Revenge is Best Served Cold... Right? - Chapters 6 and 7

Chapter Six: Loser Like Me

"Why do you let that girl treat you like dirt?" I yelled at Lib when we were out of earshot and in an empty hallway.

"Because, I thought she was my friend." Libby yelled back.
"Are you kidding me? She'd rather have you for dinner than be your friend!" I said harshly. When Lib was hurt, I was hurt too and I hated it when she was sad.

"I don't want to be a loser, ok?" She said as tears ran down her cheeks. "You have never been afraid of who you are or what people think of you. I just wanted to fit in, but of course that was never going to happen for me!"

I realized that I had hurt Libby more by being mad at her, "I'm sorry." I said quietly. I heard a sob escaped from Libby and I felt horrible for yelling at her.

"I'm fine. It's ok; this happens a lot to me. I have a twin sister who doesn't even care that other people think she's a freak and then I am the insecure one." She was still crying.

"You don't have to be popular; you know that they secretly just want to be a loser like me." I said and she looked up.
"Loser like me." She said quietly, "You're thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Does it involve singing?" I asked, nervously. Our school had a Glee club; of course it was a takeoff from the original Glee Club. I wasn't actually in the Glee Club, because I thought I had a terrible voice but Libby was in Glee so she liked performing onstage.

"Yep." She said, grabbing my hand and pulling me down towards the cafeteria. She stopped to talk to some of her Glee friends on the way before stopping backstage. "Stay here, I'm going to go do something. Oh and hold this." She added handing me a microphone.

"Say what? And where the heck did you get a microphone?" I asked, incredulously.

"It was on top of the speakers." She said, pulling out her iPod and scrolling through songs. "Aha! Got it. Be right back, Jay." As soon as she left all the Glee kids started to appear backstage too.

"Oh Lord... tell me this is going to be easy?" I asked my best friend, Tess. She was also in Glee.
She smiled at me, "No worries, Jay. Singing comes from your heart, so just go along with things, and nothing bad will happen." She said.

Suddenly someone pushed me out onstage, and I was in front of the whole high school. I bit my lip and then had a good idea, "Looks like y'all get to have some entertainment today, and this one's dedicated to Courtney Maleine." I said, giving Courtney my million dollar smile.

"Hope that nose gets better, sweetie." I added and the whole Glee club came onstage in a V-formation, facing away from the lunchroom and then the music started. Everyone but Libby and Tess turned around.

Libby turned around, "Yeah, you may think that I'm a zero. But, hey, everyone you wanna be probably started off like me." She sang and threw me a wink to say that the next line was mine.

"You may say that I'm a freak show." I sang, feeling nervous but a little excited.

"I don't care." Tess said, smiling at me encouragingly.
"But, hey, give it just a little time. I bet you're gonna change your mind." I sang, pouring my emotions into each word.

"All of that dirt you've been throwing my way. It ain't so hard to take, that's right, 'cause I know one day you'll be screaming my name and I'll just look away. That's right." Tess sang.

"Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouths. So everyone can hear, hit me with the worst you got and knock me down, baby I don't care. Keep it up and soon enough you'll figure out. You wanna be, you wanna be a loser like me, a loser like me." We all sang together.

"Pushed me up against a locker. But, hey, all I do is shake it off; I'll get you back when I'm your boss. I'm not thinking about you haters, cause, hey I could be a superstar. I'll see you when you wash my car." A deep, melodic voice sang the last verse. I looked around to see Jacob, standing onstage with a microphone and a cute smile on his face. He seemed to feel me staring at him because he looked over at me and winked.

By now tons of people were up on their feet, some were actually singing along and others were dancing or whistling. "Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouths. So everyone can hear, hit me with the worst you got and knock me down, baby I don't care. Keep it up and soon enough you'll figure out. You wanna be, you wanna be a loser like me, a loser like me." We all sang the chorus again.

"A loser like me." Libby and I sang the last line together. We were greeted by people, screaming, whistling, clapping, and shouting joyfully as we finished. A lot of people put up L's when we finished. We all left the stage laughing and talking about the look on Courtney's face when I had said the song was dedicated to her.

"Justice Revenge." Mr. G, the Glee director said. "Welcome to Glee Club."
"Wait, what?" I said feeling confused. "Come again?"
"You have an amazing voice, and that performance onstage that you did was phenomenal." He said, smiling at me.
"I don't believe it!" I said and I could feel myself grinning from ear to ear.
"And Jacob Marks you have also made it into Glee club." Mr. G added, "Congratulations both of you." He said before walking away.

"Well done, sis." Libby said, smiling at me before walking away.
"Looks like you and I will be seeing each other a lot more now." Jacob said with a smug smile.
"Certainly does, sweetie." I said, smiling at him and not even caring that he was still flirting with me.

"So will you go to the dance with me?" He asked sounding a little confused as to why I wasn't acting hostile towards him for once.
I bit my lip considering what he was asking, "No." I said, but I could feel myself regretting my words already.

"I dare you to." He said mockingly.
"I don't accept dare." I said defiantly looking up into his mesmerizing brown eyes.
"Aw!" He said, pouting at me and continuing to stare into my eyes.
"Stop doing that!" I snapped at him.
"What?" He asked innocently.
"That thing with your eyes." I said trying to explain my words by using my hands but failing miserably.

"It's not my fault you find my eyes attractive." He said cockily.
I groaned, "I don't find you attractive Jacob! Get that into your head." I said.
"I hear you never back down from a dare." He said changing the subject.

"Yeah, so?" I asked.
"Well, either you go out to the dance with me or you have to do what I say for a week." He said, crossing his arms over his chest.
"I am not going with you to that dance." I said firmly.
"Ok, so you do what I say for a week." He said, shrugging, "And I say you have to go to that dance with me tomorrow."

"What?" I said, "But, can't I just agree to go with you anyway, so I don't have to do everything you say for a week??"
"Sorry." He said smiling.
"But that is not fair!!" I exclaimed while stamping my foot.
He laughed, "You look cute when you're mad." He said before leaning towards me and kissing my cheek, "See you around, beautiful."

He left me there blushing with my heart beating a million times a minute. I reached up and touched the cheek he had kissed, the spot tingled a little. I think I am falling for him, I thought. "Never..." I said and then I rolled my eyes.


Chapter Seven: Me + Fashion = NO

"Hey, um Lib… I need your help." I said, awkwardly. We were in the living room, I was reading a book and Lib was looking at a People Magazine. No one else was in the house so I decided that now would be a good time to tell her.

She looked up from her magazine and smiled, "Sure, what do you need?"
"I need you to give me a makeover." I said very quickly.
Libby stared at me like I had gone crazy, "Uhm, what?" She said, blinking and looking confused.

"And a dress now that I think about it." I added thoughtfully.
"Woah, wait, wait, wait, and wait. Say that again?" She said, holding up her hands as a signal to stop.

"Here, let me spell it out for, ok?" I said, making sure she understood, "I… Need… You... To… Give… Me… A… Makeover." I spoke each word nice and slow so she knew what I was talking about.

"Ok, first of all why? Second of all, are you seriously blushing? And third what the heck has happened to you!!" She screamed the last one.

"Jacob is forcing me to go to the dance tonight with him." I said, feeling a little tingle when Jacob’s name came up.

Libby screamed again, "Why the heck didn't you tell me this?? I can’t believe it!! You are in love with gorgeous boy!" She yelled at me.
"Libby keep it down, he’s right next door!" I said covering her mouth with my hand and blushing insanely.

She shoved my hand away before whisper screaming, "You’re blushing!!"
"I don’t like him! Now just give me the makeover and the dress!" I said, pulling down my cap and scowling slightly.

She grinned looking smug, a little too smug to me but I let it go. "Right this way Mrs. Marks." She said dramatically.

"We are not going to get married!" I exclaimed, "Where do you get these ideas??"
"Yeah, yeah whatevs, sweetie." She said, rolling her eyes and pushing me upstairs towards Bee’s makeup room.

"Oi! I am capable of walking on my own two legs, thank you very much!" I protested as she pushed me in and closed the door.

"Yours or Jake’s?" She asked me over her shoulder as she went over to the closet and began looking through dresses.

"Mine and since when did you start calling him ‘Jake’?" I asked feeling a tiny bit annoyed by it.

"Ooo, jealous much?" She asked teasingly, "Everyone calls him that, Jay."
"Oh yeah…" I muttered.

Lib pulled out a bright pink dress and held it in front of me, "Hmm, nope." She said and threw the dress behind her. She pulled out a silver dress and shook her head again. Then she picked out 3 other dresses that were brown, gold and green but none of them seemed to look good on me. Then she pulled out a navy blue dress that went down to my knees. It had flowers down the side of it and black swirls. "Yes, definitely!" She said smiling.

"Thank God, took you long enough." I complained.
"Shut up, we still gotta do your makeup, missy." She reminded me, with an evil smile.
"Oh Lord, please don’t make it painful." I pleaded, making a funny face at her.
She laughed, "Maybe I won’t take too much pleasure in this. Right hats off, missy." She went into ‘Twin in command’ mode.

"WHAT? Oh heck no, that’s not gonna happen!!" I said crossing my arms over my chest and shaking my head vigorously.
"Oh heck, yes it is going to happen, sweetie." Lib said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I thought you didn’t have to let your hair out for dance!!" I complained, "Actually as far as I am concerned I could turn up to see the President in a t-shirt and jeans."
"Seriously? That’s so last year." Libby said, rolling her eyes, "Duh!"
"Wait a sec, people used to go to see the President in a t-shirt and jeans?" I said, looking confused.

"Yes." Libby said, sarcastically, "Because everybody does that, Jaybird."
"Not my fault if I can’t tell when you are being sarcastic or not!" I exclaimed.
Just then Libby’s phone beeped, to show she had received a text message. Whatever that is, I thought. She pulled out her phone and frowned, "Uh oh, a text from Courtney." She said, looking worried.

"Remind me why you have her number?" I asked her.
She rolled her eyes and opened the text message, "Oh God, um, Jay…"
"What?" I asked, "That girl sending you hate messages? 'Cuz next time it won’t just be her nose that gets to meet my fist."

"Actually she wants you to see this." Libby said slowly, and showing me the screen. It was of Jacob and Courtney snogging in what looked like the school hallway. For me there is a difference between kissing and snogging. Kissing is sweet and innocent but snogging is just plain disgusting.

"Ahem." I said, clearing my throat, "Well, that is interesting."
"You're ok?" Libby asked, looking at me carefully. She knew what my tantrums could be like and she was also good at spotting the symptoms.
"Yeah, I’m fine. Totally peachy." I said, sarcastically.

"I never understood that phrase." Libby said, thoughtfully.
"Yeah, me neither." I muttered, frowning before getting back to the problem at hand, "Ok so, I will go to the dance but not with him."

"You should go with him, and find out why he kissed Courtney." Libby suggested.
"I guess I could. Hurry up, start already!" I said, rolling my eyes.
"Ok, ok jeez." She said, "Close your eyes, NOW." I did what she said and I could feel her putting eye shadow on me before snatching my hat off.

"NO!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" I yelled, jumping out of the chair and grabbing at my hat. I could feel my long, soft hair falling down my back in gentle curls and waves.
"Hah!! There is no way you are going to be able to impress Jacob if you are always wearing that hat!" She said holding the hat above her and throwing it down the stairs. Lib then turned to me, and I could see shock in her eyes. "You look exactly like mum before her hair color changed." She said staring at me.

"You do realize how much I hate you right now?" I asked.
This made her smile, "You wanted a makeover, and I’m giving you one." She put blush on my cheeks, pulled out some mascara and put a thin coating on my lashes; lastly she put some light pink lip-gloss on me.

"Are you done yet?" I whined.
"Almost, I need to straighten your fringe and then you can put the dress on." She said, frowning with concentration. "Of course, I gotta get ready too." She added.
She pulled out what looked like an iron, which to me looked like a weapon, "Please don’t kill me!" I whimpered.

"Mwahaha, we shall see!" Lib said making an evil face. I smiled, Lib and I were close and the fact that we were twins made us even more inseparable. "Much better." She said when I smiled and then began to straighten my fringe.

"Ow!!" I complained as my hot hair fell on my face.
"Hold still." Libby commanded, giving me a stern look.
"Yes, mother." I said sarcastically.

She finally finished and pinned my fringe back because I had complained that it would get in my face. "There, all done and now go change in your room, I have to go get ready myself." She said handing me the blue dress.

"Ok, I’m going, gosh!" I exclaimed leaving the room, I could tell that Pride and Nathan were home as well as Hope, Mum, and Faith. I could hear them downstairs. I quickly ran down the hallway to my room and closed the door. I went to my own private bathroom and changed into the dress, when I stepped out I looked at myself in the full length mirror. A strangely beautiful young woman looked back at me; she had golden eye shadow, intense green eyes that sparkled and a perfect pink little mouth. I waved to her, she waved back, and I stared at her and soon realized that the young woman was me. "Say what?" I asked quietly to myself. I was beginning to have second thoughts about going, I can’t go like this. Oh God, what will Courtney think? I kept worrying for an hour until someone knocked on my door.

"Hey Jaybird, I have been sent to get you." A voice said from behind my bedroom door.

It was my best friend; Liam, he was my closest friend ever, apart from Tess and Libby of course. Liam had short brown hair, he was tall and muscular. I opened the door a crack, "I can’t do this." I said feeling panicked.

"Sure you can." He said, holding his hand out to me. "I won’t laugh, promise." He added seriously.
I looked at his hand, then back at him before placing my hand in his, opening the door fully and stepping out. His jaw dropped immediately, "Do I look that bad?" I asked, worriedly.

"Bad?" He choked out, "You look amazing!" He exclaimed.
"Really?" I asked, looking at him and feeling surprised.
"You’re making me wish I was your boyfriend not best friend." He said still staring at me.

"I’m flattered." I said smiling at him and laced my fingers with his.
He gave my hand a gentle squeeze before taking me downstairs, to where the rest of the family was. "Oh my God." My mum said when I came downstairs, "You look beautiful."

"All things accepted, you look pretty good, sis." Pride said, throwing me a boyish grin.
"You look terrific!!" Hope said jumping up and down in her muddy jeans and t-shirt.

"Pretty." Faith said, giving me his cute baby smile.
"Thank you all." I said and gave them all a warm smile. "But Libby helped me a lot!" I added looking at my twin who looked stunning in a baby blue dress and heels.

She smiled at me, "Jacob is so going to regret snogging Courtney." She whispered to me as we headed to the door. Nathan was going to drop us off at the dance since he could drive.

I smiled but I felt unsure, "We’ll see if that womanizer actually will regret anything." I said quietly.
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Published: 12/11/2012
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