Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 11

Everything is revealed between Felix and Veronica. Crucial to the story. Read and comment. [The picture is of the Griffin villa]
Wow, Chapter 11 and a lot more to go. The story is only starting. Surprise, ain't it? Veronica and her little pal here... Thank you for the views and keep reading the story. I love iBuzzle and all my readers, thank you.


Chapter 11

"Felix, is that you?" Veronica asked, looking around. She saw the balcony door ajar and closed it at her own speed. She walked back to the railing and looked up at the sky. She placed the phone tightly to her ear and asked again.


"Yes, Veronica. It's me." A muted voice replied. Felix Bell was in the Greenwood-Bach Medical Facility a few blocks away from the villa. He had a large stitch in his abdominal region and a large bandage over the stab wound on his thigh. He laid on the hospital bed, remaining as relaxed and indifferent as ever.

Veronica's face lit up and her eyes sparked in the light. The sun was beginning to rise. It was a quiet four-thirty in the morning and the sun stood out like a sore thumb against the clear sky. She inhaled the smell of morning and exhaled quietly. "What did the doctors' say? Are you fine?"

"They said I'll be fine. I can come home today."

"That's good. I've missed you. Really, really bad."

Felix smiled. Having the royalty of Ashford fawning over him did feel good. But, that was not what he had cared about. When he had first met Veronica through Justice, he hadn't felt the spark he had felt when he met Justice. He hadn't felt the eruption of butterflies fluttering in his stomach. He felt much more. Seeing Veronica seemed to have put him in a reverie, trance-like state. From that day onwards, he was in a spell. Veronica and Felix had established their illicit clandestine relationship that night, after 'accidentally' meeting in Viagra, a local bar. Their encounter began with a talk and ended with something much more different.

The memories of that night lingered with him for the next few days. It began causing riots and intrusions with his relationship with Justice Griffin. Then only it had struck him. He was romancing Justice's mother, his mother-in-law, a forty-year-old. Astoundingly, he had done nothing about it, but continue both acquaintances.

It began to get easier and easier to lie to Justice. It had become easy to hide from Justice. Justice was in oblivion.

One day, Felix had pondered over his dishonesty. He was lying to his wife, and his father-in-law. His only consolation was that Veronica was in a more intricate and complicated situation. Nevertheless, she naturally handled it with delicacy and ease. After all, she had not been introduced to the painless act of lying only now. She was indulging in it every day.

"I've missed you too. I can't wait to see you and Justice."

Veronica clenched her mouth and pursed her lips tightly. "I told you not to talk about her with me." There was a pause. "So... who was the person who shot you?"

"I don't know. It was really dark, so I couldn't see him." He knitted his brows and sipped from a glass of water. "Why do you want to know?"

"I need to. You are my... um... I don't know how to put this." She looked down at the railing and continued, hastily, "There was a wound in your leg also. How's that?"

Felix placed the glass on the bedside table and examined his wound on his thigh. It seemed okay. It did not hurt as much as his abdomen did. "It's okay. I can't see it because of the large bandage on it. You know... I just remembered something."

Veronica swallowed and listened keenly. Felix continued, "I can't remember much about the night, but, I can remember that the man who shot me was not the man who stabbed my thigh."

These words hit Veronica like a missile. She scratched her nose delicately and rested her bottom on the railing. "Are you sure?" Was all she managed to choke out.

Felix shook his head. He fiddled with a thread that was loose from his bandage. He tugged it and thought carefully settling on how to word his ideas on how this had happened. "Veronica, I am damn sure of what I saw. The man who shot me, went away right after he shot me. A minute later, another person came and stabbed my thigh when I was trying to walk towards the tent."

She could not believe it. She had not visualized somebody hating Felix so much that he had to shoot him and now, she couldn't imagine another person joining the club. Who could do something like this? Why would they hate Felix so much? A bizarre thought past her mind: what if somebody did this to make a statement? Maybe, their target was not Felix Bell. Maybe, it was Veronica, but she was a woman. Veronica was confused.

"Veronica? Veronica? Are you here?"

"Yes, I am here." She maintained her composure and whispered to him, "Did you tell this to the police?"

Felix dawdled. "Yes, I did. But, they thought it was part of the shock that came with hypovolemia and ballistic trauma. They looked at me as if I were crazy."

Veronica flinched, if she were in the police's place, she'd think the exactly the same thing. "Do you think Gabriel knows?"

"About what?"

"The affair. Our relationship, I mean."

He thought about it for a moment. Gabriel may have known: earlier that night when he had talked to him, Gabriel had never seemed like that... or maybe he was acting. Then, Felix decided, he was a pretty good actor. But, he was not capable of stabbing or shooting somebody. He just wasn't. Gabriel was kindhearted, even though he had done a few stuff somebody wouldn't necessarily be proud of.

But, try to kill somebody... that was just hardhearted. Gabriel wouldn't do that, would he?

"I don't think so. It seems impossible."

"It always does, doesn't it?"

She heard a slight laugh at the end of the line. She sighed. She found it impractical how Felix was handling his condition with ease and worthlessness. She fancied him for that too. Definitely. "What else did the police ask you?"

Felix thought for a moment. He glanced at the door. He heard the door rattling. Somebody opened the door and entered the room. It was Nurse Barbara. She had brought a tray of rice and beans and two glasses of water and orange juice. The blonde headed nurse was now staring at Felix and his heavy-eyed expression. "Sir, I have your dinner here. I was hoping you'd be asleep."

Her gaze shifted to the phone near his ear. "Sir, who is that on the phone?"

Felix was uneasy. He shifted from side to side and hung up. He flipped the phone close and glanced at Nurse Barbara. "It's just Justice... yeah, she wanted to make sure I was okay."

Nurse Barbara smiled and commented softly, "That's nice to see how couples care for each other these days even after they're married. It's not common these days, Sir. Affairs and scandals. They're labeled as a trend and-"

"Okay, Barbara. That's fine, thank you." He placed the tray from Nurse Barbara on his lap and tossed his phone away. He inspected the rice and beans and then the orange juice. He picked up the glass and gulped down the orange juice impulsively while Nurse Barbara watched him in uncertainty and left quietly.


"Felix? Felix?" Veronica kept asking even after hearing him hanging up on her.

She prayed for Felix to be okay, but secretly, she wanted to know what else the police had asked him. She wanted to know if the police had asked him about her. But, now she wouldn't be able to know. How would she act if the police showed up at their doorstep tomorrow and accused her of shooting or stabbing Felix after finding out about their affair?

Veronica was surprised. She had never been afraid of their affair. Why a sudden change of feelings now? It all seemed to go down when Dallas had come to Ashford. For some reason, Veronica began to search desperately for an excuse for her bad fortune. She now considered Dallas a bad omen. But, she had to be kidding, right?

People might laugh at how desperate she acted.

Her phone buzzed. She looked at it and checked the message. It was from Felix Boo. Bell. Felix Bell.

It said, "I'll tlk 2 u 2mrw."

Veronica smiled and closed the phone. Tomorrow was only a few hours away. She would get to know all about what the police had asked Felix. She would get to know everything. She smiled again, went back to the bedroom, and placed her body close to Gabriel's across the bed. She dozed off soon.
Published: 9/7/2012
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