"Sail Upon My Sail"

My life and how I have seen it; how I see it now.
I feel at peace, kind of a sort,
I dwell on my past & feel silent,
I think of all I could have done,
I wish I could have done more,
Some think I could have,
Others believe I did not.

But into my darkest side I can see,
I did the best that they could never be,
My circumstance, my abilities prevented me,
Yet stronger than they attempted to see.

I am what I am,
They will never be,
Fill my shoes, I dare you to,
Complete my life?
I have yet not...
Can you?

Walk my miles, feel my strife,
Complete my journey, sail my sails,
My ocean is wide,
You indeed shall be lost,
Sing my song?
Not one to be remembered.

This treasure is mine,
I will continue to pay the cost.
Published: 2/13/2017
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