Ringlet Curls

Ringlet curls give a very cute look, and these kinds of hair can be styled into many ways. Here are some useful tips on these springy curls, that will help you achieve the perfect look.
Ringlet curls are springy curls, that look great on all face types and hair color types. These curls are tight curls, when they are pulled they tend to spring back to their curly shape. With these curls you can try out various haircut styles and ideas, and to make them look even more textured, add some stunning hair coloring highlight ideas. Ringlet curls are quite easy to get on straight or wavy hair. Here, are the tips on how to get ringlets in your hair...

How to Get Them?
You can go for some permanent perming if you want to keep ringlet curls that last for many months. To get them from perming, make sure you approach a professional stylist. However, while perming strong chemicals are used. Hence, a simpler inexpensive way to get them, can be done at home. To get ringlet curls in your hair you will need a curling hair mousse, if you do not have this then get a sea salt hair spray, grab a round hair brush, some comb, hair clips, blow dryer. Freshly shampoo your hair, then on wet hair apply the hair mousse on different sections of the hair generously. Now take a small section of hair, and with your index finger wind the hair sections properly, and blow dry. This way work on all hair sections, and you will have these curls in no time. This was how to get ringlets without a curling iron, this way you can go soft looking loose ringlet curls. Wondering, how to get ringlets with curling iron? Wet your hair, apply a lot of hair serum and cream and then twirl hair sections in the curling iron. This way work on all hair sections, to get tight curls.

How to Cut Hair with These Curls?
Ringlet curls can look good with a bit of layering and some stylish bangs cut. To cut your ringlet hair into layers, you can divide different sections of your hair and separate them out with hair clips. Then cut few locks near the sides of the face short, so that they accent your cheeks and make you look sexy. Cut the hair at the back with less shorter layers. This way, work on all different sections of your hair. Then accompany your cut with a bangs style. You can go for some side sweeping bangs. To do this, take a front section of your hair, make it wet, and then hold it at 45 degree angle, then tilt your scissor and make a cut, that is till your eyebrow level, comb and check.

How to Color Ringlet Curly Hair?
If you have dark hair, then go with some darker shades like copper or chocolate brown and make your hair look even great. If you have lighter hair, then go for some cool shades like ash brown or darker shades of blonde. If you want a stunning highlight hair color look, then you can go with hair color ideas of strawberry blonde or dark shade of brown or dark gray.

How to Style Ringlet Curly Hair?
There are various ways to style your hair. You can try various curly hairstyles, with these type of hair. You can tie them in a loose updo at the nape of your neck, and leave some strands at the sides of your face to soften your look. You can also tie a high pony, and leave the bangs open. You can also tie half of the hair and leave the rest open. Make sure you accompany your hairstyles, with various hair accessories to look even more beautiful.

How to Maintain Ringlet Curly Hair?
With the above method of curling hair into ringlets, you can keep your hair curly for the time till you shampoo them again. After you wash your hair you will need to again make them curly by using mousse and blow dryer. Make sure you keep conditioning your hair, to keep them soft and well moisturized. To maintain your haircut, you will need to visit the stylist every 3-4 weeks, depending upon your hair growth. To maintain the highlights color brighter, stick to using mild shampoos and avoid exposing your hair too much to sun.

So, grab the things mentioned above that you will need to make hair ringlet curly, and accompany your curly hair with a good haircut and style, and enjoy!
By Pragya T
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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