Remember Me - Chapter 14

Memories... Flashback.
Ghassan's POV

How could I do that foolish... Where I were... She is just an innocent girl. But it is not that bad, she is that beautiful, cute, and breathtaking that she is irresistible. But now things went worst. Not only Rahaf is mad at me, but my sister too. She was just driving me crazy.

I just can't get that Tiznit girl out of my mind. That girl I used to play with on the street. The girl I was mocking often. The girl I've never thought she will turn.

I just remembered that day from 2002 when I was at middle school. She fought with my sister. That time when I used to make harder for both of them. Or at that moment when she got first in the class. And she was so happy that tears fell from her eyes. She looked cute then.

Latifa entered in my room and found tears were falling down from my eyes. She asked me, "What's wrong with you?"

"I just had some old memories from our childhood," I said.

She knew I was talking about our memories, but acted like she didn't get the message.

"What memories?" She asked.

"Do you remember? April 1st, 2004? When Rahaf and I decided to make April's fool on you. We both said that our mother was so frustrated that she left the house and went to our grands. You started crying like a baby. When our mother came from the market, you started throwing your pillow on me."

"Yeah... When Rahaf and I fought for a week, till she came and beg me to forgive her."

"She did?"

"Yes. And asked me to throw cold water on you."

"You were evil even when you're 10 years old."

"Don't try to make me talk to you. That doesn't mean I forgive you... 'Cause I didn't," she replied.
Published: 4/3/2014
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