RV Toilet Replacement Instructions

RV toilets are toilets in your own personal home, in spite of being away from your home. How convenient that sounds, doesn't it? Well, these toilets do offer that kind of lavatory. They are comfortable, portable of course and easy to use.
As you must be already aware that RV is an automatic or motorized wheeled automobile which is generally used for recreational and RV camping activities. It is RV which is known to be a home for many travelers. Just like your regular immovable four-walled home based on a property, RV is a home which is based on wheels! People who love to travel a lot feel very comfortable in such wheeled vehicles because there is a lot of coziness and comfort even while you are on the move! The vehicle has a good enclosure, a kitchen just like your home, a mattress to rest, a puffy bedding to sleep on and of course, the most important; a toilet. Every RV is equipped with toilets also called RV toilets, in the vehicle itself. This is one good thing about this vehicle that a user doesn't have to wander around in the woods or jungle just to take a leak.

RV Toilet Problems, Uses and Maintenance on the Move

The plumbing in a RV is quite simple but certainly needs an upkeep time and again. Sometimes there can be a possibility of a system failure in the whole plumbing unit and therefore, the RV toilets and all its components have to be thoroughly maintained. These toilets are known to have two levers in the unit. One lever is used to release water and the other lever is used to run to the waste tank. If waste is accumulated on the flush valve, the valve doesn't close properly and the whole toilet unit stops functioning properly. All of this also causes clogs in the draining system and makes it hard for waste to flow freely in the waste holding tank. Thus, for a moderate maintenance, the motor homeowners must only use toilet papers and recommended chemicals which are typically designed for RV toilets. But somehow if these measures are still not taken into a proper account, the toilets in your RV might get buggered one day which will cost you a repair or a RV toilet replacement procedure. Here is an elaborate procedure in case if the toilet in your motor-home has failed to work.

RV Toilet Replacement

Speaking of the RV toilet installation well this job can be done in an hour's time and that too with just a few simple tools. So look further and read the easy steps for replacing a buggered RV toilet for new.

Required Tools
  • Wrench
  • Old Towels
  • Newspapers
Replacement Method
  1. First things first, clean up the entire area around the RV toilet and throw away all that is not needed.
  2. Keep old towels on the floor away from you where you will need to place the old RV toilet before you install the new one.
  3. Now, turn off the water supply to the RV toilet and flush all the excess water, if any.
  4. The RV toilets usually have a plastic cover at the bottom of the unit, pull that out carefully.
  5. There will also be nuts and bolts to that plastic cover. Unscrew them using a wrench.
  6. Keep all these RV toilet parts carefully on a piece of an old towel, so that whatever drips and leaking water is discharged from the parts, they do not make a mess in the surroundings.
  7. Now, locate the hose that is connected to the back of the toilet to unscrew the nuts and the bolts for the same.
  8. Once you find all the screws have been unscrewed, pull out the toilet from the floor gently. See that you don't hurt yourself in the process. If the RV toilet seems stuck, rock it and then twist it down.
  9. Place that old piece on the old towels or you can use newspapers even.
  10. Replace the rubber gasket which helps to seal the RV toilet so that any sort of sewage is avoided from leaking out.
  11. Now place the new piece in the same manner the old piece was and screw the nuts and bolts back into its place.
  12. Fix all the nuts, bolts and screws into the new toilet and see to that you have tightened them well.
  13. This practically completes the major part of your job to learn how to fix a RV toilet in lieu for the old one. Sit on the toilet 2-3 times and see if it is fixed well.
  14. Finally, reengage the hose connections and tighten all those nuts over the bolts. Turn on the water supply and first flush the toilet to check for any leaks. If you don't find any, you have perfectly completed your task.
  15. Clean up all the remaining mess from the old newspapers and dispose them appropriately.
In case, if you do not plan to replace the old RV toilet for new, but wish to go for a RV toilet repair work, that option sounds good too. If you can carry out the repair job on your own, go ahead or else take your RV to a nearby service station and get the job fixed at the earliest.
By Fatima Rangwala
Last Updated: 9/19/2011
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