Revenge is Best Served Cold... Right? - Chapter 5

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Chapter Five: Vampire Time, Sweetie

The first class of the day was over, thank God. Somehow I seemed to have every class with Jacob, which was eventually going to kill me. He had been begging me all period to go out with him and I kept giving him the same answer, NO.

"Please?" He asked his mouth curved down into a pout, which for some reason I thought was cute.

What the heck is up with me? "No." I said bluntly.

"No?" He asked sadly.

"Yes." I said.

"Yes, you will go out with me?" He asked his face lighting up as he said it.

"Jacob, face it. I am never going out with you." I said, as we walked into History class and took our seats; sadly Jacob refused to go sit somewhere else.

"Are you challenging me by playing hard to get?" He asked curiously.

"I am impossible to get, Jacob." I said, smiling a little.

"Challenge accepted." He said, crossing his arms and looking defiant.

"Whatever you are thinking of doing, don't." I said, rolling my eyes.

"You challenged me, and I don't tend to back down." He said, grinning.

The teacher came in and began to lecture us on Roman history; I started to zone out and forget all about the teacher's lecture. I didn't realize that Jacob was holding my hand and watching me. I just kept staring at the whiteboard and then I looked down at my lap seeing Jacob's hand intertwined with mine. For some reason I didn't want to pull away, I liked the feel of his hand.

"You will be working on a project on the Romans with the person next to you." I heard the teacher say before the bell rang for lunch.

"Wait... that means I have to work with you." I said, snapping out of my daydreaming and looking at Jacob.

"You will enjoy that, I can tell." Jacob said smirking.

"No, I won't! What makes you say that?" I asked angrily as I stood up and grabbed my bag.

"Because, you're still holding my hand." He said, smiling victoriously.
I looked down to see that, yeah, we were still holding hands. I quickly snatched my hand away and pulled down my cap. "Um..."

"There's a school dance tomorrow, I am taking you to it." He said, not even asking my opinion on the matter.

"No, no way." I said, sharply.

"Admit it, you're falling for me." He said, smiling smugly at me.

"Never. I am not falling for you Jacob." I said, shaking my head.

He looked at me; his eyes were filled with amusement. "We'll see."

"You will see nothing." I said arrogantly.

Jacob never got a chance to respond to that because we spotted a crowd up ahead. "What the..." Jacob said as I grabbed his arm and pulled him through closer to the front of the crowd.

"What's going on?" I asked a guy next to me, since I still couldn't see anything.

"That Liberty girl is getting beat up by Courtney." The guy said, not even looking at me. Courtney was the most popular girl in the school and she could not stand the fact that Libby was prettier than her.

"Oh heck no, that's not gonna happen." I said, "It's vampire time, sweetie." I pushed all the way through the crowd to see Courtney shoving Libby, and slapping her.

"Stupid little piece of dirt." Courtney spat at her. I walked straight up to the two of them and then stood in front of Lib. "Oh look, the freak has come to defend her ugly sister." Courtney said, laughing coldly.

"Hey, um Courtney, right?" I asked, smiling sweetly at her.

"Yeah." She said suspiciously.

"Um, you got something on your nose, sweetie." I said, innocently.

Courtney looked shocked and her hand flew up to her nose, "What is?" She asked sounding terrified.

"This." I said, and punched her smack bang on her pretty little nose. "That was for my sister." I said glaring at her. I could see Jacob out of the corner of my eye, his mouth was wide open with shock and I couldn't help but feel happy about it. I grabbed Libby's arm and started walking away but then I stopped, turned around, "Sweetie." I added and continued walking away.

"I'll kill you! You little freak!" She screamed after me.

"I'm a vampire, sweetie. You can't kill me and you can't forget me." I said, under my breath. "And you definitely don't mess with me."


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