Round of Applause

A poem I wrote for my dad.
Round of applause to you,
For being there through everything,
That I've been through,
By picking me up when I fall,
And dusting the dirt off.

Round of applause for giving me all,
That you couldn't have,
And I appreciate that,
'Cause I know, it wasn't easy,
Telling your daughter follow her dreams,
Even if she falls.

'Cause there is a better life out there,
If only she tries and gives it her all,
Even though times are going to get rough,
But she can never give up.

And once again round of applause,
For never giving up on me,
Believing in me,
And helping me through everything,
Even when you knew,
I knew, I was wrong.

The biggest claps of all to you,
For being who you are,
I know you're not perfect,
But we all made mistakes.

And I know you had your wrongs,
But I can never find your flaws,
'cause in my eyes and heart,
You're the number one dad,
A girl could ask for!
Published: 7/23/2013
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