Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 18, Part 2

Okay, so this is a flashback. Some things happened a day ago. Eli finds out yet another thing. Gabriel acts unexpectedly. Mitch is confusing. Let's just say: "The killers are back."
A Day Ago

"Can we stop talking about this, Mr. Griffin?"

"I apologize, Felix, but I have to know this. The police are still questioning me about this. I don't need any disturbances in my work, I'm actually taking care of something right now-"

"I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr. Griffin, but I was almost killed, and now I'm recovering. I wish to not speak about my attacker."

Gabriel sighed. He was beginning to get impatient just a little. He looked at Eli, who was standing beside him. Eli ran his fingers through his hair and scratched his stubble. "Dad, I think we should just -"

"No Eli," Gabriel disrupted Eli's speech. He pulled Eli aside a little and whispered, "We have to get this out of him, the police have not allowed me to work properly for quite sometime now. We need to get this out of him. Right now."

Gabriel faced Felix, who was staring oddly at the two. "Felix, this is your last chance. You tell us everything you know about what happened that night, and I will let you go."

Felix huffed. He looked at his feet and then around Gabriel's study. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, this instant. But, if he wanted to, of course, he had to tell Gabriel something. Something? It was not like Felix knew everything. He only knew one thing that there were two attackers. Should Felix tell them that? He knew a little more than that, but this was enough for now, he thought. He did not want to give everything away now. The additional information he knew would be useful later on.

"Okay," Felix began capturing Gabriel's attention. Gabriel looked at Felix, glaring at him. His glare portraying a sense of urgency and impatience. "I know that there were two attackers. The person who shot me was not the person who stabbed me in the thigh."

Silence struck the study. Gabriel looked at Eli. Eli remained indifferent. He already knew this, how was he supposed to react? His brows rose a little, feigning surprise, fooling Gabriel. Gabriel looked back at Felix and asked him, his tone calm, confident, "How sure are you of this?"

"Very, Sir. The man who shot me, went away. Then another person came and stabbed my thigh when I was trying to stand up."

"Was the second attacker male or female?"

"I'm not sure of that, Mr. Griffin."

"You're sure of only that, Felix. Do the police know this?"

"I told them, but they refused to believe me. They said I was mad."

"I agree that you are. But, I don't care. I'll tell them what I know and they'll take care of the rest." Gabriel went to his table, sitting down. He buried his head in his hands, massaging his temples simultaneously. "You can leave now,' he announced in a coarse voice.

Eli watched Felix leave, unhesitant. Felix never looked back, he just left, as though he had been wanting to leave from the minute he got here. Eli was not shocked, he expected this from Felix. Eli realized that he had thought wrong about Felix the entire time. He thought that Felix was incapable of being bad. He seemed like the naïve person he looked like. The truth was that everyone underestimated him and still did. Everyone including Eli. Even though, Felix may not be the person who could fabricate plots to get revenge or plots of any matter, he was a fox in the hiding. Cunning as hell. From his looks, Eli got a negative vibe. He had been immune to the negative vibes as a result of staying at the Griffins' house, but this was a different kind of negative vibe. Something unlike the Griffins', but silent.

"Shall I go?"

Gabriel rose suddenly and walked to Eli. "No, I need to tell you something."

"Dad, what is it?"

Gabriel smiled, checking if Felix had exited. "The police told me something that I was supposed to not tell anyone, but I think you should know." He slipped his hands into his pockets and continued, "The police said that they found the weapon the attacker used on Felix."

"What! How come? How did they find it?"

"Calm down, Eli. Why are you rather jumpy?"

Eli clenched his fists, hoping that they had not found the gun Parker had used. It was not possible. Parker swore he took the gun and got out of there that moment. How come? "No Dad, I'm just shocked, that's all."

"Well, learn to control your emotions. You might need to do that... They found only the knife the attacker had used. It was buried near our villa. It was a kitchen knife."

Eli gasped quietly. This, he did not know. He was terrified of the unknown. He hated the unexpected. Being hit with the unknown. This was one of those instances he loathed. Then he thought if this was the only thing he did not know. "Is there anything else?"

"Apparently. The kitchen knife," Gabriel hesitated, "was from our kitchen. Our kitchen."

"How is that possible? Does that mean -"

"I suppose so. That's what the police evaluated. The attacker is someone in our party or absurdly, from our family."

Eli was surprised. Not too much, though. He was not surprised by the fact that one of the Griffins may have attacked Felix. But, that was not what confused him. The question was who would do such a thing and why. And that was exactly what Eli asked Gabriel.

Gabriel replied doubtfully, "I don't know, Eli. I still don't believe the officers. But, you know how our family is... We're rather impulsive. Impulsive people don't necessarily do the right things, nor do they think a lot."

"I never knew you thought of us like that."

"Well, I do. I'm completely aware that we don't always do the right things, but they are for our family. That, I'm certain about. We care about each other. Our family has been like this forever. And we will continue to be like this."

Nobody spoke anything for sometime. Eli thought about what Gabriel said. Who knew Gabriel has this within himself all along? It was just that Veronica never gave him the opportunity to speak his thoughts. Maybe, Gabriel was okay. Eli stopped himself. What was he doing? Was he going to succumb to all this? Definitely not.

Gabriel was not a good man. He never forgot that. Never.

"Isn't it all what matters though, is it, Eli?"


"Doing everything you could for your family? Isn't that what matters in the end?"

"I guess so, yeah."

"'A house divided against itself cannot stand', Eli. We wouldn't want that."

Eli remained silent, waiting for Gabriel to send Eli out of his study. Eli was right.

"Go ahead, Eli. Leave me alone, I have some important work to do now." Gabriel motioned to the door as he walked back to his chair, he sat down and reached for the phone. He watched Eli leave slowly. After being certain of Eli's exit, he picked up his phone and spoke, his voice strident, "Mitch, you had called. This better be important. I was in a very important discussion with my son."

"Eli? He's a good guy."

"You have no business telling me that. What news do you have for me?"

Mitch hesitated. How could he put this, without causing a stir? "Gabriel, someone has hacked into our database system and taken away all the files related to Bradley King and his company."

Gabriel stopped breathing. For ten seconds. He could not. How did this happen? Who could have done this? "Files related to Bradley King?"

"Yes, him and data from the sales of his company."

"How could you let such a thing happen?"

"I'm not in charge of this, Gabriel. Someone else is."

"Well, your job is to fix everything and find out who did this."

"Who do you think it is? Do people have a reason to trouble you?"

Gabriel laughed, glaring at the table. "You know we have a list based on that, but-" He paused and thought twice before saying this, "I have my doubts on this new girl who came here. Who even visited you, I suppose."

"Oh, you mean, Dallas. Fletcher."

"Yeah, she's the one. I have my suspicions on her. She's hiding something."

"I don't know, Gabriel. She doesn't seem like the girl who would -"

"No Mitch. I have another job for you. Get close to her and find out all you can about her and why exactly she came here."

"Um... Okay."

"She's been here way too long anyway."

"Don't do anything stupid, Gabriel."

"Not before finding out the truth." Gabriel stopped, he heard knocking on the door. He continued, "I have to go now. Keep me informed if you have a lead." He hung up. Gabriel slammed the phone on the table and called out, "Come in!"

The door opened slowly. In came a figure Gabriel never thought of seeing again. He had the same combed black hair and cat-like green eyes. His Givenchy perfume hit Gabriel strongly. Nicholas Cho. The one. The only. After ten months, Gabriel personally hoped he would never have to see Nicholas again. Not after what they had done.

Gabriel was taken aback. He glanced at Nicholas, who always had the same nonchalant grin on his face. "Nicholas? You're here..."

Nicholas walked toward Gabriel in slow steps. As though he wanted to make his presence unknown to everyone else. Slow, yet definite steps. Oozing confidence and enigma. He slipped his hands into the pocket of his suit and simply said, "I have news."


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