Sad Proudness

It is what it is.
He's learned to tie his shoes,
Everyday, and every step, a little further away,
Yesterday A B C, and one, twos,
Still time for bedtime hugs, to end the day.

Up well before me and dressed for school,
I miss helping with buttons, zippers and snaps,
So many things reached now without a stool,
He stays up all day, and now I need the naps.

Sad proudness, I smile with stinging tear,
Every discovery, every accomplishment,
Warms my soul, I want to pull him near,
But a father's fate is warm proud lament.
Scale of 1-10, 10 is highest!
1. Bad.
2. Not well thought out.
3. Not good.
4. So-so.
5. Ok.
6. Good.
7. Well done.
8. Great.
9. Awesome.
10. Perfect.
Published: 6/14/2012
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