Remembering My Final Thoughts

To remember ones life and how poor it is. This is how I dealt with it but it didn't work.
I sit here all alone
And I remember
All the pain in my life
All the suffering I had
And I ask myself
Why did I live through it?
Why did I bother?
If I had died
I would not have experienced
All this pain and suffering
It would not have existed

So I pick up some rope
I wrap it around me
Right the way around my neck
With one end on my neck
I head towards the window
I walk slowly knowing my fate
I look down and see the drop
And I know this is what I want

I open the window and step outside
Then I look down
I fall
With but one thing still connecting me to the room
The Rope around my neck
And I know this is my fate
The rope begins to tighten
It has run out
And with one massive click
My neck is broken

I feel pain
And then I feel nothing
I feel alone
But I have always been alone
So with one last thought
They will never understand
What it was, which drove me to this?
They will never understand
They will never know
Is This Good?
You're Insane Man
Published: 10/10/2007
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