Revenge Poems

Revenge - something you can only take but never give! Injustice done or hurt caused might lead a person to retaliate, take revenge. Here is our collection of poems about the same.
My First Time
My first time with war...
You See... I Have a Dream
Go ahead and read.
You Showed No Sympathy To Me
A bitter little story of told-you-so misery.
Where My Gallows Wait
A story of remorseful revenge.
Song Of Night
A ghostly tale of nightmarish revenge.
My Game
This is what happened when I fell in love and how I'm getting revenge.
"I'm Sorry" (Not!)
Love. Girl. Boy. Broke Up. I'm sorry. Haha. Funny.Revenge.
My Little Revenge
You should have just said thank you
Stand Up, I Deserve This Fight
A summond trance when presented the opportunity to seek justice and vengeance, with a temper that is not to be ignored.
Sweet Revenge
A murderous fallen angel is pissed off at an ex-best friend...Please comment.
We're Taking Over
This is a song I wrote yesterday, It is basically is about an underground society who have been pushed to the sewers and now they are taking revenge :)