Revenge is Best Served Cold... Right? - Chapter 4

So, I looked at the poll and no one voted that I should stop writing which made me happy! A lot of you preferred Nathan to Jake and I am taking that into account. The truth is that I have written about 15 chapters already, but I don't think I should release them all yet! I will try to post a chapter every week though! Thanks so much to those of you who commented and voted on the poll!
Chapter Four: Boys...

"I hate Tuesdays." I grumbled as I grabbed my backpack and waited for Nathan, Pride and Libby, since we usually walked to school together. This weekend was a four day weekend, because it was Thanksgiving. Destiny had flown out to California 2 days ago because that was where she went to college. Bee went to a college about an hour away from home, so she could leave whenever.

"Quit complaining, Princess. We've had enough of that from you this weekend." Nathan said, rolling his eyes.
I sent him a glare, "Well, if you hadn't attacked me yesterday, maybe I would be in a better mood." I shot back.
He grinned, "You have to admit that was pretty funny, though." He said.
"Let's go." Libby said, coming up behind Nathan and with Pride next to her.
"Finally!" I exclaimed, "What took so long?"
"Your highness over here... had to get all her makeup on." Pride said, rolling his eyes at Lib.

I snorted, "I am not gonna even ask why. Let's go then." I opened the front door of the house and blew Hope a kiss as we all trooped out. I looked over to Jacob's house, wondering if he was going to the same school as us, probably was. I looked back down at the ground listening to Pride and Libby argue about why she had to put on all her makeup.

"Hey, beautiful." A voice said from behind me, making me jump and spin around.
"YOU NEARLY GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!" I yelled at him, "Give me some warning next time." I added, scowling.

"Sorry, beautiful, guess I didn't know that I could make you feel so nervous." Jacob said, smirking at me while checking me out.
I stiffened immediately, "My eyes are up here, Jacob." I said sharply, "And you don't make me nervous."
"This guy making you uncomfortable, Princess?" Nathan asked, stepping in front of me.
Jacob snorted, "Dude, I'm her boyfriend." He said giving Nathan a scornful look, "Right, Justice?"

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. Oh Lord, oh please not now, I thought, please, don't freeze up now. I sometimes had these random moments when I would completely freeze. Now was the worst time to be freezing up, I could see Libby out of the corner of my eye smiling and looking satisfied.

"See, she agrees." Jacob said, grinning victoriously.
"We better get going." Nathan said looking back at me, "We'll settle this later."
Libby grabbed my arm and pulled me away before I could protest and explain everything. Nathan walked in front of me, not looking at me. I could tell he was mad at me. Pride looked at me and mouthed the words 'Talk to him'. I bit my lip and took a deep breath, "Nathan, that wasn't what you thought." I said quietly.

"If it wasn't then why didn't you say anything?" He asked harshly, still not looking at me. I noticed Lib and Pride slowly separated themselves from us so we could talk.
"I froze; I didn't expect Jacob to say that. He isn't my boyfriend! I just met him yesterday." I said, stepping in front of Nathan, so he couldn't go further.

Nathan looked at me carefully, "I guess you must be telling the truth." He mumbled.
"You know, I'd say you were jealous." I teased, trying to make him smile.
"Who wouldn't be?" He asked, looking me straight in the eyes and his voice was serious. By now we had reached the school and were inside.

"Um, I gotta go to my class, see ya later Nath!" I said quickly before stretching up and kissing his cheek. This was a spur of the moment action, because I felt bad for not saying anything to Jacob. I then ran off down the hall towards the staircase and then running down the stairs to English class. I hurried in the classroom and looked around for seats and realized the only free one was next, guess who? Jacob.

"Looks like the only seat left is next to me." Jacob said smiling slowly and patting the seat beside him.
I glared at him, before reluctantly sitting down beside him, "Why did you say you were my boyfriend?" I asked quietly, trying not to let him know how furious I was with him.
"I wanted to ask you out on a date." He said ignoring my question. "Dinner tonight, I'll pick you up at 6."

"This conversation is feeling very one-sided, you know!" I said, a little louder than I expected, because a couple other people looked over at me. "I am not going out with you." I whispered furiously.
"Well, that's a pity because I don't think your other friend is going to try to get close to you now." He said, smirking, "Plus, I can tell you're attracted to me." He put his hand on my leg casually.

I felt myself flush a little, before I slapped his hand away, "Sure you can." I said sarcastically.
"Yeah, I can. First of all I make you blush a lot, second I make you nervous, and third you can't seem to resist my good looks." He said smiling and counting the reasons off on his fingers.

"Where the heck are these so-called 'good looks'?" I asked him, rolling my eyes.
He smiled, "Right here." He said, leaning forward and gazing into my eyes. I don't know why but his chocolate-brown eyes somehow started to look hypnotizing. I couldn't stop looking at him, and then I realized that I was staring and looked down, blushing. "Hah! Gotcha." He said triumphantly, leaning back in his chair while crossing his arms and grinning.

"I..." I started to say, but was cut off because the teacher walked in, "Boys." I muttered as the lesson began.


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