Remember Me - Chapter 12

"Why I did it? I hate myself. Why can't I control myself?" - Ghassan. Enjoy and comment please.
Latifa's POV

I wanted to help my brother. How could I know he was telling the truth? Obviously he's my brother even if we fight always, he never lies.

It had been four days. I didn't go to the faculty and rest at home all day long. My friend, Rahaf spend these days with me at my home. She wanted to be with me, she cooked for me and Ghassan. She acted like my mother.

I wouldn't feel happy, but my happiness wasn't as much as my brother Ghassan's. He was flying on the seven skies.

Until he made that mistake. He took Rahaf's hand and pushed her close to him and then kissed her.

Well, my friend was choked that is what I could say. At that moment, I heard someone's voice. It seemed Rahaf lost her consciousness. So, Ghassan quickly put her on his bed. He actually regretted what he did. Now Rahaf might think Ghassan have used her.

After some time, Rahaf opened her eyes and gained her conscious back. She started crying, "The jerk, donkey... dog, he uses me."
Published: 3/13/2014
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