Revenge is Best Served Cold... Right? - Chapter 2

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Chapter Two: Gorgeous Boy

I knocked on the door of the new neighbor's house and then pulled Bee’s scarf tighter around my neck. It was a couple of minutes before the door opened; at first I couldn’t see anyone actually opening the door. Then from behind the door a little girl who looked about the same age as Hope; who was eight years old peeked out. I smiled at the girl’s adorable big blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.

"Hi there, what’s your name?" Libby asked, crouching down to the girl’s height.
"My name’s Katy and I am 8 years old." The girl said, importantly.
"Wow, you’re 8 years old! I thought you 16 years old!" I said, smiling at her.
"I’m not THAT old! But mommy says I’m a big girl." Katy said standing straighter and smiling. She was obviously very happy at the thought that she looked 16.
"I bet, is your mommy in? We have some cookies for you guys since you’re our neighbors now." I said, showing her the big platter of cookies.

"Ooo, yummy!" She cried, opening the door fully. "I’ll call mommy!"
"Katy who’s at the door, sweetie?" A woman’s voice called.
"New neighbors mommy!" Katy called back.
A woman came up behind Katy, she had a nice smile and the same blue eyes as Katy. "Oh, come in, please." She said, moving back from the doorway.
I glanced at Libby before stepping into the house and taking off my shoes, "Thanks, I’m Justice and this is my twin Liberty." I said, shaking hands with the woman.
"Twins, really? You two look nothing alike! I’m Carol." She said smiling at me and Libby.
"We brought you some cookies as a gift." I told her.

"Oh how nice of you! Let me call Jacob." She said, "I will be back in a moment."
I watched her disappear upstairs quickly, "Is Jacob your little brother?" I asked Katy.
Katy giggled at my question, "Nope, Jakie’s my big brother." She said still giggling a little, "He’s 16 years old, not me!"
"Oh." I replied, losing interest almost instantly. This so called ‘Jakie’ was the same age as me and Lib.
"Put a shirt on for goodness sake!" I heard Carol command, this made me smile. A minute later Carol came back downstairs followed by a boy. He had blonde hair, dark brown eyes and a well-built body from the looks of it. When he looked up from his shirt, he stopped dead and the worst part of it was, he was staring at me.
I smiled, "Hey, you must be Jacob." I extended my hand to shake his, "I’m Justice, Justice Revenge."

He shook my hand still staring at me, and I couldn’t figure out why. "Nice to meet you." He said with sly smile, as if there was hidden meaning, "But you can call me Jake." He winked at me.

I raised an eyebrow at him. In his little monkey dreams, I thought. "And this is my twin, Liberty." I added hoping he would stop staring at me.
"Hi." Libby said, looking between me and Jacob.
"Hey." He said taking his eyes off me for a split second to acknowledge her and then looking back on me. He seemed to like the effect he was having on me.
"Well, I’ll take those cookies from you and put them in the kitchen. Jacob show our guests around, please." Carol said not seeming to notice that her son was flirting with me. She took the platter of cookies from me and hurried down the hall to where I assumed was the kitchen.

"Sure thing Mom." He said smiling at me in a way that I knew was beyond friendly.
"I want to show them around too!" Katy whined.
"Don’t worry Katy, you can take Liberty and show her around." He said, still not taking his eyes off me. It was beginning to get annoying now, I could understand that this guy had a dirty mind but he could at least try to hide it.

"Ok." Katy said sounding somewhat mollified and taking Libby’s hand in hers. "Don’t worry; I won’t let you get lost." She added reassuringly to Lib as they walked farther down the hall, leaving me alone with Jacob. Oh Lord, I thought, this is going to be bad… really bad.

"Justice Revenge, huh?" Jacob said, running his eyes over my body, "Not bad."
I leaned close to him, "Might wanna be careful where you put your eyes, sweetie, you’ll lose them if you’re not careful." I whispered, leaning in farther; enjoying the effect that my closeness had on him and then abruptly moving back again. I could hear him take in a sharp breath, before grinning.

"I believe you." He said smirking and stuffing his hands in his jean pockets, "Well, it seems like I have to give you a tour."
"A tour of the house only, please." I said, putting emphasis on the word house, "Nothing else, right?"
"Sure, sure." He said, smiling slightly at my question and shrugging, "My room included."

I knew he was teasing me but I still felt a little annoyed, "I’m looking forward to it, Jacob." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes and pulling my cap down over my head. I had certain really weird habits, such as; I always had my hair tucked up into a cap.

He smiled, flashing me another wink. "As will I, your highness." He said, sweeping his arms out majestically in front of him.
I laughed at him, "You know, a real gentleman would offer me his arm. It’s tradition, ‘Jake’." I said, letting him think that I was flirting with him.
He smiled straightening up and running his hand through his hair, "If it’s tradition I won’t break it."

He took my hand and tucked it into the crook of his arm, "This way, ma’am." He said politely.
"Actually, drop the gentleman act, sweetie, it doesn’t suit you." I teased.
"Hey, come on, that was just mean!" Jacob complained, "You told me to act like a gentleman."

"Sorry, sweetie, but a Revenge is best served cold." I said, bumping my hip against his side; another weird habit of mine.
He looked at me surprised at what I just had done, and making me look down and blush a little. "You gonna show me around or not, pretty boy?" I asked quickly to recover from my blush. I didn’t blush in front of anyone; in fact I didn’t blush at all usually. I had deathly pale skin, so when I blushed it sort of looked like a rose stain. I also had emerald green eyes and jet black hair that curled naturally at the tips.

He grinned, not missing my little blush, "This way to the living room." He said leading me down the hall. The room had two couches and a lot of pictures; I recognized pictures of Jacob when he was 6 and of Kate. He looked…I couldn’t believe I was even thinking this but he looked cute. There was one picture I saw of another little boy, who had blue eyes and soft golden hair. I stared at that picture, because something about it scared me and I couldn’t figure out what.

"Who’s this?" I asked, looking up at Jacob.
"Hmm?" Jacob said, looking over at the picture and taking in a sharp breath, "My brother. He’s dead."
I looked back at the picture and then at Jacob. I suddenly realized why I had felt weird about this picture. That cannot be his brother, I thought, Oh, God that is not his brother. "I gotta go, sorry." I said quickly and hurried out of the room crashing into Libby. "We gotta go."
"Why…" Libby started before I sent her a death glare, "Ok, fine. Sorry Katy!" Libby said, before I pulled her out of the house.

Once we were outside, I finally relaxed. "Thank God." I said.
"What the heck just happened?" Libby exclaimed.
"Nothing." I said sarcastically, "Absolutely nothing."
"What? Did the Gorgeous Boy scare you?" She asked teasingly.
I snorted, "Gorgeous Boy? And no, he didn’t, by the way."

"I think you like him." Libby stated, poking my side and making me jump.
"Oh heck no, sweetie." I said, shoving her over.
"Ooo! You’re in love with Gorgeous Boy!!!" Libby yelled.
I groaned, "Keep your voice down! He’s going to hear you!"
"So? You said you didn’t like him, so this shouldn’t bother you." Libby said, smiling smugly.
"You will be the death of me, Libby." I stated, sighing, "Gorgeous Boy." I added and shook my head.
Published: 11/5/2012
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