Revenge is Best Served Cold... Right? - Chapter 16

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Chapter Sixteen: My First Date!

"What's gotten into you?" I asked a very grumpy Jake as I grabbed some stuff from my drawer and packed it into my bag.

Jake was leaning against the door frame, scowling as I continued to pack for the trip to LA which is the day after tomorrow, "I don't like the idea of you going to LA without security." He responded gruffly like it was a difficult thing for him to admit.

My jaw dropped open slightly, this guy really cared about me and he was admitting it. Well, he had admitted many times but this time it was hitting home, "I will be fine, I am not a baby." I said raising an eyebrow at him as I picked up my phone and tossed it onto the bed.

"Sometimes I wonder if you are. Hey, what's your number?" Jacob said snatching my phone off the bed and unlocking it, I don't exactly have a passcode on it.

"Oi, give it back!!" I yelled jumping up to try to get it from his hands, considering he was several inches taller than me and had his arms above his head.

"Only if you say please." He yelled back as I tried to scratch his hand so that he would let go of the phone, "This got any private stuff on it?"
"Yes, now give it back, you will be scarred for life!" I yelled at him as I once again jumped up to grab it, but he caught me by the waist and hoisted me into the air with a big smirk on his face.

He practically threw me down on the bed before saying, "Do I hear a please?" Jake repeated with an evil glint in his eyes.

I squirmed underneath him, but he still had his grasp around my waist, "Nope, you don't get to hear anything." I said still struggling, if Jake got my phone, I would be dead; it had so much precious and private stuff on there. My gaze dropped from his eyes to his mouth which was turned up in his half smirk, I began to feel a temptation growing inside me. Maybe just one kiss? No way! What are you thinking Jay? I worked on off my arms free, using it to grab the front of his t-shirt; I pulled him forward to me, his big brown eyes widened slightly in surprise. I noticed that his eyes had flecks of gold as well; maybe, if I could just reach his hand, then I could get my phone and laugh in his face. Amazing idea Jay, now actually do it. I stretched my arm a little more which meant that I had to pull Jake even more forward. My fingertips brushed against my phone, I stretched my arm a little more and had a firm grip on it, and I pulled the phone towards me while pushing Jacob away from me. "Hah, told you!! I told you, you wouldn't hear anything!!" I exclaimed grinning proudly, it wasn't every day you got to laugh in someone's face!

Jacob rolled his eyes as he stood up, I had pushed him so hard that he fell onto the floor, "Whatever." He said dusting himself off.
I grinned as I pulled my self-upright on the bed, "Don't be such a sore loser." I said teasingly as I put a passcode on my phone.
"Don't you have packing to do?" He snapped.
"I thought you didn't want me to go." I teased as his face began to turn pink; this was the first time I had actually seen him blush.
"I was just acting." He said rolling his eyes like it was obvious.


(Jacob's POV)

"Uh huh, sure." She said smirking at me, God she looked adorable. I wanted to take her out somewhere tonight, just us, but that would be difficult considering she would most likely say no.

"No really." I said, putting my innocent face on, she glanced up from her phone and I caught the side of her mouth turning up slightly.
"Oh sure, I believe you." She said rolling her eyes as she stood up and crossed the room, putting her phone down on the table.

I came up behind her, sliding my arm around her slim waist, "Do you?" I whispered softly in her ear, I could feel her shudder a little before I placed a light kiss on her slender neck. She seemed to have frozen as soon as my lips touched her neck, I smirked, and I had her right where I wanted her. I gently trailed my lips up her neck to her jawline but still she did nothing, I lightly cupped her chin in my hand, turning her towards me. My eyes lowered to her soft, pink lips, I began to move forward and inching toward her lips, but at the last second she brought her hands up to my chest and gently pushed me away.

Her face was flushed a light pink which was almost impossible considering how pale her skin was, while her emerald eyes blazed, "I need to finish packing." She said softly, moving past me.

I watched her, why was she so scared of me? Why did she push away everyone who could possibly care about her? I left the room feeling a little hurt, right outside was Libby, she looked sympathetic, "Don't give up." She said placing her hand on my arm kindly.

"Oh, I won't." I said softly, "But first, I need her number." I added as we walked farther away from Jay's room so that she couldn't hear. Lib smiled at me, she could tell that I had a plan to get Jay on her own with me.


(Justice's POV)

I gently pushed him away, I felt dizzy, and I could only remember the feeling of his soft lips pressing against my neck. "I need to finish packing." I practically whispered but I knew he heard me. Jake had gotten too close for comfort, and I had let him, all the other times he had sort of forced it on me but then again I had enjoyed it. I quickly maneuvered around him to my suitcase and began to pack more things, anything to keep myself from looking at him, he must be so happy he managed to seduce me. I glanced up in the mirror to see if he was still in the room but he was in fact gone, without even deciding to tease me. Then I focused my eyes on my own reflection in the mirror; my cheeks were flushed pink while my dark green eyes were ablaze. "How does he do it?" I muttered to myself.


I woke to the sound of my phone bleeping itself to death... Not really, I am just being dramatic. I laughed at myself as I stretched before reaching for my phone and unlocking it, there was text but it was from an unknown number. I frowned as I hesitantly opened up the text message.

Good morning, beautiful. 12:30, the riverside. Be there.

Who the heck was this? I closed my phone, put it on silent and then placed it on my bedside table, not really thinking much about it till I checked later around 10:00, my phone had two more texts, one was unknown but the other was from Libby. Why doesn't she just come and talk to me? I am her sister after all; I do live in the same house as she does. I rolled my eyes as I opened the text from Lib, I will help with the outfit.

What freaking outfit? I am not going anywhere today... well that's what I am hoping. "Liiiiib?! Where are you?" I yelled into my large house that anyone could easily get lost in.

"What's up, twin?" Lib said popping out nowhere with a merry twinkle in her pale blue eyes.
"What outfit?" I asked ignoring her innocent expression.
"Oh... I just thought you might want to dress up, for fun, ya know?" Lib said trying not to laugh or sound remotely suspicious in any way, shape or form.
"Nice try, first I start getting texts from some random stalker about a date by the river and now you want me to dress up for no particular reason?" I asked getting more annoyed by the second.
"Just... bear with me, ok? Let me pick an outfit for you and then go by the river to meet the 'random stalker'." Libby said jutting out her bottom lip and making her blue eyes really big.

"What?! I am not going anywhere to meet a crazy stalker, especially wearing fancy clothes!!" I yelled feeling very exasperated as Lib continued to make a pouting face.
"Oh, come on, please?" Libby begged making her eyes even bigger.
I raised an eyebrow while crossing my arms and tapping my foot for a while trying to act like I wasn't going to budge but in less than 2 minutes I got fed up, "FINE." I yelled hotly.
"YES!" Libby screamed, happily, believe it or not.


(Libby's POV)

"Stop fidgeting." I snapped as Jay kept itching her arms and shifting around while I put a little bit of makeup on her eyes.

"You're taking too long; it's almost 12:30." Jay whined as her lips shaped into a pout.

I shook my head slightly while trying very hard not to laugh as I finished up her eye shadow, before stepping back to look at my masterpiece. Jay's hair was held up loosely with a large crocodile clip, that way her curls framed her face that was naturally tinted pink, her eyes were their usual emerald-green. Well, that was her face all ready, now for the outfit, was that ok? Jay was in dark blue skinny jeans with a black tank top, a tan-colored jacket on top of the tank and large silver pair of hoop earrings. Perfect. "Finished, you are good to go."

"Thanks, but I still don't get why you are making me go to the riverside just because some random person texted me. I mean, how do you know it wasn't supposed to go to someone else?" She asked looking more suspicious of me by the second.

"Ummm..." I started trying to think of something to say, it was too bad the smart gene seemed to have been caught by both of us.

"You know who this person is but you won't tell me." She said glaring at me.

"Please, just go?" I asked, more like begged trying to make my eyes bigger.

"I'll go if you tell me who it is." Jay said lifting her chin as if to say that she had spoken.

"But, I can't!" I exclaimed.

"Oh and why not? Jacob asked you not to?" She asked smirking slightly.

"What-" I started to say but then Jay cut me off.

"Who is it?" She asked raising an eyebrow at me while fixing me with her intense stare.

"Um... well it's... it's..." Think fast, Lib, think fast, "It's Leo. Leo wants to meet you by the riverside." I said nodding my head to try to look convincing rather than relieved.

"Leo?" She asked and I watched a look of confusion and disappointment clouded her eyes.

"Yeah," I said taking note of her unhappiness that it was Leo and not Jake. "Now get out of here." I exclaimed shoving her down the stairs and towards the front door.


(Justice's POV)

What a strange place to meet someone, the riverside, I mean. I looked down at my very unstylish shoes, as Lib would say, while I walked the short little distance left to the riverside. Another funny thing, why Leo? Why in the world would Leo want to meet me? I didn't even know him that well, I mean, he is a really sweet guy and all, but something doesn't feel right. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I pulled it out to see the unknown number which I now knew was Leo's.

Take 3 steps forward.
I frowned, but did as it said to.
Now, turn around.

I bit my lip, feeling a little nervous, what if this was some creeper? I turned around slowly to see a little blanket on the grass with a basket lying on top of it. I felt confused as I surveyed the scene in front, who did this?

"Surprise." A voice that I knew all too well said behind me.
I whirled around and immediately felt dizzy, and then all I saw were two sets of big brown eyes which fused together, leaving me with a single pair of brown eyes. "Jake?" I asked as I felt a big smiled break out across my face.

"Yup, didn't expect me, eh?" He asked with his usual cocky smirk on his boyish face.
I threw my arms around his neck, embracing him in a big hug. It took a moment but his arms came up around my waist and I pulled back after a second. "Uh... yeah, why did you bring me here?" I asked quickly, glaring at him to cover up for my sudden affection.

His look of amazement stayed there for a bit longer before he covered up with the signature smirk, "Thought you might want to spend your last evening here before you go off to LA for a week."

"You did this all for me?" I asked blushing as I looked at how sweetly everything was set up on the picnic blanket.

"Um, yeah. Do you like it?" He asked nervously stuffing his hands into his jean pockets as my eyes ran over the picnic.

"Like it? I love it!" I said feeling warm sensation rushing over me, "Thank you Jake." I said smiling at him as his face brightened with pleasure. I leaned forward and lightly kissed his cheek. The rest of the evening we spent eating and talking about everything, I mean everything. We talked about the perils of having to eat vegetables at dinner time as well as Jake's family, his parents were divorced soon after his little brother died and from then Jake never saw his dad again. "I didn't know your parents were divorced." I said feeling surprised, I was learning more and more about Jake in every minute we were together.

He lay on the picnic blanket, his head in my lap, my hands fiddling with his hair as we watched the clouds pass overhead. I looked down at him as I spoke, he chuckled slightly to cover up for the pain in his voice, "There are a lot of things you don't know about me, Jay."

I began to feel a little guilty, guilty that I had been treating Jake not very nicely since I met him. I had assumed he was a complete jerk and a player, but now I was beginning to see a softer side to him. "I should get going." I said quickly after a moment of silence.

"I'll walk you." Jake said smiling sweetly at me as he got up and helped me up as well.

"Thanks." I said blushing a little as he smiled.

He glanced at me, catching my blush and smirking a little before taking my hand in his and walking me home like a true gentleman. Once we reached the door, I turned around, lifting my chin so I was looking him straight in the eyes. We stayed that way for a few seconds, captured in each other's gaze, then Jake's eyes lowered to my lips and I could tell he was debating something. I felt passion and want burning inside me, kiss me, kiss me, I thought silently but he didn't, instead he said, "I guess I'll see you next week."

I felt crushed, why didn't he kiss me? He had done it plenty of times before, why not now? "Yeah, I... I'll see you then." I said sadly trying very hard not to go up to him and just kiss him myself. Then the thought dawned on me, why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't I kiss the boy I like? He turned around and started to walk away when I decided that I wasn't going to let him go that easily, "Wait!"

He stopped and turned around with a confused look on his face. "What-" He started to say before I walked up to him, grabbed him by the collar and kissed him.


Author's Note

Hi everyone, a quick apology to all Directioners! Please know that I meant no offense by what was said in the last chapter, it's just what I thought Libby would say!
Published: 2/28/2013
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