Robot Dance

The robot dance is described in short in the following article. Few important moves also are explained in the paragraphs given below.
The robot dance is type of dance in which an illusion of the movements of a robot are created by the dancer. Stopping the dance movements abruptly is one of the important features of robot dance. The robot is very much similar to popping and breakdancing however, both of these dance forms have some difference in their basic movements. The robot dance was developed by Charles Washington in the late 1960s. Popping which is similar to the robot dance originated in the 1970s from the region called Fresno, California. The robot dance history spans over a period of just 50 years. Still, in this short amount of time, robot dance has become very much popular.

Learn Robot Dance

The robot dance is quite a crowd-favorite art form and which is also fun to perform. The stiff actions/movements make this dance form a bit different from other dances. In a robot dance, body movements start and stop abruptly. These moves are very much similar to the motion of machines; before going for any of the robot dance moves, one should keep in mind that all the basic moves resemble that of starting and stopping of a robot or motorized machines.

Robot Dance Moves

The robot dance moves are classified into the types such as conventional and broken dance. Let us get into the details of this form of dancing with the help of information presented below.
  • In the conventional dance, as stated earlier, an illusion of the robot-like movements need to be created. To perform the conventional robot dance, movements of the joints need to be slow. It is also important to keep shifting the moves continuously.
  • In the broken robot dance, one should keep following certain things in mind. One has to lock and then break while performing this move. This movement somewhat resembles that of a machine moving in an abrupt manner. It also involves a bit of vibrating movement. Breaking down step is the last one, in this dance move; at the end of this step, a broken down pose is maintained.
To get information about few of the actual robot dance moves, following paragraphs should prove to be useful.
  • Arrested Robot Move: Movement of various joints used for dancing need to be arrested in this move. The arrested movements of body joints need to be followed by rapidly shaking them and eventually breaking down. Before freezing in broken down pose, lock and break motion should be performed.
  • Arm Swaying Move: In the arm-swaying move, joints of both the arms have to be moved in a manner which resembles a swaying motion. One can either start from the left or right wrist. Movement of the wrist needs to be followed by that of elbow and finally the shoulder. One should continue with the swaying motion and extend it to the shoulder, elbow and then the wrist of the other arm. This entire movement completes the arm swaying move.
The Mannequin Movement

In this robot dance movement, the dancer performs moves which resemble that of mannequins. The movement of joints need to be slow and most importantly, the face has to have an expressionless demeanor. Stevie Mac was one of the best dancers to perform the mannequin dance movement.

All the basic information and description of moves presented above, should give you a rough idea, as to what robot dance is. One should obtain training from the experienced dancers so that the intricacies of this dance form are understood properly.
By Shashank Nakate
Published: 9/17/2010
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