Run For Cover

A breakup is never easy.
I know you're sad,
I know you're feeling sorry,
But I can't help your heart
By telling you not to worry.

I know it hurts,
And I can almost feel your pain,
But how can I forgive you,
Knowing you'll only do it again?

You cry because you know you're losing me,
Would it help if I cried too?
Believe me, I've cried as many tears,
I just won't cry them in front of you.

I feel the pain,
A break-up's not an easy thing,
But sometimes, when a love's condemned,
It's better to flee than to hang.

I know I'm cold,
So you can't expect a warm heart,
To keep the flame burning,
When already it's too dark.

I cry because I know I've lost you,
Your flower has withered and died,
And my love lies bleeding on the floor,
As our spirits whisper their goodbyes.

I know it's sad,
I know that it's all over,
But I just can't carry on fighting;
It's time to break and run for cover.
Published: 8/11/2016
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