Remember Me - Chapter 3

How did Latifa know Rahaf whereas Rahaf didn't?
Rahaf's POV

For two minutes, we were staring at that girl Latifa. We couldn't understand how there is a possibility that she knew me. Latifa had a hysterical laugh, she could not stop laughing, tears came off her eyes.

"Well, let me introduce myself. I'm Latifa Sabraoui," she said.

When I heard that my mouth open in surprise, it was almost for ten seconds. That made Latifa even more loud, she could not stop laughing because she had a reason for that. How could I forget my best friend?

Massar was looking at us both like she wasn't understanding anything like my silence and Latifa's laugh, she could not get it. She looked shocked.

Now I remembered who Massar was and started laughing too. People around us were looking at us, specially at me, because they had never saw me laughing and talking in the college before. To ease the tension off from Massar, I said, "Well Massar, the truth is that the girl next to you named Latifa was a friend of mine since childhood. And she moved to Agadir, (then started counting the year) about four years back. We didn't get a chance to meet or speak each other. But I made sure that she had our home phone, but never called me."

"Oh please. I'm the one who remembered you, how couldn't you recognize me? I used to be your best friend," Latifa claimed.

"You two stop it. Let me understand it first. You two know each other and you are friend. Well, thank to me, you meet after five years though am I not an angel?" Massar demanded.

We all laughed. I was so happy that I got a good friend, Massar. What made me happier was that I met my best friend after a long time. I wanted to tell her how much I miss her, but the professor came and we had to be quiet and concentrated on what the professor was explaining.
Published: 2/19/2014
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