Remember Me.......
No words, no lies
Can describe this common spring
A season of passion, a season of sorrow
Two stones set in place
A single crack divided
Like fire and ice
Heaven and earth
Some are meant to be
Some are meant to be free
A heart frozen in the past
A love unbound
A time untold, a story without lines
No characters to speak, no characters to lie
No one
Nothing but the dead space, the silent night
The cold echoes of a lonely heart
The frozen memories of a dying heart
A story never spoken, never forgotten
Tormented shadow stuck in the past, pushed into the present
A young girl’s heart stretched onto the floor
Last words written
"I lay here, counting the days till he came back
He promised he wouldn’t forget me
It’s been 3months
I am so cold, so alone
Nothing keeps me going
My heart has died
My soul keeps on fighting a fight that we have lost
He no longer remembers those words he uttered to me
Before he kissed me goodbye
3months later and I are so cold
Here I lay forgotten in the dark
Would be alright if I closed my eyes
For I am so tired, I’m so cold"
A time untold, a time we said goodbye..
Published: 11/21/2008
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