Remember Me - Chapter 7

What to do in a situation where you like someone, but can't move ahead because he's your best friend's ex?
Rahaf's POV

I actually couldn't understand what is wrong with me. Why did I have this bad fortune. After meeting my best friend, Latifa, how could I fall in love with her ex.

When I went to photocopy service, I saw him.

'Listen Rahaf, you have to forget him,' I said to myself and came to the shop.
'He is your best friend's ex,' I struggled a lot, not to look at him.

"Hi you... Do you remember me?" He asked me.

I didn't answer and acted like I didn't know him. Well, I had to do this if I want to forget him. It seemed like he got angry. I felt guilty, but couldn't do anything about it. I found my copy already there, so I took it, and left the shop.

I was so angry on myself. Then I went home and opened my Facebook account. I chatted with my friend, Ghassan Povis. She didn't recognize me or she acted like she didn't. Well, this is the first time I spoke with a girl who didn't reply.

She was still a fresher, so she still didn't know that the medical boys were cruel. Unless someone told her about it. But who could tell her anyway, Malak, Yasmine, Saloua, or Narjis ... I didn't even remember the girls I dated long back. I've dated ten girl last year, so it is more than 30 girls.

I thought, I deserved what happened to me, but still I was so surprised. There was an exception on the faculty.


After Ten Minutes...

Ghassan's POV

After lots of thinking, she only didn't look at me. She was just busy. She came to get the copy from the photocopy center.
Published: 3/1/2014
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