Remember Me - Chapter 13, Part 2

Just a poem that has a big relativity with the story. Enjoy and comment.
Rahaf's POV

I used to write poems. Specially when I am sad or happy, anyway whenever... I am full of emotions. That Latifa's speech gave me a lot of inspiration to write a poem. Here it is:

He is just the handsome guy,
I'm just that simple girl,
I love him, don't know why,
Even if all the men treat like a pearl.

I know, he is my sister and best friend's brother,
So I must not consider like love, but as a brother,
He is just amazing, all I wished for,
Maybe I wished for something more.

He takes my heart, my brain,
He just drives me so insane,
His touch makes me feel burn,
What he did, I could feel love.
Published: 3/18/2014
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