Remember Me - Chapter 5

Can you guess who that guy is?
Rahaf's POV

We left the amphitheater after the lecture. The girls asked me what's wrong with me. Then I told them about the guy.

Latifa tried to found out the guy that I was talking. It seemed difficult to guess who that guy must be because there were lots of guys in the college that matched with my description. So at the end, we went home. Latifa was living with her brother Ghassan, he too was a medical student in the 4th year.


Latifa's POV

When I went home, I found my bro before me. I went to the kitchen to cook lunch.

"Hey, Tifa, what's up?" He asked me.
"Really Ghassan ... That been months, we are at Marrakech."
"Well, I knew it would be hard for you at beginning. I guess, you are more used to the situation now."
"Well, yes," and I added in excited tone, "you won't believe who got accepted as fresh, this year."
"My friend Rahaf Dehbi."
"The pretty girl from Tiznit."
"She is my best friend, try to be respectful."

"Whatever ... Is she still that hot as she was back to Tiznit's day."
"Well, I don't know. She is my bestha and I'm a girl, not a lesbian."
"Sorry," he laughed, "show it to me."

"Remember the contract from last year... Brotherhood inside the house, strangers inside the faculty ... If you have forgotten, you are the one to think of it, last year."


A Week After...
Latifa's POV

"Rahaf please, stop talking about that guy. Guys are just jerks," I said.
"But he so handsome," Rahaf responded.
"Ok show him to us."
"Ok. You people will also admire him when you see him. He is so handsome!"


Days Passed By...
Rahaf's POV

It was strange that it had been almost ten days that I saw him. But today, I was with my two besthas and to my surprise, I saw him.

"Hey girls, see that guy over there, with orange T-shirt."

Latifa seemed shocked.

"Why it has to be that one from the boys of the faculty?"


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Published: 2/25/2014
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