Remember Me - Chapter 9

"I tell the truth about our contract," Ghassan told her sister Latifa.
Ghassan's POV

After I left the mall, I took my phone and called my sister.

"LATIFA ... I am at MacDonald's right now. Come over here and let's speak, otherwise I will go to all the faculty and tell the truth about our contract."

"Hey jerk, you will pay for that. What do you think you are doing"

"Come right now... I have nothing to lose and you know that."

"Ok, I'm coming right away, you jerk."


Latifa's POV

He had nothing to lose, but I have a lot to lose. My friendship with Rahaf and I will be embarrassed in front of Massar.

Well, I had no choice as it seemed.

"Hey girls, I have to go. My brother called me and asked me to meet him urgently."
"Is it far?"
"No, at MacDonald's"


Rahaf's POV

At the moment, I got the idea to pursue Latifa. So I was following her. How did her brother look? Well, back to Tiznit, girls used to adore him, but I never saw him in Tiznit. He was a high school student when we were at middle school.

So I thought, I would go after Latifa. Who knows he may be handsome, beside a 5th-year student. It would be full of experience if I could talk to him.


Dear Readers,

Will Rahaf discover that the guy she have a crush on is her best friend Latifa's brother? Send me comment of what do you expect.
Published: 3/3/2014
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