not allowing him to do so.

She was just, "I was about to lose my best friend, get away from me!" She murmured.

He could see her anger, so he just went out of the room and stayed in the hall.
Published: 3/7/2014
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