Remember Me - Chapter 13

'It is human nature to want to go back and fix things or change things that we regret.' - JOHN GRAY, Mars and Venus on a Date
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Latifa's POV

It had been a long time that I saw my brother. What happened that day, he left home. When I called him and he said that he was staying with a bunch of friends. He couldn't face Rahaf. He knew he made a huge mistake.

I would've forgive him if I didn't already warn him. Well, the decision was on Rahaf's hands. I wished I could speak to her and ask her to forgive him. It was not like she will not do it. I knew she would do it, but in that case she will just forgive him. I'm her BFF. I wanted her to forgive my brother because she too wanted that, not like she had to.

Why Ghassan? Why did you put me in that situation? It is like choosing between two persons - my BFF and my brother.


The week passed by.... Rahaf still staying with me while my brother with his friends.

"I'm leaving today, I know your brother is in misery because of me. I'm not that evil you know that. Since you are feeling better now... I think, my mission is accomplished," Rahaf said.

Well, I was shocked, I didn't know what to say, so all I managed to say, "But Rahaf, he deserves, what just happened to him."

"No, he doesn't. I mean... I know, you are my friend, but come on, he is your brother. You're idol, you always talk about. You should stand by him and be a nice sister," she replied giving me a fake smile.
"You cannot forget him. Can't you?"
"NO ... He used me ... I can't, I can't, I can't."

"I know, what you mean... I know, my brother made a mistake. A huge mistake actually, but he really loved you. I know my brother, we may fight often, but he never lies to me. When he told that he loved you, he wasn't lying. I know for the first he promised me, but not keep his promise, that is love. Think of it... If he would've used you, why would he leave the house? If he would've used you, why would he cry on cell if he didn't felt guilty? I know he is a womanizer or maybe that's what he used to be. For all the girls he dated before, but I've never find guilt in his eyes," at that moment, I looked at Rahaf. Well, she was shocked... Oh, I was talking for ten minutes non-stop.

When she discovered that I ended my speech, she said, "Damn girl, you should have done law, not medical."

We both had a hilarious laugh. Then she said, "That's what I am talking about... I knew it ... I knew you were hiding everything. But, girl, I can't believe, you hid a bomb."

We couldn't stop laughing, my face became red. I tried to breathe and then said, "Will you forgive..."
"Sure... But on one condition."
"Your brother is a womanizer. And his guilt and regret feeling are just, because I am your best friend."
"So let act like I still didn't forgive him."
"You didn't forgive him?"
"No, just acting."
"But how can I do that to my brother?"
"Now I need you to be my BFF."
"Oh... I hate you."

And we started laughing.


Watch out 'Girl Gone Wild'.
Published: 3/18/2014
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