Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 9

Dallas has dinner with the Griffins and they discuss Dallas' plans to stay there. Gabriel is a little uncertain about that idea. But will he dare oppose Veronica? And what were Parker and Eli planning to do in the wedding reception? Who were they targeting? [The picture is of Verity Griffin]
Justice entered the room with her phone twirling in her hands. Her face was reddened because of her extreme crying and her nose was of a ruddy hue. She looked across the dinner table and said sitting next to Verity, "I called Noah. Felix is fine."

She sat on the chair beside Verity and rested her head on Verity's shoulder. Verity rubbed Justice's head slowly. "Where is Noah?"

Justice sat up straight, lifted her fork and poked the chicken parmesan fussily. "He's on his way here."

Justice, Verity, Veronica, Gabriel, Marissa, Eli and Dallas were seated at a large rectangular mahogany dinner table. While Zed and Bridge were eating quietly in his room, Veronica had invited Dallas for dinner and to speak about her stay with them. Eli had sat next to Dallas and Dallas sat in front of Veronica.

The dining room was now lit with a bright yellow light that shone from a lavish diamond encrusted chandelier. Veronica switched the light on and slid into her chair gracefully. She began to eat the rest of her chicken parmesan, prodding her chicken and snaking the pasta into her fork. She inspected her pasta suspiciously; she then remembered that she had to ask the others about Dallas staying at their place.

She knew nobody would bicker with her, but it would feel fine if they knew about it. Suddenly, she dropped her fork and wiped her mouth with a napkin, placing it beside her plate. Looking at Dallas eating the parmesan slowly, she addressed everybody vociferously, "So, everybody here has met Dallas of course." She pointed a gold enclosed moonstone enveloped finger at Dallas. All heads turned to Dallas on cue.

Dallas placed her fork and knife beside her plate and looked up. Seeing the heads pointed towards her, she smiled uncomfortably. She felt a slight touch on her thigh. She looked a tad, and saw Eli smiling naturally. She smiled again and glanced back at Veronica who began speaking again. With the faint clang of silverware on the table, Veronica began after a look at Gabriel, "I had the privilege to speak to this young woman," she pointed at Dallas again, "and I found her quite refined and erudite as a matter of fact." She smiled widely and interlocked her hands. "When I found out she was staying here for a longer time, I thought of making her stay right here in one of the guest rooms." She looked at Eli and smirked, "Anywhere in this house, I suppose."

Gabriel raised his eyebrows; they were knitted with doubt. He spoke in a hushed voice, "Veronica, we don't know her yet. I-"

"No, Gabriel." She interrupted him, placing her hands in front of her. She looked at Eli and continued loudly, "If Eli trusts her, so do I. My son knows what is right, don't you Eli?" Eli grinned cynically, thinking to himself: Veronica does push it a lot of times. Seriously 'son'? Eli broke from his thoughts and gazed at Veronica, the same she did earlier. "I do, Mom."

She stood up and asked Verity and Justice, "Do you girls accept this?"

Verity and Justice looked at Dallas and back at Veronica. "I spoke to her and she seems like a nice person, yeah, sure." Verity replied back, smiling at Dallas. Dallas smiled back; Oh Verity, everybody seems like a nice person every now and then. It's the way you look at the person. Like your parents and your family.

All the attention shifted to Justice, she sniffed and said, "Yeah, whatever. All I think about now is Felix."

Gabriel put down his fork and wiped his mouth. He reached for Veronica's extended hand, and placed his hand around her waist. They walked up the staircase after Veronica announced making it official, "So, it's finalized. Dallas you will be staying here with us."

After they had left, Verity glanced at Justice leaving and whispered to Dallas, "I hope she's okay. She's really busted about Felix. I hope he's really okay. For Justice." Dallas smiled and whispered back leaning towards her, "Don't worry. He'll be fine." Dallas then looked at Eli and Marissa. The awkwardness in the room rose to a level and abruptly dropped. Marissa said her goodbyes and went away to call Noah.

Eli, Dallas and Verity looked at each gracelessly. Verity suddenly stood up and said, "So, I'm gonna go before my head explodes with this awkwardness." She waved, gave a slight kiss to Eli and made her way upstairs.

Her swan-like white dress vanished and Dallas turned to Eli. She sat cross-legged on the chair and placed the plate that contained the food on her lap. She popped a mouthful of chicken and watched Eli turning toward her and sitting just like the way she was.

He took his fork and thrust some chicken into his mouth. "What's going to happen after this?" She asked him after wiping her mouth. He began to rock from side to side, munching his food. This in turn shook Dallas' chair too, since they were placed close to each other. Dallas felt herself juddering because of Eli. She threw her hands over Eli and yelled at him, making sure she was not too loud, "Stop it! Eli!"

He laughed and stuck his fork into her chicken and pasta. "Hey! Get your hands off my chicken!" He made a fake hurtful face and enlarged his eyes. His eyes looked like giant hematite gemstones. "Pwease..." He started begging her, leaning close to her.

She finally gave up and thrust the plate at Eli, knocking on his chest. "So, what is going to happen after this?" She asked him, enunciating every vowel and sound. He put another forkful of chicken in his open mouth and replied his mouth full, "Well, we have to wait for Parker. He practically takes care of the plan and what actually happens."

He put away the plate and held Dallas' hands. "We are just going to do what he asks us to do."

"That's all?" She looked disappointed.

Eli chuckled and gripped her hands tighter. "Did you think that we were going to pretend to be like spies wearing black and snooping around my house?" Dallas shook her head and tucked her hair under her ear with Eli's hands. They laughed and pursed their lips when the laughter wore out.

He let go of her hands and stood up. "Do you want to see your room?" Her eyes lit with bliss. She bobbed her head up and down and grabbed his hand. He pulled her toward the staircase.

The staircase itself Dallas detected, was grandiose. It was no spiral staircase, it was an old one, but it was splendid. It was a brown and white staircase with a dark railing that complemented the color of the walls and the twinkling chandeliers. The dark russet tapestries that hung on the wall beside the stairs were also heightened using the chandeliers. Dallas traced her hands along the smooth texture of the tapestry, the texture made her tingle in the inside, and when she had only begun to like it, Eli dragged her further upstairs.

They went into a room right after they reached the first floor. It was a large room with a large bed with light green sheets and an outsized quilt. Right next to it, there was a green recliner with a few cushions that provided the view outside from the window near it. At the foot of the bed, there was a large brown chest that looked a hundred years old and looked as though it was filled with documents of some kind. A brown mahogany table, just like the one downstairs, stood near another window a few feet away from the bed. The table was swathed with a reading lamp, a vase of fresh flowers and a couple of Sherlock Holmes novels including 'A Study in Scarlet'.

A wardrobe and a small space which seemed like a closet filled the other empty space in the room. The flooring was of wood with a large carpet that ran along the bed. And the lighting was similar to the one downstairs as well, omitting the chandeliers of course. The room had a faint apricot tint coming from the lampshades and a light from the ceiling.

Dallas picked up a novel from the mahogany table and skimmed through it, flipping the pages. "I love Arthur Conan Doyle," she commented, picking up another book. She was in awe at the sight of the room. Her house back in Olive Grove was nothing in comparison to this. In her old ranch style house, her room was three-quarters of this one and didn't consist of an ancient chest.

She touched the chest and ran her fingers along the carving in it. There was a phrase engraved within the wood. She knelt down on the avocado colored carpet and inspected the etching. She narrowed her eyes and made out the phrase: it said, "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." She let out a sigh at the thought of a new place taking shape around her. Everything seemed to ring a bell.

Then again, she hadn't forgotten that she had been here a long, long time ago. She hadn't forgotten that yet.

She felt a hand around her neck. She screamed and looked around to find Eli clinging on her neck. She sighed in relief, "I thought somebody was going to strangle me!" He giggled and clung onto her neck harder. "I'm gonna kill you!" He screamed coming after her.

She let go of him and stumbled clumsily on the floor. She had fallen on her back and her bottom had begun to hurt really badly. She lay flat on the carpet and watched Eli hover over her. He looked funny upside down, she thought, laughing at her randomness. He began to descend slowly, his face coming closer to hers. He leaned in and whispered, "You better change. That dress is going to get really dirty."

Nodding and getting to her feet, she crossed her arms. "Go outside Eli." She ordered him, pointing at the door.

Eli gasped and covered his mouth with hands. "You suspect me? I was going to go outside! Ah!" He huffed and slipped out of the room. Hearing a faint giggle behind the door, he smiled and leaned on the wall. These days were going to be too much for him to handle. But that didn't mean, he was going to forget what his job was. Even though Parker had messed it up that time, Eli wasn't going to let that happen.

That was why this time, Eli told Parker that he was going to plan it and it would be held in the banquet next week. The banquet was to be organized for an event to promote a charity, an organization Veronica was responsible for. So Eli had made up his mind, he would expose Veronica as they had planned to do in the reception. Although, there was a break in plans, he would expose Veronica and her infidelity.


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Published: 9/6/2012
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