Remember Me - Chapter 2

Will meeting Massar change Rahaf's life?
Rahaf's POV

"But you seem stronger than me," I said.
"Well, I was like you at first... But thanks to a girl from Agadir, I became stronger."
"Lucky you... You found the one who supports you."
"Well, the poor girl is repeating the year. She told me that feeling desperate was the reason behind her failure. So instead of listening to 'how could this happen to me', be positive."
"Ok, thank you."

We continue talking for more than three hours. After that we discovered, it was midnight, so she wished me a good night and went to sleep after that. She promised me she will wait for me tomorrow, so we can go together to the faculty.

The other day, I found her waiting for me as she promised. We walked together to the faculty. When we arrived, we entered to the amphitheater. I sat at my usual place in the back. Massar sat 5 columns in front of me.

"Hey you, come over here. Don't seat over there, you won't understand," she said.

Since she was my only friend, I descend and settled next to her. It wasn't something that I'll lose something if I seat next to her. And I would do anything to get better in my studies.


After few minutes, a girl came. She had milky skin, brown eyes, black hair, and she was of medium height. It seemed that I was taller to her.

"Hello," said Massar to her.
"Hello," she responded. She smiled and gave Massar two kisses, one on the right chick and another on the left. It must be their way to greet girls.

Then she turned to me and said, "Hello."
"Let me introduce you, to each other. This is Latifa," Massar said to me.
Before she proceeded the introduction, Latifa interrupted, "Don't introduce her. I know she is Rahaf Jidi and she is from Tiznit. And obviously she doesn't remember me."

We both Massar and me were shocked. Why and how she knew me?
Published: 2/18/2014
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