Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 17

Veronica meets an old friend. Tension between Bridge and Veronica? Very Important. Another scene... I'd like you to guess who the characters in that scene are. Plus, a little note. [The picture is of Heather Daily. Imagine her with green eyes and fuchsia lipstick.]
My Little Note... This Won't Take Too Long


Happy New Year, guys. 2012 seemed to fly by, didn't it?

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So, I read this comment on my Birthday by Maria. It was posted on Chapter 16 of Revenge is Sweet.

This is to Maria: Thank you so much for the comment. This is the first comment after a very long time where somebody has actually said what they actually thought. I just want to let you know that it is really appreciated, so thank you loads. I love you so much, and this seemed like the best birthday present ever. Hearing it from somebody I don't know.

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So here is Chapter 17

Two days later, Heather Daily, Veronica's business partner paid her a visit.

She knocked on the door and slowly entered Veronica's office. Veronica saw her coming in and exclaimed happily, "Heather! Come on in! I am so pleased to see you!" She walked over to Heather and hugged her tightly. Heather hugged her back and kissed her cheeks. "Oh, my goodness," she started, and held Veronica's arms, "look how you've aged gracefully, Veronica. You look as beautiful as ever."

Veronica smiled and motioned for Heather to sit down. She looked at Heather: she had aged quite gracefully too. Her red hair touched her bottom and swayed left and right when she walked. Her green eyes complimented her hair and heart-shaped face. Heather elegantly pulled out a fuchsia lipstick and quickly applied it to her plump lips.

"You look pretty too," Veronica said to Heather clearly envying her style and sophistication.

"Well, thank you. Enough about me; how is your life, Veronica?" Heather put her lipstick aside, pursed her lips and leaned toward Veronica.

Veronica smiled widely and replied, "Everything is fine. How are your children?"

"They are fine. My elder daughter, Charlotte just got married, and I'm so excited." Heather squealed and touched Veronica's shoulder. "That reminds me... I have to congratulate you. Zed is engaged, my husband told me."

Veronica sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Thank you, I'll let Zed know."

Heather unfolded the sleeves of her lavender shirt and continued, "So, who's the lucky girl?"

"Um... her name is Bridge."


Veronica laughed. She did not even know Bridge's last name. "I don't know."

Heather awkwardly smiled and sat comfortably on the chair. "Veronica, that's bad. Is she nice, then?"

She threw her hands in the air and slammed them on the table. "I don't like her. I don't like her at all."

"Why don't you like her? Nate told me he met her and she was nice."

Veronica pulled out a cigarette from the drawer and lit it. She drew in a long breath and whispered, "You know, Heather, she's just my broke P.A. with good looks to fool my son." She grinned and stamped the cigarette butt.

"Heather, I want something to be done about this. Immediately."

Heather also stood up and furrowed her brows. "Veronica, are you okay?"

Veronica nodded, self-assuredly, "I am fine and I am absolutely sure." She bent toward Heather and whispered again, "I want you to take care of it."

Heather grabbed her bag from the chair and shook her head. "Veronica... I will take care of it -" She paused, looked Veronica in the eye and continued, unequivocally, "I don't want to make the same mistake I made the last time you said the same thing." She took her bag and went out of the office.


"I am so sorry, I didn't know I was supposed to collect the papers today," Bridge apologized on the phone.

"You should have known, you-" A voice snapped back.

"Veronica, I'm so sorry. I'll ask somebody to-"

"No," Veronica interrupted Bridge. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, and continued, "I want you to apologize to them and collect the papers."

Bridge hesitated. She had not only forgotten to collect the papers from some important people today, but today happened to be the deadline and the last day to collect them. Veronica had told Bridge and the people that Bridge was going to collect them at four to be exact and Veronica was disappointed that Bridge had failed her.

What irritated Veronica more was the faint memory telling somebody that she could not stand Bridge. She could not remember who he or she was, but there was somebody in her mind whom she hoped for the person to not be.

In other words, she was one cranky person today.

She was irritated by everything everybody did. When Gabriel woke up and gave her a kiss on her cheek, she cringed as if she had felt hot tar pouring against her cheek. When the family was eating breakfast, she ate only one freshly baked bagel and half a glass of milk. Then, her eyes set on Bridge. Veronica had loathed Bridge when she heard about the engagement. She did not know precisely why. However, there was one thing she was certain about; Bridge was not here for Zed. She was merely playing a game of kissing up to take all the money for herself. She wanted all Griffins' wealth. All their money. Veronica was positive.


Veronica heard Bridge's voice interrupting her thoughts. She shook them off and cleared her throat.

"I'll go right after I have coffee."

"No," Veronica said, quickly, "I want you to get them right away."

Bridge hesitantly nodded, "Sure. I'm on my way."

"Good." Veronica hung up.

She slammed her phone on the table, sighed with relief and stepped out of her office.

Bridge could not believe it.

She could not believe why Veronica was so angry with her. She seemed annoyed with whatever Bridge did. Bridge hated the feeling she got when Veronica did that. She was merely a speck of dust in Veronica's world. Tossed and turned by Veronica's actions. Veronica was controlling her. Now. When she had met Veronica, she could have sworn that Veronica genuinely liked her and did not mind her seeing Zed. The pair would kiss in front of her, tease in front of her and call each other "Baby" and "Pumpkin" in front of her. She had never had a problem with that. Of course, she would wince and flinch a little in their soppy romance, but she never complained and Bridge was thankful.

Now, all their kissing and teasing reduced, but she had a problem with everything.

Bridge remembered that only a few days had passed since the engagement and the day after that, Veronica acted more domineering than usual and rude to her. She thought Veronica had some things on her mind and she unwillingly chose to thrust it on random people and that it happened to be Bridge.

But, as hours and days passed, she questioned the thought of it being coincidental. It appeared as if Veronica handpicked Bridge and chose her to be her little punching bag. Veronica was punching Bridge with hurtful words.

Bridge made up her mind, though. She promised herself that she would never let Veronica's sulkiness and fitful moodiness break this engagement and bring her down. This relationship with Zed had been the best thing that had happened to her in a very long time, and she would do anything to save it, because she loved Zed till the sun stopped shining.


She gripped his torn sleeve and looked into his eyes.

"Please don't leave me here," she pleaded looking into his brown eyes. Tears were streaming down her face and her eyes were red. The man looked down at his bare feet and back at the woman. He wanted to resist the temptation to wait with her and get her out of here. But, he knew that, that was not the right thing to do. He had to keep her safe. The men were sure to come after him and the farthest he was from her, the safer she was.

"You know I have to do this," he said to her.

He cupped her cheeks and placed his lips on hers. The woman let go of his sleeve and gripped his arms tightly. This lingering kiss was by far the most passionate and hardest to stop. They caressed each other for a minute. The man backed away a little, but the woman's grip tightened.

She clenched her teeth and stepped closer to him. "Please don't go." She buried her head into his rigid chest and cried.

The man kissed her forehead and head and shook his head. "Darling, nothing's going to happen to me. They won't do anything. I'll hide and when they go away-" He paused, held her hands together and continued, "I promise, I'll come back for you," he looked behind her and saw a little girl with a worried look on her face watching the two intently, "and my little girl."

He rushed to her and picked her up. She giggled and her hazel eyes twinkled in the light.
"I promise Daddy's going to back to for you, okay?"

"Where are you going?"

The man swallowed hard and pinched her nose delicately. "I am going out with a few of my friends."

She threw her hands in the air and hugged him. She wiggled a little finger at him. "Will you promise to bring me something from there?"

The man couldn't take it anymore. A tear crept out of his eye and ran down his cheek. "Uh-huh. I promise." He quickly put her down after giving her a kiss. He gave the woman another kiss and vanished.

Right after he stepped out of the house, the woman locked the door, picked up the girl and locked all the doors and windows of the house. She then sat in her bedroom, with the hazel-eyed, coffee-haired girl under the covers.

Every minute seemed like an hour and the woman wished for time to just fly.

A few minutes passed, and she heard a sound. The creaking of wood and she quietly stepped out of her bed and tiptoed to the staircase. She found the door ajar, so she closed it and locked it. This time taking the key with her. She slipped the keys into her pocket and headed back to her room.

Suddenly. She felt a thud. A large thud on her head. Her eyes widened. Her mouth was agape. She felt her head. Dark red blood. THUD. A large thud near the side of her face. Ringing in her ears. Ugh. The pain. Metal pole. Vision blurred. Dimmed.

The last thing she saw were two heads: One a brunette and the other a red.
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Published: 1/3/2013
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