Romantic Drama

Discovering love. A soulmate. A perfect life. A picturesque walk towards the setting sun hand in hand. A happy ending. But, wait... Are we forgetting the most important component that makes the coming together of two souls a couple of times sweeter? Yes! What is a love story without conflict? What is a tale of romance sans generous dollops of drama? A damp squib. However, the iBuzzle authors of romantic sagas believe in getting your adrenaline pumping, your heat racing, and driving you to the edge of your seat with anticipation even when it comes to the matter of the heart. Love is nothing less than an adventure and the stories on this page will satiate your senses with heartrending emotion, drama, and some light moments to warm your heart like hot cocoa on a rainy day. Everyone knows that the two lovers will unite by the end of the story. But, it's all how they and when they get there. After all, love is more about the journey than the destination.
There's Something about John!
It's about a girl going for the love of her life, regardless of the situations in her life.
Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 9
Enjoy! Sorry for the wait!
Until You - A Peek into the Future
Yes! Your eyes are not fooling you! SURPRISE! I'm hoping, you'll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Not a sequel I'm afraid! Just a one-off!
Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 8
15 comments please!! Pic is of Donna and William
Love Has Had Many Victims - Chapter 4 (Part 1)
Sorry it has taken so long to post this. I've had a major case of writer's block. I hope you guys enjoy this. Auden is prepared to fight for the love of his life, but will he put himself in danger as well?
I Love You Still - Chapter 18
Noah and Gill head to Australia to see how they can assist Dylan's wife, Jane.
Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 7
15 comments please! Enjoy!
I Love You Still - Chapter 17
Noah convinces Georgina to take a much-needed holiday. He hopes that it will allow her the space to finally choose who she wants to be with.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 29 (Final)
"Rosemarie." "Yes?" I asked my father. "Are you in love with this young man?" My father asked. This time I allowed my eyes to stretch. This wasn't something I wanted to confess to my father before...
I Love You Still - Chapter 16 (Filler)
Noah reveals the truth of why he came back home and while he may hold the key to getting Georgina back he is reluctant to make use of it.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 28
"Dude, how are you handling it?" I asked and looked at my twin. He raised an eyebrow and looked at me. "Handling what?" He asked. "You know with Chanelle moving and all," I said.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 27
My eyes darted around the room for a second before looking back at him. "What are you talking about?" I asked, my heart racing. He smiled knowingly and pointed toward the entrance. My heart seemed to stop.
I Love You Still - Chapter 15
When Noah comes back to town, Georgina allows him to believe that she has moved in with Dylan. But when the truth comes out, Noah makes a move that will take this love triangle to a whole new level.
I Love You Still - Chapter 14
Noah steps back and Georgina has no choice but to move on with her life.
I Love You Still - Chapter 13
Georgina and Noah come to grips with their futures. Georgina realizes that she has made a mistake, but will Noah see things her way and give her a chance to make things right?
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 26
I couldn’t go through with this. How was I going to get through this night? Hell, if this was how I was reacting to the engagement party, I might die on the wedding day.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 25
"Rose... Why does Matthew like me?" I snorted. Like? Like was an understatement. Matthew was crazy about her! He has been for who knows how long. I shook my head.
I Love You Still - Chapter 12
After deciding to spend time apart, Noah makes contact with Georgina again. He feels he must step in and save her from making a terrible mistake. Georgina realizes how much she has missed Noah, the man she realizes is her best...
I Love You Still - Chapter 11
Georgina turns to Noah, the one man she feels who she can rely on, but he is no longer interested in playing the faithful friend. Georgina is now faced with losing the one man who has always been there for her and the man she...
I Love You Still - Chapter 10
Noah is back in town and forces all sorts of emotions to the forefront. Georgina is shocked by her mixed feelings and Noah reveals something that may change everything.
I Love You Still - Chapter 9
Noah gives Georgina the push she needs to be with Dylan.
I Love You Still - Chapter 8
Georgina tries to work through her feelings for Dylan and Noah. Dylan confesses to Georgina the real reason he is back in town.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 24
"Look Mark, I need to know if yesterday was as real for you as it was for me," she said and my heart started racing. I looked up at the ceiling, she was playing with fire. "Mark?" Her voice sounded careful. I...
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 23
"Rose, I don't know how to tell you the truth. I did something that was so wrong but it felt right, it felt amazing actually. I learned so much in so little time and I..." I closed my eyes against the tears. "You...
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 22
Her hair was in a high pony and bits of it messily hung into her face. I stared at the picture, feeling my heart skip a beat. I would have given anything to have had the privilege of being there.
Love Has Had Many Victims - Chapter 3 (Part 2)
The plot thickens as Clio is kidnapped by who? Yeah, the mysterious figure.
Love Has Had Many Victims - Chapter 3 (Part 1)
The wedding is still on route, but will it be slowed down due to a surprise interruption?
Love Has Had Many Victims - Chapter 2
The scandalous love affair continues... but is it as true as it seems?
Love Has Had Many Victims - Chapter 1
The interesting love affair between a man and an women, or so it is believed... This is just chapter one. I would enjoy some honestest but please keep in mind, this is the first story that I ever started on. Please comment.
The Comeback - Chapter 3 (New Friends)
Hey guys... here's chapter three. Thanks to all those who voted.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 21
I stopped jogging and my older brother instincts kicked in. "Holy-! Rosie, what happened? Why’s your hair so wet? Why are you crying?" I asked and stepped closer to my youngest sister. Tears were pouring down Rosie’s face...
Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 5
Enjoy! 15 comments please and the picture is of Alisha.
I Love You Still - Chapter 7
Georgina gets closer to Dylan. As the two reunited friends spend more time together, new possibilities emerge.
I Love You Still - Chapter 6
The friends go on a weekend retreat where Georgina hopes to discover how Dylan feels about her. Thank you for the comments, I hope that this chapter will give readers more of an insight into the relationship between Dylan and...
I Love You Still - Chapter 5
Georgina seeks support from Noah, hoping that he will help her make things right with Dylan.
I Love You Still - Chapter 4
Georgina finds it difficult to be apart from Noah.
I Love You Still - Chapter 3
Georgina finds that things are not as easy as she thought they would be.
Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 4
Short chapter! Read note at the bottom please... 15 comments! Enjoy! Pic is of Harry!
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 20
Matthew had a way with people. He understood, comforted, and went out of his way to make them feel comfortable and safe around him... Matthew was just perfect... so why couldn't I fall for him?
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 19
"Does it ever stop hurting?" I asked and clutched tighter onto his arm. His eyes softened and uncertainty was clear in them. He shook his head and looked away. "It gets easier; you start forgetting, but just the fact...
Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 3
15 comments please! Pic is of William!
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 18
I was with Ethan, but at the same time I wasn’t. In my opinion, we were dating, but when you really looked at it, we weren’t.
I Love You Still - Chapter 2
Georgina is thrilled that Dylan is back, but not everyone sees it her way.
I Love You Still - Chapter 1
Georgina has always loved Dylan. So when he announces that he is coming back home after five years, she cannot help but think that this is her time to act on her feelings.
Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 2
15 comments please! Enjoy!
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 17
"Shane, she’s my fiancé! I actually thought you would respect that! This is so typical of you, you see a pretty face and-" "She's not just a pretty face," I cut Eric off.
Horizon of Love - Chapter 6
Be grateful for what you have, and work hard for what you don't have.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 16
When we were in front of the house, I stopped. Ethan looked down at me. "I’m scared," I said and looked at him, my chest closed up a bit and I knew my fingers would be trembling. "What if they don’t like me?"
Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 1
From the author of - Winning Hearts, Drown Me in Love, Together as One, Fated Love, Until You, and Last Chances!
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 15
"So what has got you so happy today, Mark?" My mother asked. I looked at her. She tucked a hand under her chin and smiled sweetly. "I met this girl last night." As soon as the words escaped my lips, both my...
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 14 (Part 2)
"I want to meet them," I said. I felt Ethan's muscles tense. "My sisters?" He asked. I nodded a little. "And your dad," I said. He was silent for a while.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 14
Really short... Sorry for delay.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 13
"Hey, you never say no to a girl on her birthday. It’s an unwritten rule," she said and put her hands on her hips stubbornly.
Horizon of Love - Chapter 5
Make someone smile whenever you can, you never know how much of a difference you could be making in their life at that moment.
Until You - Replies to Comments
Hey! Hope you like the pic!
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 12
"Come on, gentlemen. The night is young and the party is hot and speaking of young and hot, I’m heading off to see how many of those I can chat up," I said.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 11
"Every time I look at you, I have to catch my breath."
The Comeback - Chapter 2 (His Future Wife)
Here's chapter 2 guys! It's a long chapter! Don't forget to vote and comment!
Until You - Epilogue 2
A small surprise...
Horizon of Love - Chapter 4
Change has to come for life to struggle forward. And this time the change was for better.
The Comeback - Chapter 1 (Nightmare)
Here's the first chapter guys.... I'm glad to know that you want me to continue this story! Thank you to all those who voted!
Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 9
My past won't ruin my present and future. Enjoy reading.
The Comeback - Prologue
New story is coming! Also check out the Author's Note.
Until You - Chapter 32 (Epilogue)
15 comments please! Enjoy!
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 10
"What have you got there?" Shane asked teasingly. I started backing away. "Nothing," I said too quickly, still recovering from the surprise but determined not to show him the sketch.
Until You - Chapter 31
Second last chapter! 15 comments please! Enjoy. Pics are of Jacob, Chloe, Ray and Chloe's wedding dress...
Until You - Chapter 30
15 comments please! Fair warning: LONG chapter ahead.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 9
"We are flying back to Palanadia tomorrow after dinner," he said. I didn’t expect that to hit me as hard as it did.
Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 8
I am sorry guys for delaying this chapter but I was sick due to overwork. Here is the new chapter, hope it was worth the wait. Enjoy.
Until You - Chapter 29
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It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 8
"For one hour, just one, do me a favor and forget about the wedding, forget about your duties and responsibilities, and especially forget about being Princess Rosaline. Just be Rose." I smiled. "My Rose. Just for one...
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 7
Not so much on the romantic side in this chapter but I promise the next one will be. Please leave a comment - it's so nice to get feedback from my readers, makes me want to post immediately.
Until You - Chapter 28
Enjoy! 15 comments please!
Horizon of Love - Chapter 3
Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 6
When his fingers slowly came to a stop on the keys, he stared at them, taking a deep breath. "That was beautiful," I said. Ethan jumped and looked over his shoulder at me. He smiled.
Until You - Chapter 27
15 comments please! Enjoy! Pic is of Rosalyn.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 5
"I, uh..." I trailed off. "I... I just wanted to apologize for yesterday," I said. He titled his head a little and smiled. "Apologize, princess? For what?" He asked.
Until You - Chapter 26
Enjoy! 15 comments please!
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 4
"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked softly. There was something different in her voice.
Until You - Chapter 25
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Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 7
New character introduced, enjoy reading.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 3
"So today I meet my fiancé," I said to my reflection and my stomach clenched at that thought.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 2 (Part 2)
"What's it like to have life handed to you on a silver platter?" He asked.
Until You - Chapter 24
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Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 6
I am sorry for not posting soon guys. My new supervisor is overworking me, so I'm always tired, anyway here is the new chapter, enjoy.
Until You - Chapter 23
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Until You - Chapter 22
"I miss you even more than I could have believed; and I was prepared to miss you a good deal." - Jacob. 15 comments! Enjoy!
Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 5
Here is chapter five. Enjoy.
It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 2
"Wait, when will I see you again?" I asked. She turned to face me and seemed to calm down a bit. Rose shook her head and looked like she was at the verge of crying. "Never."
Horizon of Love - Chapter 2
A dream or reality.
Until You - Chapter 21
So... Here's a super long chapter! We've got about ten more chapters to go! I'm not posting until I get 15 comments. Pic is of Jacob.
Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 4
Jas wakes up in a hospital and wonders who is this handsome man sitting beside her?
Until You - Chapter 20
Enjoy! So excited to see your reactions from here on! 15 comments please!
Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 3
Thank you guys for comments and votes, it means a lot indeed. Here is a new chapter, enjoy.
Horizon of Love - Chapter 1 (Part 3)
Last Part. It all ended for a new beginning...
Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 2
Tate gets to see beautiful Jas with his daughter, does he like what he sees? Thank you guys for the votes and for reading. I am highly grateful. Please do comment and criticism are accepted because that's the only way to improve....
Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 1
Thank you guys for checking out my story. I am so happy, please guys do comment so I can improve my writing.
Until You - Chapter 18
Enjoy! Pic is the view from the boat Maid of the Mist when you're passing by the falls! 15 comments as usual.
Nanny/Home PA - Prologue
Mr. Tate Daniels is a hardworking CEO who loves his daughter too much, but he cannot juggle both so he needs help with his daughter and household. What about his love life?
Until You - Chapter 17
Looong chapter! Enjoy!
It's Royally Complicated - Prologue
A new story idea, something I've been working on and I really enjoy writing it. Let me know what you guys think.
Until You - Chapter 16
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Horizon of Love - Chapter 1 (Part 2)
Flashback... Reasons why he wanted to end his life..
Until You - Chapter 15
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Until You - Chapter 14
Happy Holidays! Pic is of Chloe!
Until You - Chapter 13
Ray fans? I'm positive you'll enjoy this chapter! Leave a comment!
Horizon of Love - Chapter 1 (Part 1)
The end - it's just the beginning.
Until You - Chapter 12
Enjoy reading! 15 comments please!
Horizon of Love - Prologue
It's easy to love someone but very difficult to maintain the love forever.
Until You - Chapter 11
Things are starting to heat up! Enjoy! And 15 comments please!
Until You - Chapter 10
Enjoy! Pic of the stranger! 15 comments please!
Until You - Chapter 9
PH - This one's for you! I posted earlier. Enjoy! And 15 comments please!
Until You - Chapter 8
The words that escape a friend's mouth are - "I'll be there when you say you need me," but the words that are unheard from a true friend's heart are "I'll be there... whether you say you need me or not." Pic is...
Until You - Chapter 7
If you have a shoulder, other than your own, to take your weight; if you have a hand other than your own to wipe your tears; if you have ears other than your own, to listen to your unspoken words; then you surely have a friend. Pic...
Until You - Chapter 6
From the author of 'Winning Hearts', 'Drown Me In Love', 'Fated Love', and 'Together As One'.. 15 comments please! Pic is of Ray!
Until You - Chapter 5
From the author of 'Winning Hearts', 'Drown Me In Love', 'Fated Love', and 'Together As One'.... 10 comments please! Enjoy! Pic of Chloe!
Until You - Chapter 4
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Until You - Chapter 3
From the author of 'Winning Hearts', 'Drown Me In Love', 'Together As One' and 'Fated Love'
Until You - Chapter 2
10 comments! Enjoy!
Paths - Chapter 21 - Final Chapter
Last chapter! Should I do a second book?
Until You - Chapter 1
Enjoy and comment! I need more than 10 comments to be motivated enough to put up the next chapter!
Until You - Prologue
Guess who... couldn't stay away, missed you all! From Sammer; author of 'Winning Hearts', 'Drown Me In Love', 'Together As One', and 'Fated Love'.
It's Just Too Late - Chapter 15
Will Ben Leave again?
Paths - Chapter 20
Only one more chapter after this one. Be prepared! Comment!
Fated Love (8)
Every once upon a time has a happily ever after, no matter how many obstacles are in their path, if they are together then it's enough... I am so sorry!
Paths - Chapter 19
"So this is the path you've chosen?" Why Joslyn Miller's been MIA.
Paths - Chapter 18
Elliot and I weren't going to last forever. My education would though.
Paths - Chapter 17
I loved the way he wanted to cherish the memories.
It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 13
Getting close to the end!
Paths - Chapter 16
There was some strange joy I felt from being here.
Fated Love (6)
Not much left to go!
Fated Love (5)
Long chapter! Enjoy!
Paths - Chapter 15
"Think of it as a promise." He smiled. Picture is of Elliot!!
Paths - Chapter 14
But when the judgment covered Mr. and Mrs. McCreed’s, my heart sunk.
Fated Love (4)
A twist and a turn! Enjoy!
Fated Love (3)
Read, comment and Enjoy!
Fated Love (2)
From the Author of 'Winning Hearts', 'Drown Me In Love' and 'Together As One'. Answers to comments will be next chapter promise!
Fated Love (1)
Goes back in time a bit and has a few twist from everyday life! Hope you enjoy!
Paths - Chapter 13
"You are very close with your family. I want nothing to do with mine."
Together As One - Chapter 22 (Epilogue)
I am who I am because of you... you are every reason, every hope and every dream I've ever had and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours and you...
Paths - Chapter 12
"The band, we are all brothers here. We all have each other's back. Even though we love you too, Taylor, our brothers come first."
It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 12
"Well, it’s just..." He starts and trails off so I wait for him to continue.
Paths - Chapter 11
"At one point I glanced around the theater discretely. I was surrounded by famous musicians, actors, directors and producers. I would never had dreamed of this three months ago."
Together As One - Chapter 21
I'm really sorry to say this but...
Together As One - Chapter 20
Andrew fans, don't kill me! 15 + comments! Enjoy reading! Love to all!
Paths - Chapter 10
"Physically, I understood why girls fell head over heels for him. He was down right hot. But, I also knew his personality." Comment please.
It's Just Too Late - Chapter 11
Chapter 11, the next chapter will probably be more interesting.
Together As One - Chapter 19
There are only a few chapters left! Sorry for the delay! They'll be more regular from now on hopefully. 15+ comments!
It's Just Too Late - Chapter 10
Chapter 10 already!! I hope you like, leave comments.
Paths - Chapter 9
Even though it was only twenty feet from the car to the entrance, it was the longest walk of my life.
Together As One - Chapter 18
Enjoy! 15+ comments!
Together As One - Chapter 17
15 comments! Enjoy!
Together as One - Chapter 16
That's all the sadness I could take! Hope you enjoy this chapter! 15 comments as usual! Sorry for the delay!
Paths - Chapter 8
"Not for you guys," Daniel confuses us. The boys exchange glances. "For her." He points to me.
Paths - Chapter 7
"Elliot thought he wanted to hog the spotlight for a while."
Paths - Chapter 6
"Taylor Harris, I am NOT taking no for an answer."
Together as One - Chapter 15
All couples are intact! Enjoy! And 15 comments please.
Paths - Chapter 5
"More of a friend meeting of some sort," He blew off the topic, but I knew he was lying. Comment.
Paths - Chapter 4
"Maybe I’m not as much of a cold-hearted, stuck up, rich celebrity boy you think I am," he shrugged.
It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 9
I’m so sorry for the wait! Here’s chapter nine finally, I hope you enjoy it!
Together as One - Chapter 14
Sorry for the delay! Here is chapter 14!
Paths - Chapter 3
"That's the American girl who assaulted me yesterday!" Great. He told them I assaulted him. Picture of Taylor's Outfit.
Paths - Chapter 2
"I can’t get her out of my mind. Her shiny long blonde ponytail, her distracting bright green eyes, and her smartass American accent." - Elliot.
Paths - Chapter 1
Taylor Harris, a Louisiana farm girl gets accepted into a prestigious academy in London. When she goes, she crosses paths with a superstar and many other interesting people. It's a whole other world.
Together as One - Chapter 13
Enjoy! 15 comments!
Together As One - Chapter 12
Hey! I need 15 comments for this chapter. Queenie caught up with your comments on 'Drown Me In Love'. Enjoyed each and every one of them. Thank you so much! Pic is of Andrew.
Together As One - Chapter 11
There should be effort put on from both sides in a relationship, otherwise it's not a relationship at all. Hey! Hope you guys enjoy! And by the way, Lucy is not going to have an accident. Repeat, no accident. Love to all.
Together as One - Chapter 10
An exclusive Andrew and Lucy chapter! Hope you guys enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it!
It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 7
Ben and Charlie meet in this chapter!
Together as One - Chapter 9
Enjoy! And 15 comments.
Together as One - Chapter 8
Enjoy! And same as always, 10 comments! Thanks!
Together as One - Chapter 7
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It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 6
Chapter six, hope you like it!
Together as One - Chapter 6
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It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 5
Here’s Chapter Five.
Together as One - Chapter 5
'Winning Hearts' sequel! Enjoy you guys and comment please!
It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 4
Chapter four. Hope you like it!
It's Just Too Late - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 and comment reply! Hope you like it.
It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 2
Here’s chapter 2!! Please comment what you think.
It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 1
Christina and Alex’s Date, hope you like it!
Together as One - Chapter 3
Going a bit slow, but good things come to those who wait! Hope you all enjoy! Need 9 comments!
Together as One - Chapter 2
Winning Hearts' sequel! I need at least 7 comments before the next chapter!
Together as One - Chapter 1
Surprise! For the readers of Winning Hearts... From Sammer Nasir.