Revenge is Best Served Cold... Right? - Chapter 15

Picture is of Justice!
Chapter Fifteen: LA, Babe!!

I walked down the hall towards my locker, which was next to Lib’s. I started entering my locker combo when Lib walked up, "Jay, I want to tell you something." She said biting her lower lip and looking a little nervous.

"Yeah, sure, go ahead." I said grinning cheerfully as I pulled open my locker and searched in bag for a notebook that I didn’t need for the rest of the day.

"I may have a mini little crush on Nath." She said looking at me shyly and worriedly.

My jaw dropped, "You do? Well, what the heck are you waiting for, woman? Go tell him!" I exclaimed grabbing her by her shoulders and pushing her towards Nathan, who was standing a few feet away talking to Jacob.

"Wait, wait!! I don't think he likes me back though!" She said digging her heels into the ground trying to stop me from pushing her forward.

"Do you want me to slap you around the face? Get moving!" I practically yelled at her.

"Jay, I-" Libby started but I gave her a sharp push and she practically fell into Nathan’s arms.

"Woah there, Lib, you're ok?" He asked smiling slightly as he caught her and helped her up.


(Libby’s POV)

"Woah there, Lib, you're ok?" Nathan asked smiling down at me and my God, did he look gorgeous.

"Um." I mumbled staring into his beautiful sea blue eyes which looked amused. I loved Nathan’s eyes, they would be different shades of blue some days and other days they would be dark green.

"Lib?" Nathan asked and now his eyes had a hint of smugness eyes as he looked into mine.

"Huh?" I asked as my eyes came into focus and I saw Jay wink at me as she took Jake by the arm; leading him away with her. "Oh, sorry." I mumbled quickly as my cheeks heated up.

He smiled again, his sweet, shy smile which made me melt inside. "Libby..." He said and this time he was blushing.

"Nathan!" A high-pitched annoying voice rang out, "What are you doing with her?!?" I knew that condescending voice, it was very hard to forget; Courtney.

"Hi Courtney." Nathan said smiling politely, bless his soul, "What’s up?"

Courtney smiled as she wrapped her arm around Nathan’s and snuggled up to him, "So, where are you taking me later, babe?" She asked, smiling sweetly at him and I felt rage bubbling in my stomach as a thousand curse words flew into my mind but I decided not to say them yet.

"See ya, Nathan." I said quietly but coldly as I walked away. I didn’t feel like saying every curse word under the sun in the school hallway.

"Wait, Libby!" Nathan called after me and I heard his footsteps as he followed me, but I kept going as tears stung at my eyes. "Libby, please stop! Lib!" He called again and this time I felt hands grab my shoulders, spinning me around. Before I could say anything, his lips crushed against mine and I kissed him back. Our lips fit perfectly together, I could feel the sparks exploding from his touch and I knew that this was way different from kissing Tom. This was real and I realized how stupid I had been, how could I not see that Nathan had always been there for me? I felt his arms wrap around my waist and then I realized that we were in the middle of the school, so I pulled away but Nathan refused to let me. I eventually gave in again and kissed back before he pulled away, leaving me breathless.

"Uhm…" I mumbled, not sure what else to say. What do you say when you have experienced the most amazing kiss of your life ever?

Nathan smiled at me shyly, "I wanted to tell you for a long time but I didn’t think you were ready." He said with his cutest boyish smile on his face, it made my heart melt.

"I love you, Nathan, I always did." I said without thinking the meaning of the words but knowing that they were true.


(Back to Justice's POV)

I couldn't keep my mind on what the teacher was saying; instead I was dying to ask Libby what happened between her and Nathan. Libby had come in just seconds before the bell rang and her cheeks were tinted pink while her blue eyes sparkled cheerfully. She was happier than I had seen her in a long time, especially since she and Tom broke up for good. I glanced at her sideways, and she had her chin in her hand with a dreamy expression on her face. Something had definitely happened between Nath and Lib but I wasn’t going to find for a while, exactly 15 seconds till the bell would ring.

"Miss Revenge?" The teacher asked raising an eyebrow at me.

"(x+2) (x+3) = x²+3x+2x+6." I said instantly without glancing down at my paper. Jacob turned around in his seat, which was in front of me and smiled slightly before turning back around. The bell then rang and I grabbed Lib’s arm, "What the heck happened out there?!?!" I exclaimed, trying not to break Libby’s arm off at the same time but she didn’t seem to be that bothered.

"Hmm?" She asked smiling dreamily while looking in the direction of the door where Nathan, no doubt, was waiting for her.

"I mean, what exactly happened between you and Romeo??" I practically squealed and then frowned at the thought that I actually squealed like a girl.

"Oh, nothing." She said as we walked towards the door to find Nathan leaning against the door frame with his hands shoved in his pockets, looking very attractive. I nudged Libby and she sent me a smug smile, which made me laugh.

Nathan looked up and practically lit up a like a Christmas tree when he saw Libby, "Hey." He said as he leaned in and placed a light kiss on Lib’s lips.

I made a gagging noise after the kiss started to turn into something else, "How about we copy them?" A voice behind me asked and I didn’t even have to turn around to know exactly who it was.

"Hey Jacob." I said sounding really bored; even I don’t know why I sounded like that.

"Oh come on, you can do better than that. Where’s the love?" Jacob asked as his arms slid around my waist and I leaned back into him only for a moment, but I knew he had noticed.

"What’s up, jerk face?" I asked, hey, he wanted more love; I was giving it to him.

His cheek brushed against mine, "There is the Justice Revenge I know." He said and I could tell he was grinning.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" I asked all of a sudden feeling the urge to be alone with him for a while.

"Jake, you take care of my sister or I will personally come to your house and beat you up." Libby threatened before walking off hand in hand with Nathan towards home.

"What’s up? Want another kiss?" He asked cheekily after letting go of my waist and coming to stand in front of me.

"Oh, I’m just dying to have one from you!!!" I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes as he pushed his dirty blonde hair from his face.

"Really?" He asked sounding more interested and looked more hopeful.

"No." I responded and his face fell, "I wanted to tell you that I need time. I can’t just declare my love for you because I still need to figure everything out. I just wanted to ask you if we could just be friends for a while." I asked looking shyly at him, if he took this the wrong way I was literally dead.

He looked like he was thinking things over in his mind and my nervousness began to increase with each passing moment, "You are so cute when you’re nervous." He said smirking at me, "I’ll agree to those terms as long as I still get to flirt with you."

"Agreed." I responded smirking slightly, but then he made a funny face and I started laughing, "Come on, Jake - Jacob." I said and quickly covered for myself.

He looked at me surprised, "You nearly called me Jake." He said with a slightly amazed look on his face.

"No, I didn’t." I said quickly, trying to act nonchalant as I walked onwards where Libby and Nathan had disappeared down.

"Yes, you did." Jacob argued as he ran and caught up with me, "You nearly called me Jake, but you never do that."

"I didn't." I said rolling my eyes at him as if it was obvious, while trying to ignore his annoying face.

"Yes, you did." Jacob said raising an eyebrow at me, my God, could this guy get any more annoying and cute?

"No, I didn’t." I argued with a smile tugging at my lips.

"Why are you smiling?" He asked smiling too; we must have looked like idiots standing there with big, stupid smiles on our faces.

"Bye Jacob!" I said before taking off down the street towards my house, I threw open the front door and Hope jumped on me and trapped me in a hug.

"Jaybirdie!!!" She squealed happily as she let go of waist and grinned up at me.

"Hey, baby doll." I said smiling before leaning down and high-fiving her, "How did you get so dirty?"

"I don’t know." She said slyly as her bright blue eyes twinkled. Hope was an incredibly active girl for her age; she had a huge imagination and seemed to have a knack for getting dirt all of herself. As for her looks, well Hope had my wavy black hair but she didn’t have my dark green eyes, instead she had bright blue eyes.

"You're sure?" I asked raising an eyebrow at her and smiling smugly. She giggled at my expression, before I picked her up and carried her to the kitchen.

"JAY!!!" Libby screamed at me when she saw, "YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS!!"

"I bet I will." I responded putting Hope down and handing her a cookie before placing one hand on my hip and the other on the countertop.

"We are going to LA!!" She said in a quieter voice but there was still the same extremely excited tone in her voice.

"No way… why?" I asked feeling even more deflated than usual, I wasn’t much of a traveler as you have probably guessed at this point.

"We are going to LA, the biggest party city in the entire world to see the hottest British band ever and you are asking why!!" Libby exclaimed with the most annoyed and exasperated look on her face.

"Yeah, because if you say they are hot then I have to go warn Nath." I said rolling my eyes as I went to the fridge, grabbing a soda and opening it up before taking a sip.

"What about me?" Nathan asked all of sudden as he entered the room and took my soda away from me, "Too much sugar for you, princess. Anyway, what’s going on?"

"Well, you see, we are going to LA to see the supposed ‘hottest’ British boy band in the universe; One Direction." I said as I snatched my soda back from his hands and took another huge gulp, "And ‘too much sugar’ is 3 words that don’t exist in my dictionary."

"I wasn’t talking about One Direction, for the love of God, they are terrible. I was talking about the other band that is 10 times hotter than them-" Libby started to rage but I cut her off.

"And who also wear superman underwear majority of the time." I added while keeping an eye on Nathan’s hand which was inching towards my soda again.

"I am pretending that you didn’t say that, anyway, The Wanted is way cuter and hotter than One Direction, so they should be licensed to wear superman underwear. Justice you should be grateful that mom went out of her way to get us the chance to meet these people backstage in LA if I didn’t mention that before!!! Besides you used to have a huge crush on Nathan anyway, so this will be your chance as well as mine because we both know I have a better chance than you!" Libby said and Nathan’s hand froze an inch away from my soda before he looked awkwardly to the ground.

"No worries, Junior, we aren’t talking to you." I said to Nath, rolling my eyes as I smirked at how awkward he felt, "But, hey, it’s not like you aren’t cute." I added looking behind him and down towards his butt.

His cheeks turned pink after I spoke and looked at his… you know, "Stop it." He whined and Lib sent me a warning look to back off her boyfriend.

I smiled cheekily as I look back down at his butt, "Mmm, no." I said shrugging.

"You guys really shouldn’t leave your front door open, somebody might get in." Jacob said coming into the room, "Ooo, soda." He said grinning and taking it from my hands before taking a sip.

"What is it with people and my soda?" I exclaimed throwing my hands in the air with exasperation.

"Oh, shut up." Jacob said rolling his eyes as he took another sip.
I could feel my mouth snapping shut, I didn’t need to be someone else to know that my eyes just turned into green fire, "What did you just say?" I asked calmly, trying to keep the fury out of my voice.

"Bad move, bro." Nathan said.

"I said shut up because you are being such a drama queen." Jacob responded calmly.

"You have 5 seconds to start running." I said.

"What?!" He asked.

"1… 2…" I started counting and he ran down the hall, up the stairs and I am assuming into one of the rooms, "Now, where were we?"

"I’m off then, see you two later." Nathan said as he put the soda can on the counter before placing a light kiss on Libby’s lips and exiting the room.

"Mind you, not bad." Libby said coming next to me and surveying Nathan’s behind.

"Lib, you are evil!!" I exclaimed, grinning, "Even though he is now your ‘alleged’ boyfriend."

"Who cares, LA, babe! This is gonna be amazing!" Libby said, her eyes shone with excitement.
Published: 1/8/2013
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