Rose Water

Rose water is very much preferred as an important ingredient in many cosmetics till date. Read on to know more about some benefits of using rose water and how it can restore back the softness of the skin.
Beautiful red roses have always been the icebreakers for the beginning of every new relationship. Beautiful red roses are bound to win the most difficult-to-melt hearts; therefore roses and romance go hand-in-hand. Such is the beauty of roses that is it useful to us in many other ways! Rose water has always been used in beauty treatments since the ancient days. Today, it is also used in many cosmetics because of its useful properties. Rose water has been proven to be a boon for skin problems. Europe and the Middle East areas used roses for medicinal and household purposes. Rose oil is also used in aromatherapy, as it tends to relax and create a calming effect.

Facts about Rose Water
Rose water is used as an important ingredient in many body creams due to its pleasant fragrance. It is also a very useful toner. This is probably why Romans in the ancient days preferred to bathe in perfumed water. It is known that it helps to stimulate the nervous system.

It also has certain antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This is why is it useful to cure certain skin problems as well.

Rose water is also popular due to its distinct flavor. This is the reason why it is used in West Asian, South Asian and cuisines of the Middle Eastern areas. Recipes from the 8th century have also included this scented water as an important ingredient. Many sweets are often flavored with it. In India, this is used as an ingredient in Gulab Jamun, which is a very popular sweet. Areas of Malaysia and Singapore use rose water as an ingredient in a sweet drink, which is known as Bandung.

Rose water also has a religious significance for the Hindus and the Muslims as well. It is used in certain religious ceremonies. It was in the medieval period when the Muslim chemists first produced the rose water through the process of distillation. It is the beauty, the aroma and the medicinal powers of the roses, which has kept it so popular till date.

Rose water is made from distilled water of the roses. The process involves the use of steam distillation. There are many ways to make this scented essential at home. This is most preferred by many as sometimes, the ones available in the market have chemical ingredients. The one made at home is in its purest form and proves to be more beneficial for the skin.

Homemade Rose Water
To begin with, you will need to take a large pot. Place a clean rock or a brick in this pot. Fill this with rose petals; these need to be around the brick/rock. Fill this with water. Place a glass dish on top of the rock/brick. Place a stainless bowl on top of this pot. Fill the bowl with ice. Heat this and let it simmer for about 3 hours. This would also depend upon the number of petals that are placed inside. Replace the ice as required. Now, you would notice that the bowl, which contains the ice, would condense the steam. This will drip into the glass bowl. This is the purest form. The layer of oil on top will be the essential oil. The rose essential oil is used in lotions and potpourris as well. Spray some rose water on your face at the end of a tiring day and feel all the tensions and troubles melt away!

If you are yet to discover the uses and benefits of rose water, then go ahead and explore its wonderful effects. Use this recipe to have your skin shine the natural way.
By Kashmira Lad
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