Remember Me - Epilogue

I'm in love with my best friend's brother. End of the story. Please comment and let me know how do you find it so far.
Rahaf's POV

I was so surprised... I never thought, he would do such thing when I heard him saying, "Will you marry me?"

I didn't know what to do... what to answer... OMG....

He was waiting for my answer. I was just so confused and so lost.

I am too young to get married at this age, but at somehow I just said, "I do ... I do ... I do."

He was so happy... so happy that he started to bounce... I couldn't stop laughing. Well, he looked so funny.

He opened the box, took the ring from it and put it on my finger.

Latifa came out from where she was hiding and said, "I knew it... I knew it."

Now I just got what happened... she knew, he is going to propose me. How could she not tell me? At that moment, she came close to me and took my hand and put a ring on it... the ring that she took last time when she came to my place and said she liked it and kept it with her.

But of course, that was just a way to get my forgiveness... I explained to him that it is hard to get married...


After Eight Years...

Rahaf's POV

Today is March 13th 2022, my graduation. I got engaged to Ghassan, two years ago.
He works in Agadir, he had his own business. And now after I'll graduate, I'll be helping him out in his business. It's been months, I discovered that I'm pregnant.

We agreed that if the child is a girl, we will call her Latifa.

Latifa is getting married in next July, I'm so happy for. Well... She is marrying a really great guy... His name is Adam. He is kind, nice, and funny. Just better than anything I can wish for her.
Published: 4/5/2014
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