Revenge is Best Served Cold... Right? - Chapter 17 (Final)

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Chapter Seventeen: Always

"Bye." I said to Jake as I stood outside the airport with a suitcase.

"I love you." He said quietly.

I reached over and lifted his chin up a little, "I love you more." I said smiling at him before leaning over and kissing him. I know that we will see each other again in a week but now a week sounds like a year. I pull back and picked up my suitcase before entering the airport. I walked inside and the strange airport air filled my nostrils, I winced slightly. The check in was blur, all I remember was a man telling me hurry up and Lib sending me worried looks. I felt sort of empty and worried for some reason.

"Jay, come on, they've started boarding." Libby said smiling with a look of excitement. I looked at her blankly for a moment before realizing that we were leaving for LA, how could I have forgotten?

"I'm coming." I said softly as I stood up and gathered my things. The plane smelled funny as usual and I felt strange, almost like something bad was going to happen. I wasn't sure what it was but it was happening soon.


(Libby's POV in the Hospital)

I started down at my twin sister in the hospital bed, her long black hair lay perfectly framing her fair, her eyes were closed and there was an almost peaceful expression on her face. The plane had crashed, I had survived, well we both had survived, but Jay didn't come off as easy. She had a lot of internal bleeding going on, she had also been paralyzed and her lungs had stopped working as well. I had a broken arm which was in cast, but my own sister was hooked up to machine, it was the only thing keeping her alive. The decision was mine whether or not to pull the plug. Memories began to flash before my eyes of the two of us playing together, Jay always being the dominant one and me always listening and following her around. I remembered once when Jay was reading to me, we were sitting outside on the front lawn, barefoot and in identical summer dresses, Jay had suddenly stopped reading and turned to me with a grave expression.

"What would you do if I were dying, Libby?" She asked.

I looked at her with a confused expression on my face; we were only about 9 years old when this happened, "I would be dying too." I said frowning with confusion; in my mind it was always, if one twin was hurting so was the other.

Jay looked at me and tilted her head to the side as if she was calculating, "Would you let me die if it hurt a lot?" She asked.

Mom had called us inside before I had managed to answer, what would I have said? I realize now that Jay was asking me if I would let her die because the pain would be as bad as or worse than death anyway. "Oh Jay, please wake up." I whisper feeling tears in my eyes I watch my sister on her death-bed. I need my twin; I needed her to tell me what to do, just like she always had done.

"Ma'am, we have found something from her luggage." A young man said from the hospital room door, interrupting my thoughts.

I looked at him, my face streaked with tears, I looked at what he was holding in his hands, it was a box, and it was burnt at the edges and the bottom. I took the box from him and opened it without another word, inside was stacks of photos, on the top, were more recent photos of Jacob, Liam, Tess, me and Nath. I picked up the first stack and flipped through them, I came to a picture of me and Nath cuddling on the couch while watching a movie, on the back written in Jay's handwriting were the words 'The Perfect Couple', then there was a picture of just Jake, the caption read 'My Love' and lastly one of me alone, the caption said 'Always'. More tears rushed to my eyes, tears of joy and remembrance, I looked back, the young man still standing there awkwardly, "Thank you." I said smiling; I approached him and kissed his cheek.

He looked surprised and blushed, "I-it was nothing." He said before quietly leaving the room.

I looked at my sister and smiled, I knew what to do. I heard a voice, a child's voice, "Will you be there for me?" She asked, I looked up and saw a little girl standing on the other side of the hospital bed, her shorts and t-shirt had mud on them, her black hair was curly and short but her eyes... her eyes were an emerald-green, they blazed with life and energy, youth and beauty, love and kindness, they were the eyes of a child.

I looked at the machine Jay was hooked up to and then back to the little girl, my hand reached for the plug which kept my twin sister alive. My fingers touch the cool plastic; I slipped my other hand into Jay's before pulling on the plastic. There were tears in my eyes but a smile on my face, "Always."


Hey Everyone,

Justice K. here! So this is the last chapter of my story and I hope you guys like it! I have decided that this story really is terrible and nobody is commenting either which doesn't really help, so I have decided to end this story. It may not end in the way you all expected and you may hate me for ending it this way but that's the way it is. Thanks to everyone who did comment, I do have another story up on iBuzzle but I have decided to not continue that either. Bye.


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