Sometimes love becomes a distant memory.
I once knew a woman from a far away town,
She had a red rose in her hair and wore a thorny crown,
She was a lady and she commanded respect,
Well I hate to admit it, but I haven't gave her no respect yet.

She swore that she loved me, I believe it to be true,
But I couldn't love her back when I'd fell in love with you,
But it seems now that I made the wrong decision,
For my heart pines for her while with you, my thoughts are in collision.

I see it's raining, it's running down my window pane,
And I see you paint your face in the mirror that reflects my pain,
Can't you see the anguish, on my face where it is etched,
In the dark eyes of anxiety that contemplate my woes in retrospect.

How I wish I was flying south with the winter birds,
As far away as I can get and yeh, I know that sounds absurd,
But my heart's aching, it needs nursing back to health,
And I know that you can't do it, 'cause all you ever think about yourself.

So I head to the bathroom and place my head into my hands,
And the tears that flow are salty, like the sea that licks the sand,
They wash away the castles that we built in the air,
To crumble into nothing just like the dreams that we once shared.

I bought a one-way ticket to that far away town,
But I made my bed to lie in it so I guess, I'll have to stay here and bed down,
It'll be another sleepless night with you breathing on my neck,
And my thoughts trained on the woman to whom I didn't give respect.

And I wonder where she's at, how the years have treated her,
And I wonder if she married, had kids, or in a relationship like ours?
And I wonder if she thinks of me as a lover from the past,
And I wonder if I'd chosen her if we could ever have built a love to last.

With melancholy memories, I guess my mood will never change,
Maybe we should get together, have a meal, talk it over, try to find a way,
To save our marriage from the hell it has become,
Or maybe I'll use the ticket to show respect to a woman I'd once known.
Published: 8/16/2011
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