Sad Poems

When sadness befalls us, it shrouds us from all hopes of a happy tomorrow. The fact that time will heal everything gradually does nothing to ebb the excruciating pain of today. But go on we must. Let these poems embalm your soul and help you cope with grief. After all, knowing that you are not alone can also be consolation enough.
If Tomorrow Fails To Come
A prayer for the love of my life - My son.
She is a Shell…
She is hurting...
A Heart Of Gold
How it feels to be betrayed by one you love truly.
Empty Hand
A sad tale.
A Tear's Tale
When words cannot describe how you feel...
The Fall Of An Ego (Just Deserts)
Being a God may be overrated.
Mama Hold On
This poem is filled with emotions and thoughts to soothe the pain of losing someone close to your heart. Please leave your feedback.
I have never attended a satanic ritual in my life.
Holding my breath...
The Pain of Losing a Dad
I hurt everyday. I have known this pain will never go away.
Living in the Past
Not to stay in the past means to forget dad, to do that, emotion of mine, I shall betray.
Lost Time
How my world is now after a stroke...
The Pain of Terrorism
A poem to mourn lives of 147 students who lost their lives to Al-shabaab in Garissa, Kenya.
Love is Wicked
I wrote this poem after discovering how we young girls are falling into this trap: You meet a man, fall in love and by the time you get to know the truth about him, you are already in the family way. Hope you find it educative and...
Her Heart Was Broken, So Are my Ears
When a pregnant woman's heart is broken.
The voice that I heard everyday has faded into eternity.
My Foolish Pride
A deep regret.
Lost in Paradise
What's makes a woman different from a man? She's oppressed, suppressed, depressed, and repressed. Achieving a dream for a woman, is an even bigger struggle. Sadly, the world is not going to change anytime soon.
The Girl Who Never Returned
This is a poem composed by me. It describes the first love between two youngsters, both visiting Delhi for the first time. It is a simple story about love at first sight and how a true lover patiently awaits the return of his...
Your Own Choir
A fanfare to all the world's arrogant politicians who fail to heed the words of their electorate.
A Man in Hell
You can read this poem like a short story, a story of a man.
Jungle Weed or Tumbleweed
Our choices in life.
The Mistake
Sometimes my life feels miserable and I have to get it off my chest, the pain of my mistake.
That Inevitable Outcome
The deep regret of a lost and lonely soul.
Too Much Blood
This should probably have a trigger warning....
What I Should've Not Done: Give Up
Regrets, they kill somebody's dreams. Comment, if you can relate to this. Thanks!
Not For Me
So very sad and down.
Surviving My Teenage Years
Surviving high school after a hellish summer.
I'm Not Okay
The hell that was the summer of 2013.
The real love story of life.
Writer's Block
I had a writer's block, so I wrote about it here.
The Chasm
Gloomy thoughts on a gloomy day.
The Cripple By The Street
Hi guys, when I wrote this poem I was thinking of the many crippled people who are on our streets daily, begging for our help but we always ignore them. Hope you will enjoy it.
Root Cause
A truth, an insight, and a moan...
Beware of the Brokenhearted
She is angry. She is empty. She is loved. She is lost. She is broken.
The Tears That Fell
My tears... continue to fall. I wish I was stronger.
Sidewalk Lament
A romantic lament found scrawled in black on the sidewalk on Almar Avenue near the Safeway in Santa Cruz, 1.28.03.
Before I Cried
The title itself defines a lot.
I'm Weak
All about feelings.
The pain that we all mostly suffer.
My Mockingbird
Another depressing poem.
I See Through Tears
All consuming sadness...
The Truth About My Summer
This is a short summary of my summer.
I'm Not Where I Am Supposed To Be
Feeling unhappy in your life...
You Will Never Know
The poem reflects the pain of losing someone. Comment please.
Bad Times
There's a reason for everything to happen, so hang on...
Anecdote To Your Lies
The bitter pain of being abandoned.
Swept By The Current
I think I was on my depressed phase when I wrote this, not so sure. Oh well.
How to Forget You
For a friend...
Bleeding Night
This poem alludes to the Titanic ship and the horror-struck tragedy of that night when the Titanic sank. The persona of this poem is the ship itself, whose voice is symbolic of the entrapped captives within.
The Lost Smile
A smile that faded due to a loss.
Tell Me How...
I recently got diagnosed with bipolar and this is how I feel. I know it's not perfect, but it's exactly what I went through when I first got told.
This Generation
How this generation is today...
Nostalgia Grips Me
After all this time, I still remember you...
I Am Hurt
This is how it feels when you're hurt.
Death's Bony Hand
When love crumbles in the heart, the soul grieves forevermore.
You Were Never My Mother
Retelling of that night.
Tears Keep Falling
Had to find a way to get the words out.
Let Me Be
I was going through a depressing time.
The Whistling of Emptiness
Whatever you want.
Dear Bestie
This is for my beautiful best friend, I sort of wrote it on the spot and spoke from the heart. So I'm sorry for any mistakes...
Eventually Heartless
The poem describes itself...
Breathe Old Friend
Just reminding one to breathe even when you don't want to.
The Voices
Killing me.
You With Him
Love is a weird thing.
The Drunkard's Stupor Holds Me Back
I was living in an environment filled with alcoholics and drug abusers, and I was so young at the time. It made a big impact on my emotions. This is a poem I wrote while going through it all.
You Poor Old Soul
Get well soon my friend.
There Till The End
Never give up even if it's not worth it in the end.
Showing doodle...
Never Alone
Although I was alone from above they cared.
Things Fall Apart
Things are falling apart. It's just how I feel. Hope you guys like this.
What Lies Beneath Me
The horrors...
The Misery
Hope you like it.
Drunkard's Grotto
The pain of being sorry.
The Darkness is Too Much...
Another short one from me. You like it? Good!
Nobody Said Life Was Easy
I was feeling down due to family situation, so I put pen to paper and this is what I came up with. Just my feelings... Comment and let me know your opinion.
Fare-Thee-Well My Anxious Maiden
A story of deep sorrow.
Heart of Stone
I would rather be alone than to be with you.
The Edge is Close
I wish I'd prove the world wrong...
It Hurts Like It Never Did Before
Your words cut through my memories...
Sometimes I...
Sometimes pride comes after the fall.
Truth In Cliche
I wrote this poem today to show that being different or 'weird' isn't a bad thing. I would like to hear if anyone can relate to this poem, so if you can comment and tell me your story, most of this poem describes my feelings and...
I See (Melancholy)
The deep sorrow of a broken heart.
Wandering Half Alive
I am trying to improve my writing, please leave a comment. Thank you.
Just a train of thoughts...
Too Late Now
This poem is about how I was chasing for love of my life. Later on, I simply lost him because he found someone.... He was the only person, I really liked and I lost him. But I know, he liked me too. Now there's nothing I can do. I...
I Lost My Chance
A poem about lost chance.
Everything You Knew
When will I see you again?
When All is Gone
Imagining life without it, all the things that brings joy in life.
It's Hurting
Life without a loved one.
All That's Gone Before
A man's gotta do....
The Box
Hum dum drum...
Pain in the Mirror
Sometimes I just won't let myself be happy.
Mistakes And Regrets
This needed to be written. Don't judge me.
My Own Mistakes
Sometimes mistakes can lead to the deepest regret.
I Have Made a Mistake
I had a miscarriage and my boyfriend left me blaming myself and thinking I had something wrong but now I know I didn't...
Don't Let Me Go
Hope you like this poem!
Scared and Scarred
Please be kind and comment.
The Tears That Threaten To Fall
A poem that I came up with.
The Old Man with the Shady Hair
A poem of these oh so familiar economic times.
Strings Cut Free
To my ex and someone I used to be friends with before she chose pot over friendship. This is a slam poem for my poetry class.
Silent Daughter
A poem about sadness...
Stained With Hurt
Hope you like it.
Sleepless in the Safest Place
I just can't sleep sometimes at night...
White Dove
This is a short poem I had to do for an English assignment. About a girl that OD's Enjoy!
Breaking The Tears
Another depression thing I wrote...
I Really Can't Do This...
I really can't do this, I'm sick of pretending...
The Girl and Her Doll
To you the doll is only a doll, but it means much more to the girl.
Man of the House Wants to Retire
Kids, kids, kids! Always have to put them first...
Creeping of the Coal
I'm waiting for it.
I Have Tried...
Life can be hard sometimes...
She Never Gave Up
Life can get rough, depending on the situation and people shouldn't judge...
They Said It Would Get Better
My experience of the way antidepressants work, as in not very well...
She's Falling...
It's incomplete but I like it so far.
Locked Up
I made this when I was in the mental hospital and every time I wanted to be free.
Her Pain
She thinks it happens to everyone...
No Chances
Another weird kind of poem, another weird kind of day...
Hear Me When I Pray
Another poem that makes no sense, but I hope everyone likes it just like my previous one that made no sense to me. By the way, thank you for the comments, a lot.
Little Baby Boy...
I recently suffered a miscarriage, it was a very difficult time. Comments are welcome but please be considerate, thank you.
I am Confused
I just wrote this at 22:56 on 20 April 2012 - Friday.
Fight the Emotion
How depression can make you feel...
Sitting in the Sand, Watching How the Sun Sets
It's a poem about feeling and regrets from the past.
Feelings Turning Into Words
Let my feelings runaway from me.
Sometimes I just felt this way and what is sad is that I just don't know why...
Still Frame
I don't want to be me today.
I Thought What I Felt Was Right
This is a sequel to the 'Hear My Call' piece. Written for those who are left in the cold, with no energy to move on or decide on what to do next. The heart is too drained to beat as it did before.
I'm Insane
When you're goin' insane and there ain't someone to hold you...
Ghost Of Herself
A purgatory poem.
Letter to No One
Letter to someone, anyone, no one.
I'll Do What I Want
Comment please
The Fool Behind the Porcelain Mask
This poem is dedicated to that "One Wise" for helping me see the light...
Never Be Home
I'm in a really sad mood...
The Other Side
I was really mad when I wrote this...
I Wanted to Believe
Why can't I ever have what I want? Why? Because life is cruel.
Changing Seasons
From rain to snow our love was gone...
Falling Deeply
Watching love slip away.
Horrors of Humanity
Just a thought and a daydream...
Someone To Hold Me
How I feel...
Lifeless Eyes
A fall from grace.
When Selfishness Shows
And I realize I have no one who's true...
The Battle Scars
Read and enjoy.
Lost in Memories
Lost in memories is just how I am feeling. About an old guy friend, who recently passed away.
What I Wish I Was...
Please comment. What I wish I was...
What Happened to Me?
A poem from the old me to the new me.
I Touched A Star
Hope you like the poem.
How Can You Ignore the Signs?
I know this is rough, but it has a honesty about it, I like.
She Dreams
She has a dream, simple, easy... She is not asking for much... Just You.
Pain Release Me
When pain hurts your body.
Deep Troubles
Hurting someone has caused another sorrow.
Life's Troubles
My daily thoughts.
Fear and Pain
This is just me expressing myself through writing. Showing some emotion and what not. Hope you guys like it.
Well, I'm Not Sorry
I tried to be your everything but you didn't care.
I Just Need Time
I'm beginning to not blame myself for everything that has happened.
The Truth Is That...
Maybe, the truth is, that it doesn't have to make sense.
Twisted Memories
A poem about twisted memories...
Pain is All You Feel
There are many types of love... love for physical appearance, love for a friend, love for a stranger, love for love, love for hate, love for a parent, love for a loved one, love for a pet, even love for a thing... but the worst...
The Way They Are
They play this game, and one of them always ends up getting hurt.
A Forgotten Sea
This is what it feels, when someone walks away whispering I love you.
When An Angel Cries
A poem from a few years ago.
She Sees
Why do you cry so silently?
Unfortunate Loss
He died... in my arms.
My Heart Fell From My Hands
How relief can come with just some words.
Names and Other Junk
A shortness of my thoughts.
End It
I lost control over myself one day and this is the result.
Bearing Hands
This was describing almost losing someone.
I Surrender
Sometimes the last thing we want to do is give in...
Robbed of Innocence
I'm going through a time where I'm wondering at how cruel change is... it has taken one of my closest relationships and left me thinking it's better if I end it now... before it gets worse. *Hope you like it!
Gave and Lost
Made up completely :P
Just Wanna Scream
How I feel right now because I got no one anymore, my family hates me. I'm always fucking up so why can't. I just be taken away from this world.
I'll Smile but Don't Make Me Speak
Really could be about everyone at the moment. I just can't speak words that would be audible. Hmm, could be stages from anger through to acceptances or at least.. the ability to acknowledge it.
This is How Love Disappears
This is a poem about the loss of a love.
Dedicated to someone and written in the point of view of a girl, I used to know. I am black-haired btw.
Friend of Mine
A ballad of absence and heartache and the misery of being unable to protect.
The World You Broke And Left Me In
This one's about when someone you love breaks you and leaves you in a world that feels ruined.
What is a Girl To Do?
I think I'm going to start writing again... comments?
Killer Creation
I have cancer... yay me.... I feel as if it is a curse for all my wrongdoings in life. A punishment for my sins... a monster inside my body.
The numbness of deep loss.
Alone and Forgotten
For people who feel like they have become the background...
Painted Sheet
It is a poem when someone loses something with much value like love.
Who Are You Now?
You seem to be changing right before my eyes... just what is happening? Hope you like it!
It was a depressing night.
A Porcelain Doll
A short poem, but with a big meaning.
A Mere Shadow
What does a shadow have to look forward to? What is point is there? And, we may all find, we're a bit of a shadow ourselves. Hope you like it!
But I'm Just Not Worth It
Life is unfair right now and I just know I'm not worth it... at least not now. Hope you like it!
Mother of Hate
Yeah... Mother of Hate
Twisted: Life is So Complicated...
Life is just so complicated sometimes. I know I shouldn't but I can't help but let myself think negative. At least I'm not holding it all in. *Hope you like it!
Autumn Winds of Sorrow
Do you feel doing that? I was filled with anger and sadness, guess I'm going through a depression once again... Maybe someone feel the same.
Windy Night For Wendy
A poem about a besotted love.
Last Choice
I was lost at one point, and I put myself into the hands of a power greater than me, the entity took me away, and I got my help through force
Otherworldly Hosts
A dreamlike illusion, or an encounter with a ghost?
The Fourth of May Angel
When we lose a loved one, we don't cry that they're gone. We cry when they never come back.
The Blinding of Darkness
This is a poem about a girl I knew called Ella.
For those who struggle dealing with pregnancy.
Melancholy Muse (Coma)
A deep depressive mood.
All you do is wait. All you ever do is wait.
I just could not get this off my mind.
A story of drunken remorse.
Pick A Card
Love's magic spell is not always happiness.
It's Raining, It's Pouring
Very depressing retelling of "It's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring" chant. A bit rocky in the 3rd paragraph, but I like it.
The Last Shot
Just give me a break from the norm.
My friend and I put this together out of the vague poems I had and this is what the song is that we came up with it, a couple years old so.
Misguided and Shredded
A poem my friend and I wrote together. It's about this jerk who played my friend and her believing he was gonna ask her out... then he asks out her (other) friend!! What a jerk!! Hate him... anyways, hope you like it!!
It's about my pain.
The Guiding Star That Failed Me
The person who was supposed to love me.
The Strength is Gone
Sometimes I wish my muscles can melt and pour, so I can't be strong anymore.
Truth Behind The Lies
This is for my mom, maybe if she ever reads it'll open her eyes... maybe.
Can you look in your best friend's eye and tell them nothing is good enough? Can you honestly lie to them?
A short poem about sadness and crying.
Why Depressed...
Read if you are depressed, and let me know if it works.
Tears That Stain My Eyes
When pride's vanity gives way to sorrow.
Read and comment its beautiful.
Only Him
Take a deep breath.. and smile.
Insecurity is a feeling that one of my CLOSEST friends feels. This is dedicated to her, I hope she realizes no matter what other people say, I love her for who she is. And she's moving soon, far away because of her EVIL parents. =P...
I'll Make This All Work
Best one I've had in a while. I really think it's good so I hope you do too.
My Bundle of Light
I haven't been pregnant or lost a baby, but I know people who have and I can't imagine their pain.
It is a random poem. Not too good. Just bored like crazy and needed to type.
To Loath to Love
When you care for someone. And they leave you too fall. So you act invincible.
My Saddest Hour
A depressing poem...
Drowning in my own sorrow.
Let There Be Light
Female foeticide.......when will it stop?
Exhaust Trail
Sadness, solitude poem.
Mah December
Love, obsession, sadness poem.
The Story of a Life
Tell me that not one of you have ever felt this way...waiting, wondering, contemplating, then to feel it all slip away.
Look Into my Eyes
I wrote this poem when I was depressed....plz comment.
He Won't Listen
I wrote this last night cause I was feeling angry and upset. Writing is how I express my feelings. :)
Something About
Hurt upon know cries.
Where The Angels Play With Sin
When we gamble with love, it can bring a deep regret.
What Nobody Knows
My sister wrote this. What do ya think.
Graveyard In My Heart
This poem deals with the feelings of a boy suffering from depression. he was never wanted. being talented he didn't got any opportunities to prove himself, his dreams were crushed. his healthy relations turned into a diseased one....
I Cry Alone
I don't show people every side of the rubic's cube. Some things you just want to keep to yourself.
I'm not sure why I wrote this I just was writing it.
Is the Pain Real?
Idk exactly wat I was thi9nking when I wrote this I was in a haze like state.
One Year
Back to this :(
Surviving Myself
A lot of things have gone wrong. And it doesn't seem to be getting better.
Sometimes this how I feel. Hope you enjoy it.
Rain of Tears
I wrote this one sad rainy day...
Dedicated to Gadifele. She knows herself. There's no need for description.
What Not To Say
The way I died.
Float Towards The Light
An anguished love poem of deep and solemn loss.
What I Can Do
I cannot find the strength until I'm without you.
Draining my Heart
When crying is the the only thing that helps.
So Much Pain
Help me someone please :'(:'(:'(
Why do we have pain.
2 Months of Pain
This is basically a poem that I wrote after Chavita passed away exactly 2 months later 4-19-10.
Unmask Yourself.
My Sorrow
This poem was inspired by deep pain.
Your Grave!
Broken love is like a death, it steals a big chunk of your heart.
The Last Night You Said I Love You
"Sigh" the last night my girlfriend said, she loved me, I was the last happiest night of my life.
I'm Tired
Just something I wrote after I found out some really bad news. Hope you guys like
Red Roses
How do you feel about red.
Just an interesting idea I had at school one day for a poem. Kind of like a nightmare...Or is it? Have fun. :]
Tomorrow is Another Day
Tomorrow is another day seems to every person to be an encouraging thought....Well, it is not. Not to one who wishes fatal accidents will happen to him, not to one who often seeks the way towards death.
Lost Love Poetry
My Lost Love Poetry might be just another one in the list of lost love poems, but believe me, its right from the heart and nothing to make me famous for!
For my stepdad who is dying
Stages of Pain
Here I have tried to show the pain and grievances in the heart of the people who have lost their loved ones in war or any terrorist attack.
I Remember
I remember his smile...
I Try To Be Friends
You'll Never Know
When the eyes in the mirror, Drown in sad, lonely tears...
Let the First Tear Fall
Let the first tear fall. It will help you get though it all.
The Greatest Memory
A theme of sadness with a bit of inspiration.
Take Me with You
I wrote this one night when I was really sad. Let me know what you think...
I can't live with this pain
The Saddest Thing
No one truly saw...
The Text!!
The thoughts in a young girl's broken heart on a rainy evening!
Depression and Hatred
I need people to cheer me up, hope you have a better day than me!
A sad story about depression
Reading the Latest News on Mumbai Terror Attacks - A Poet Rues
Reading through latest news on Mumbai terror attacks 26th November 2008... here are few lines that struck my mind!
Doom Before Bloom
A sad poem...
Oneday I shall give in, oneday
Something I wrote just for time...
Poverty's Progeny
Narration of a sad child........
The feeling of emptiness, loneliness, and pain.... The feeling of being worthless, infected, and sick....
Umbilical Cord
This cord is very sad...
Just End It
God, I'm so tired of all the pain.....
Too Much Love
About sad love that ends with death...
Longing of a scarecrow.....
The Scent Of Pain & A Pale Face
A pasty face and the scent of pain seeping off you, even after you were gone. May 6th 2007
Nighttime Nightmares
This was a random poem that I started to write and I think it was pretty good. It's not true least not for me...
You Really Want To Know?
It was how I felt but w/e...
Territory Unknown
Ummm...idk.its one of those w/e poems.
Something Went Wrong
True love or True pain...
No Longer Do We Care
Read this not for my pleasure, but so you can open your eyes and see the real horror we are surrounded by.
i just started writing one night...I was sad...
Silent Suffering
No one there when you need it the most; no one cares when you need someone there.
Hurt yet free?
Goodbye To A Nephew
Lost loved one...
it hurts when you're cheated on I guess..
Dark Angel: You Noticed Me...
This was just me thinking about the perfect guy. It just kind of tells you how I'd like to be helped up when I've comforted when needed, be loved when sad.
Don't Cry
For some reason, this poem I wrote reminds me of "Don't Cry - Guns 'N Roses"
Death By Tears
Standing in the rain, thinking about everything that has happened, and slowly wasting away.....
The Echoes of Hunger
This I actually wrote during class today. It's about a homeless man I saw sleeping under the freeway over pass and I just couldn't help but feel sad and yet fortunate to have what I have. With this humbling experience I hope many...
A prisoner's tears.....
My tears stream down from my soul...
What You Did Hurt Me
Drugs aren't cool...
We Hate Our Lives!
Sad poem...Believing in karma is one thing...
When people read this poem they asked if I was mad when I wrote it. Truth is it is one of the saddest yet happiest poems I've written. In this poem what's happening is happening to me. The last four lines say the most. Let me know...
Answer of Hell
What I usually feel like. This poem came straight from my heart, I felt every word cry out from the deepest hollow of my soul. Let me know what you think
Let my tears stream down for her.....
How do I tell you about my love that I had with her...
You are hurt?!
A caring family..
Lover's grief....
Tears of an Angel
Sometimes I feel like I will never be forgiven.
Her soul is lost and he weeps...
Unwanted No More
I feel so betrayed so hurt...
Demon Tears
Part of my demon series...
Not knowing how to forgive someone that hurt you....
Your Sadness
I guess I never saw it coming...
In A Haze Of Tears
I don’t know, read it and comment if you desire...
Cry Of Blades
I try to fight it...
Tears of broken heart........
I remember the day I met you...
I'm Hurt
Don't piss me off, it won't be pretty. Leave a comment please!
Don't cry for me......
The time has come for me to say goodbye to you...
My love, I never do anything to hurt you.....
I never do anything to hurt you my love...
Now, it's all over.....
Don't look so sad my love, now it's all over...
Sorry, I am so sorry my love.......
I hurt you without any reason...
My love, why you worry?........
The cry of your inside heart, I can hear...
My love, I am crying for you.....
You said to me that you will be there on that day...
My love, I am sorry to hurt you......
I am sorry to hurt your feelings my love...
When I see your tears......
My heartbeat stops inside my soul...
Tears of an angel
Not my best but eh who cares…
My love, take away your tears...
I don't want to see your tears...
Demon's and Angels
Eh, demon's hurt you...
My Angel
I wrote this for my friend Justin because his sadness makes me cry and how he thinks so low of himself and others, and how I wish an angel would grant me his wish and help him...
I Greet Death With Open Arms
What I truly think…so don't be sad or pity me…I don't want this life.
It's Sad
Deadly thoughts - it's sad to be wished dead...
It's Sad
Being wished dead by your own family...