Resistance Band Training

One of the newest methods for fitness and weight loss is resistance band training. One can try out different exercises with these bands in order to achieve the desired results. So, check out this article for help on this new workout.
Home workouts are the best option for weight loss and maintenance. One does not need to depend on machines in order to stay fit. In fact a big downfall of working out at gyms and losing weight with machine exercises is that one tends to gain even more weight in case they stop working out. Home workouts can be resumed at any point of time and schedule that is comfortable for you. That brings us to our best tool for home workouts; resistance bands. This exercise tool has given unimaginable results in the past few years, in the field of fitness. In fact, Oprah has also once spoken about these workout helpers on her show.

Benefits of Resistance Band Training
There are several benefits of using resistance training for weight loss and fitness.
  • It is ideal for home workouts as they can single-handedly do the work of many other machines.
  • These bands are not cumbersome to keep. They are flexible and take little storage space.
  • This exercise focuses more on stamina increasing and fitness maintenance, as compared to only weight loss.
  • It increases agility and flexibility.
  • Several exercises can be done with one band.

Exercises Using Resistance Bands
Be it for men or women, these workouts are quite easy to carry out. Here are a few exercises using this new tool that can be tried out.
  • Squats: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Make sure you are standing on the band. Hold the handles in your hands and hold your hands out at shoulder level. Now, do a full squat without moving your hands. Stand back up and repeat the exercise.
  • Bent Over Rows: Place one foot on the band while keeping the other one a step back. Now, bend forward at a 45 degree angle. Pull the band up to waist level. Keep your elbows in. Continue with the rowing motion while squeezing in your shoulders.
  • Horizontal Chest Press: Lie on your back on the resistance band. Take both the ends in your hands and hold it in. Now raise one hand towards the ceiling and bring it back down. Repeat the motion with the other hand.
  • Bicep Chest Curl: Stand on the band and hold the ends in your hands. Now curl your hands up, towards your shoulders. Make sure your elbows bend backwards and not outwards. Now, bring your hands back to the original position and repeat.
  • Vertical Chest Press: Attach the band to an object and stand in front of it. Face your back to the object. Take both ends in your hands. Now, extend your hands outwards. Bring your hands back to their original position. Repeat this action. One will feel a squeeze in the chest during this exercise.
  • Push-ups: Take the band and swing it behind your back. Hold both ends in your hands. Make sure that the band is running along your arms. Now, do the basic push-ups.
All these exercises work well for increasing stamina as well as losing weight. In fact, this workout method has shown positive results for muscle building as well.
By Rashida Khilawala
Published: 1/28/2010
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