Revision Of Death

Why revise when I’m not going to be around for the results…
Revise the words drilling in my head
But what’s the point of revision

For in my plan
I need no knowledge
For I will not be here long enough
To have need of it

I will have to make a choice
One of life
One of death
But the choice has already been made
And that choice was death

So I will stand atop the cliffs
Where white is all around me
Where everything is happy
I will look down upon the waters
And look back one last time

Then I will decide
And I will jump

All my life flashing before me
All the pain and misery
With barely a bit of happiness

And I will think there was no point in revising
Because there was no life left in me
As I die
I realize I did myself a favor
As in the end we all die
So let us make it quick
Is this good?
You're Insane Man
Published: 6/13/2008
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