Ryland - 3

Ryland, town population: 7500, secret population equals just as high. Romance, heartbreak, jealousy, action, mystery... what more could you want in a little town such as this?
Chapter 3: Introducing...

"It’s not the same anymore," Shonda said. She stood in the shower with her husband, glaring at his perfectly sculpted body. Their shower was huge enough to fit around five people in it comfortably; there were two showerheads on either side of the shower, but one showerhead always sufficed. He turned from the shower head and looked at her. "Something’s weird about being here."

"We shouldn’t have come back early." He glared at his wife and placed his hands on the side of her brown face and tilted it. He leaned down and kissed her, gently and then leaned back.

"No. We shouldn’t have." She moved around him and stood underneath the showerhead. "Bia’s still upset with you, I see."

Mark sighed and stood behind his wife. He placed his hands on her shoulders and began to massage. "She’s Bia. Hard and stubborn."

"That’s my Bia."

Mark could hear the smile in Shonda’s voice and he couldn’t help but smile as well.

When he had first met Shonda, Bia was still fluttering in the womb. Every time she kicked, they were mighty and she was always awake and moving. Mark had fallen in love with her immediately. He married Shonda too soon, his parents thought. But he didn’t.

He didn’t rush their marriage, even though they had known one another for four months.

He knew.

Glaring at his beautiful wife of 17 years, he knew that this was the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with; this was the woman who had saved him when he felt as though he was drowning; this was his one.

"Our Bia."

Shonda turned around and looked at her husband. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, hard. She pulled back and smiled.

"Our Bia."

He leaned down and kissed his wife some more, but pulled back abruptly.

"Does she know?"

Shonda stood back from her husband. She was confused a bit. "How would she? How would either of them?"

Mark sighed. "She’s just more upset at me than she should be. I hope she doesn’t know. I don’t want them to know."

"It’s inevitable, Mark." She shook her head. "You knew what you were getting into when you married me; you knew what my family consisted of."

"And I never once faltered Shonda; nor would I ever." Shonda glared at him, her expression unreadable. "Shonda."

Shonda turned back towards the water, her natural brown hair swinging behind her, flinging water into Marks face.

"We shouldn’t have come back early, Mark."


"Missing you was an understatement." Mabel Shatner, aka Mae, slammed down on Bia’s bed. Her curly sandy hair tumbled behind her. She propped her legs up and then placed her hands behind her head. "Life was difficult for three months."

Bia stood in the mirror with her hair in a towel and another towel wrapped around her body. She was holding up different clothing options to wear for that night. Bia sighed and glared at Mae through the mirror. "Really? Was it that difficult?"

Mae shot up and looked at Bia. Mae’s light brown eyes bore into Bia’s mirror. "You’re my best friend. Sure, we talked every single day, but it’s different when you’re not physically present."

Mae leaned back on the bed and Bia shrugged. "I’ve been having this nostalgic feeling of being home, but somehow you make it better."

"That’s my job." She shrugged. "Shan said she saw you at Stix." Bia’s bones ran cold. "She and Tyler were together." Bia didn’t respond which alerted Mae. Mae sat up and looked at Bia who was just staring at herself in the mirror. "Bia…"

"C’mon." Bia turned and looked at Mae. "She was with Tyler. With Tyler."

"Bia, seriously?" Mae reached back, grabbed one of Bia’s pillows and chucked it at her. Bia dodged it effortlessly. "You broke his sweet, pure heart seven months ago. You should be okay with this."

"And I am," Bia muttered back, sternly. "I am fine with him moving on. I am fine with him finding his happiness because I knew that I couldn’t give it to him. I am fine."

"You’re just not fine with it being Shannon," Mae muttered.

Bia and Mae had a stare off.

She wasn’t wrong.

She would rather have had her ex-boyfriend be with some dumb bimbo that she knew nothing of rather than it be her best friend since grade school who she knew all too well.

This rocked Bia to her core. On one hand, she knew that Tyler still loved her and that his only chances of moving on were to be with someone who made him happy and Bia was happy that it was Shannon. She was happy at the fact that Shannon had moved on and found someone else that could match her funny. Then on the opposite hand, Bia raged with jealousy at the fact that her best friend couldn’t find someone that wasn’t the ex-love of her life.

"Your silence speaks volumes B," Mae muttered. She stood and paced back and forth around Bia’s room. "They’re happy if that makes it any better."

"It doesn’t." Bia turned and held up more clothing options. "Sure, that makes me sound like a bitch, but I just…" Bia threw down another clothing option. She paced back towards her closet. "I am happy that they are happy, but not happy that they are happy together."

"Makes you sound like a bitch B."

"Okay, let’s just drop it." Bia emerged from the closet with more clothing options and sighed. "Why can’t you just tell me what we are doing so that I can know how to dress."

"Because it doesn’t matter how you dress," Mae said. "It just matters that you show up."


A club.

Bia felt underdressed.

She had decided on a tight black button down, high-waist jean shorts and a pair of open-toed ankle strap heels. Her hair was curled at her shoulders and her makeup was minimal.

"You look fine," Mae assured her. Bia glared at Mae who was wearing a white, silky romper that had a plunging neckline and red pumps. Her curled her was magnificent at her shoulders. It was effortless. She didn’t have to try.

"Says you."

Mae wasn’t paying attention. She was looking through the crowd, looking for their people. Her eyes brightened as she laid eyes on them.

Before Bia could react, she pulled her arm towards the middle of the club.

Bia’s eyes widened. "How did you get the VIP section?"

Bia and Mae swarmed through the crowd of dancing, sweaty people whom were trying to dance all sweaty on them. Bia smiled, and politely declined all their efforts to dance until Mae pulled her to a good opening where no one was around, except a gigantic, bulky man with a penguin suit on.

He glared at them for a second until he pulled the latch on the velvet rope and let them both in.

Bia smiled at the guy and walked in after Mae did, where they were surrounded with all their friends.

"BIA’s back!"

Bia’s heart felt warm as her friends grouped around her.

Michael Slane came for Bia first and wrapped his huge hands around her tiny torso and lifted her in the air and spun her around.

"Bia Montgomery," he muttered as he set her down on the ground. "Three months did you good honey. That melanin is popping." Bia rolled her eyes.

"You’re not as pale as when I left you," she said rubbing his arm. "And you’ve toned up. When did you get these muscles?"

"I’ve got a lot of secrets." He put a finger to his lips. "And I would never tell."

Before Bia could rally at his response, Sophia Joseph and Elliot Sanchez approached her. Sophia had short, blazing red hair and fiery green eyes to match. It was a shorter length hairstyle that was shaved on the right side. She had piercings all throughout her right ear too. She was the epitome of bad chic. Her name did not fit her whatsoever.

Elliot, on the other hand, had always been put together. He reminded Bia of any rendition of Clark Kent. He had the weird side-part going on that was always slick and tight; there was never one hair out of place. He had heavy brown skin and always called Bia mi amor.

"Mi amor," Elliot said, ringing in what little accent that he had left. "It’s been a boring time without you this summer." He leaned over and kissed the side of her head.

"Elliot’s not lying." Sophia rolled her eyes. "We missed you and your weird antics." Sophia didn’t lean in for a hug; Sophia never hugged. And Bia was okay with that. She hardly ever talked about her feelings, so her missing Bia was a big deal to Bia

"Well don’t worry." Bia smilled. "I’ll be here for a while."


"Tirana was beautiful!"

Amelia slammed down on her friend Reyna Jacobson’s - her best friend – bed. Reyna’s brown eyes looked at down at Bia and then over at Taylor McCutcheon, the T of their RAT pack.

Taylor shifted her glasses up on her face and then rolled her hazel eyes.

"Are you gonna keep talking about Albania," Taylor asked. "Or are we gonna get drunk?"

Taylor walked over to the side of Reyna’s bed and grabbed her mom purse and sat it down on Reyna’s bed. The three girls gathered around her and watched as she took a big bottle of vodka out of her purse.
"What in the world!" Reyna walked over to her and snatched the bottle out of her purse. She turned it in her hands making it as if she were making sure it was real. "Where did you get this from?"

Taylor smiled. "I’ve been seeing this guy. He’s twenty-one." Taylor smirked as she began pacing. "He told me that he would give me anything that I needed."

"Yeah, if you gave him anything he needed," Amelia muttered.

Taylor shrugged. "I’m a doer."

Amelia tilted her head as Taylor went on and on and on about this twenty-one year old whom would soon get tired of her and toss her and it made Amelia jealous.

Taylor had reached a new level of puberty since she last saw her. At the end of their sophomore year, she got co-captain, had dated one of Bia’s friends - dated as a slight word – and she had everything. She had big tits and a big ass, full lips and perfect cherry blonde hair. She was the epitome of someone who worked to get what they want and got it easily because she was so damn pretty.

And Amelia was jealous.

Sure, she was pretty, but not like Taylor.

Her pretty was subtle, but Taylor’s was in-your-face.

"I think you’re doing too much at one time," Reyna muttered. She sat the vodka bottle down on her computer desk and then sat in the computer chair. "You need to take it slow."

Reyna hadn’t changed whatsoever. She was still mature for her young age. She had straight black hair that fell at her shoulders, and chocolate skin. She reminded Amelia of Bia. She clung to Reyna all the time because she felt this closeness to her that she didn’t really feel with Taylor.

"I think I know what I’m doing Rey-Rey." Taylor walked over to her and grabbed the bottle of vodka. She twisted the top off and put the bottle to her lips where she took a huge swig of it.

Reyna and Amelia made eye contact and then looked back at Taylor. She pulled the bottle from her lips and then held it out for her two friends.

"Who’s next?"


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