Salvation of the Heart

A poem of love and heartbreak.
My own...
All my life, I’ve been neglected,
Lied to, mistreated, and even unprotected,
What little hope I had even left,
Was on the verge of resulting in suicidal death.

These feelings,
Oh, these feelings of agony, betrayal and distress,
I just couldn't imagine,
Things turning out for the best, but…

The wheel made an about-turn,
The heartburn, resulted not from hurt,
But was it impeccable love sperm,
That quickly brought me back to earth.

And then, you came into my life,
You worked many miracles and made me your wife,
You wiped my tears, showing me that you cared,
And always told me, "Babe, I’m here."

Just when my life was upside down,
Love stepped in, turned it around,
And now I’m healed, no longer alone,
Now I have an unbreakable love, that’s my own!
Published: 4/8/2013
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